The Night she Died: A crime solver with a big imagination

Sophomore Misao Hamaguchi is still under strict control by her parents as an adult, unable to go out after 6 p.m. One day, Misu had an opportunity to travel abroad. The night before departure, her parents just not at home, the United States xu released and artisan son, high thousand, rabbit, drift away from the seniors, rock, palace seniors and other friends out to celebrate.
Who knows, after the carnival returned home, to meet her was a strange corpse!
Miso’s desire to escape her family over the years overwhelms her timidity, and she uses her feelings as bait to teach her secret crush Iwami to dispose of the body, which iwami leaves in the suburbs. After young detective group 4 people are informed, take the initiative to assume the responsibility of solving crimes.
In the process of solving the case, the boy detective group found that the Jane Doe was just unconscious did not die, she woke up and left on their own. Iwaki wanted to tell Mixu the good news, but found that Mixu had been with miyashita senior you nong nong, just use and deceive yourself! And palace under the senior is foot two ships of “cheat and play with female feelings of the man”, just coma of the woman is another girlfriend palace, she wanted to come to the United States xu home demonstration, because of carelessly fell down just coma.
Devastated, Iwami kills Miso and Miyashita on the spot and leaves them in the countryside and mountains. Who knows, the palace did not die, rock son also accidentally dropped important clues in the body scene, and was found by the police. In the end, Iwai kills himself in fear and regret.
Imaginative Reasoning, a “clean stream” in detective World
“There are so many cases, detectives of all kinds.”
In the detective circle, in addition to Conan, Holmes this kind does not miss any clues of the “detail control”, there are what do not do, sitting at home drinking water chat, can solve the case of the “delusion”.
Nishizawa bohiko wrote that there is such a group of rely on “delusion” to solve the case of teenagers.
In “The Night She Died,” the author designs many puzzles, the core of which is “who died that night”. At the end of the story, misao Hamaguchi, the least likely of the dead, turns out to be the only one. This is the author’s elaborate “trick” and the biggest twist in the book.
Such a big reversal of the case was solved, rely on a bold “delusion”.
Generally speaking, case reasoning often requires detectives to go to various occasions to actively look for clues, in the process of searching, but also found new clues, new doubts.
Traditional Ben case reasoning, is such a little bit of information released, jigsaw puzzle slowly restore the truth. But in Nishizawa’s style, instead of running around digging for clues, the group of student detectives would just sit around and talk, and one of them would yell, “Now, I’m going to get paranoid!” Meaning, although I don’t have solid evidence, but I have an imagination, can connect the known clues, can make sense of the case!
The most delusional case in the book is a subplot in which a friend of Miso’s parents goes to Miso’s house for a drink and wakes up to find his wallet missing, causing the “wallet puzzle”. Below the circumstance that does not have any solid evidence, craftsman’s young bold reason, purse is the robber that party is broken into suddenly when lethargy purloin, but other a few people dare not report a crime however, because when robber comes in, other a few people are taking advantage of party lethargy, do careless thing! Once the police get involved, their dirty deeds will be exposed too!
What mystery novel can deduce so many details from a wallet?
After the event, “delusional” also not forget the fart to add a sentence: “Later proved that the fact and I imagined similar.”
This writing method is called “imaginative reasoning” by readers. Why this seemingly absurd pattern of reasoning? Because Cesar is a slightly mischievous writer with a large imagination, his characters do not follow the physical evidence and witnesses slowly, but rely on little clues to conjecture mind-boggling plots that make you want to exclaim “Outrageous”.
But when I think about it, it seems that only such imagination can reasonably explain the doubts. In order not to spoil the fun of reading, you can experience the author’s ridiculously outrageous imaginings for yourself.
Mystery novels can be cute.
Caesar is also a cute writer.
Despite the intensity of the murders, his characters are cute in their own way.
When Miso feels that something is wrong in the dark house and confirms that something is wrong, her response is “I have a strong sixth sense. Should I show off to others next time?”
Craftsman and drift senior accidentally was beaten, as a result, drift senior hanging like gas to the violence “eyeballs into two different directions to the left and right”… After reading the description, a funny cartoon has emerged in front of us!
And in the craftsman and Gao Qian crack the case, that the truth of the critical moment, the author is described as “Craftsman son want to help Gao Qian sit up” : Craftsman son “completely forget the height difference… Instead, I fell down.” It’s the kind of cute drama that gets played at key moments. Reading, have to sigh: is really lost to Caesar!
In fact, the most successful point of The West ze, it is vivid to shape this group of different character of the young detective image: simple and honest crafters, cynical but upright drifting upperclass, noble cold yan Gao Qian, and the girl next door rabbit.
It’s enough to imagine tens of thousands of words just looking at these characters.
“Social Thinking” in Mystery Novels
In a “ridiculous” at the same time, Caesar also discusses a social question worth pondering — strict family education, decent parents, can make noble souls?
Meisu has suffered from strict discipline for a long time. In order to feel free, she suppressed for a long time. In the face of accidents, she would rather conceal the facts and achieve the desire of going abroad to “fly herself”. And the first driving force behind all the subsequent stories is this concealment. Extreme discipline, in return for the disregard of life and the rules of rebellion.
The original intention of parental discipline “is for your own good”, but it contributes to the opposite outcome.
In addition to the core puzzle, the book also opens up a super imagination about the real people of Miso’s parents, showing Caesar’s rejection of these sanctimonies.
Compared to previous installments of kleinpot and Drunken Walker, the Plot of The Night She Died is relatively modest, with the crime motivated by teenage love affairs. However, its cute writing style, ingenious “tricks”, oversized imagination, and issues related to family education can still attract people’s imagination in a humorous conversation over dinner.