The Mystery of Gogol Ghost Train

   In the early morning of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from Malaysia to Beijing lost contact with the ground after taking off. There were 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. In the following years, many countries launched a series of investigations, but MH370 disappeared like a mystery. In Russia, there is also such a train. In 1934, the train disappeared strangely when passing through the tunnel. The difference is that in the next 90 years, this train appeared and mysteriously disappeared many times, because the train was equipped with Gogol Skull, this train is also known as the “Gogol Ghost Train”…
  Cursed by the skull
   December 23, 2018, just as people are looking forward to the coming Christmas, a professor, physicist, and mathematician of Moscow University Ivan Patser suddenly received a call from his wife, Kalianda, saying that she had picked up her daughter Linda at the train station, but she did not receive anyone. She asked the staff and found that there was no train as her daughter said.
   Patsay said that her daughter definitely wanted to surprise them, so she deliberately said the wrong number of trains. However, he and his wife did not see their daughter until 8 o’clock in the evening, and the phone that dialed her was also turned off.
   Not waiting for Linda, Patsey also began to worry. He contacted the railway department and learned that there was no accident from the city where his daughter worked to Moscow, and Linda’s colleagues said that she left the company on the evening of the 22nd.
   The daughter disappeared like a mystery. Patsay and his wife stayed up all night. They called Linda’s cell phone countless times, and it was turned off all the time. Realizing that something might be wrong with his daughter, Patsay reported to the police station at dawn, and it was Officer Jacklin who received the police. After listening to Patsay’s narration, Jacklin said quietly: “Did Linda get on the Gogol Ghost Train?” As
   soon as the voice fell, Patsay shivered, and he looked at Jacklin with a grim expression: ” You can’t talk nonsense about this!” Jacklin explained, “I just want to make a joke, where is there any Gogol ghost train in this world? Linda might go to play with friends, and she will wait a few days. appeared.”
   That being said, on such an important holiday as Christmas, how could the daughter leave the old couple and go out to play with friends, and tell them even if they go out to play. On the way home, Jacklin’s words lingered in Patsai’s mind. The Gogol Ghost Train was no longer a secret in Russia.
   After the death of Russian critical writer Gogol in 1852, he was buried in the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow. In 1931, the Donskoy Monastery was demolished, and the Soviet government decided to move Gogol’s bones to the new cemetery. After opening the coffin in Gogol, officials found no heads in the tomb. In 1933, after several twists and turns, Gogol’s descendant and naval officer Yanowski found the skull. He asked an Italian officer to bring the skull to Moscow and hand it to a lawyer he knew.
   In the spring of 1934, the Italian officer set out with Gogol’s skull box, along with his younger brother Tony and some friends. 8-year-old Tony is a naughty boy, he decided to engage in pranks to eliminate the boring journey. Tony stole the box with the skull, and planned to put the skull on the table in the dark when the train passed through the tunnel, and startled everyone when he saw the light. But when the train was still tens of meters away from the tunnel entrance, Tony suddenly felt a palpitation. He raised his head and found that his brother and a few friends looked ugly, and their eyes flashed with horror. Tony looked at the darker and darker tunnel, as if a giant beast opened its blood basin and prepared to swallow himself, “Get out of here!” A voice urged him to leave, and an inexplicable force pushed him to the carriage. At the interface, he was pushed off the train when the train was about to enter the tunnel and slowed down.
   Since it was winter and thick clothes, Tony was not injured. He raised his head, and the locomotive just came into the tunnel. A thick white fog enveloped the train. A few seconds later, he woke up and found that there was dead silence around him. Even the sound of the steam engine train disappeared. He dared to run. I looked inward at the entrance of the tunnel and found that the white mist had dissipated, the tunnel was empty, and the train was long gone. Frightened Tony walked a hundred meters along the train track, and met a young girl who also jumped off the train early because of heart palpitations. Tony asked the girl to pinch himself severely, only then did he realize that he was not dreaming. The two took care of each other all the way, and finally came to a village when it was dark and reported the case to the local police station.
   “I think you guys must be fun and jumped off the train!” The police officer in charge of the police criticized the two of them, and then asked them to tell the contact information of their parents. Tony looked terrified: “I didn’t lie. If the car was not too weird, we would not risk jumping out of the car.” The girl also argued that this was not a prank. In fact, she didn’t want to jump out of the car at the time, but was pushed out of the car by an inexplicable force. . Seeing that the two did not look like they were lying, the police agreed to investigate first and reminded them not to leave until their parents arrived.
   Soon, the police found out the information about the train Tony took. This is a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. There are only three cars in total. It was chartered by a tourist from a company in Italy. There were 118 passengers on the train. What puzzles the police is that before passing through the tunnel, multiple train stations have records of the train stopping. However, after passing through the tunnel, the train seems to have disappeared and there is no stopping record.
   The police brought Tony back to the scene in doubt. A few kilometers after passing through the tunnel was the next station. The station staff said that they had not received any notice that the train was going to pass. The local authorities conducted a careful inspection and search of the tunnel, even No trace of soot left by the train was found.
   Soon, the newspapers in Moscow reported the strange disappearance of the train. Under pressure, the Soviet government set up a special investigation team, but after some investigation, there was no clue. For a time, the train was hit by the “curse of the Gogol Skull”, and the saying went viral. Some bold people also went to the site of the incident admiringly, “Standing at the entrance of the tunnel, I felt a powerful breath of death.” “This place must be cursed by Gogol’s skull. Just stand at the entrance of the tunnel. I feel a powerful thrust, and at the same time I can hear a clear voice, as if calling us into the tunnel.”…As more people arrived, the tunnel became more and more mysterious, but due to World War II During the period, a bomb destroyed it, and the investigation of the missing train ended.
  The train is like a ghost
   “Is there really a Gogol ghost train?” Patsay, a physicist, would naturally not believe this absurd statement, but when he was confused, his wife Calianda brought a stack of newspapers. . Looking at the news in the newspaper, Patsay was surprised. It was originally from the disappearance of the train in 1934, which appeared repeatedly in the Moscow region in 1975, 1981, and 1986, especially the most amazing one in 1991.
   At that time, the chairman of the Ukrainian Paranormal Research Society, Vashy Plovich Alexander, was very concerned about the “ghost train” incident. In order to investigate the truth, he and his assistant Bolt came to the tunnel entrance where the “ghost train” appeared the most times. However, for half a month, no abnormalities were found.
   At noon on September 25, 1991, Bolt planned to ask Alexander to go back for lunch. He was still thirty or forty meters away from the railway. He saw Alexander sitting on the gravel and remembering something. Suddenly, there was a rumbling from the railroad tracks. Long’s voice, a very old train suddenly appeared on the track. Bolt froze for a few seconds before realizing that the “ghost train” had appeared again. Alexander reacted much faster than him. He picked up his notebook, grabbed the handrail, and jumped into the last carriage of the train in two steps.

   “Quickly come down, come down!” Bolt’s voice disappeared into the noise of the train, and when he was relieved, Alexander was no longer visible. A big living person disappeared in this way. Bolt was listed as a key suspect. The police conducted a polygraph investigation on him. It was found that Bolt was pulled up by Alexander with one hand. There was no conflict between the two and he could not be right. The mentor used a poisonous hand.
   Because of Alexander’s special status, Russia was forced to form a special investigation team, but when the investigation team asked the railway department about the situation, the person in charge of the reception was either silent or vague. After investigating for half a year to no avail, the final conclusion is that Alexander was attacked by an unknown object on the railway and disappeared.
   “The’Ghost Train’ appeared one after another, there were many witnesses, and it also appeared in the newspapers. It seems that the’Ghost Train’ is indeed something.” Patsay sorted out these events and found many similarities. , First of all, these incidents occurred around Moscow, the time was concentrated from 3 pm to 5 pm, and thick fog would appear before the train entered the tunnel. Patsey suddenly thought that if the “ghost train” is not a spooky event, then it is likely to be a physical phenomenon that is distorted in time and space. The people on the train may not die. Due to the time dilation effect, traveling through time is instantaneous for passengers. Feeling, and decades have passed in real time and space. The most reliable evidence of this conjecture is that witnesses saw passengers wearing 1930s costumes on the train.
   Based on his own speculation and previous news reports, Patsay restored the scene of the “ghost train” that appeared on January 17, 2009.
   On the same day, Police Officer Shuster drove on a patrol on the outskirts of Moscow and found a stolen car that had been reported stolen one day earlier. He drove closely after the stolen car. The driver fled the city and drove onto a railway. Then the car with a flat tire got stuck on the track. So Shuster immediately got out of the car and approached the car thief. The train whistle suddenly sounded on the originally empty railroad tracks, and Shuster saw a train suddenly appear on the railroad tracks less than 10 meters away from the stolen car. The train has only three carriages, and it is a steam engine train that has long been eliminated. The antique train knocked out the stolen car on the rails. Shuster quickly dodged, but the car thief took the opportunity to climb onto the second carriage of the train and waved to him triumphantly. Shuster was furious and ran to the train quickly. At this time, he saw a middle-aged woman in a window of the third carriage in front of him, wearing an old-fashioned floral skirt, looking out the window blankly.
   The steam engine train was not fast. Shuster ran after him. When his finger was about to touch the rear fence, he heard a shout from the rear, “Don’t go up!” A few meters away, he looked back and saw an old railroad worker beckoning not far away, looking anxious. Looking back again, I saw that the steam engine train seemed to be surrounded by a rippling pond, and the surrounding air was also twisted. In an instant, the train disappeared. Shuster hasn’t recovered yet. The old railman said to him: “You are so lucky! If you get on that train, you will never get off again. That is the Gogol ghost train!” Shuster immediately reported to the police station, but the boss gave it. The answer is that he is too tired to have hallucinations!
   Based on the fingerprints left on the stolen car, Schuster found out that the car thief was named Date and lived in a slum. Shuster searched all possible places Date and asked his partner, but no one knew where he went. Schuster went to the railway department to inquire again, and the railway department refused to answer any questions about the “ghost train”.
  An unsolved mystery
   On February 12, 2019, in an old house in Moscow, Patsey met Schuster, who had retired. After Patsey explained his intentions, Schuster recalled some situations at the time: “I saw people wearing 1930s costumes. They seemed to be chatting, and there was no panic at all. Before the train disappeared, the body of the car A thick fog suddenly appeared around!”
   It’s thick fog again! Patsay remembered Tony’s experience when the train was engulfed by a strange sticky white mist when it entered the tunnel. What exactly is this white mist? But Patsay was puzzled that there was no dense fog from the appearance to the disappearance of the other trains. Isn’t there a direct connection between the dense fog and the appearance of the “ghost train”?
   Patsay posted a discussion thread on the Internet, trying to uncover the truth about the “ghost train”. Soon, Patsay formed a professional team, including railway experts, philosophers, as well as geologists and meteorologists.
   Patsay’s team stationed at the tunnel entrance where the “ghost train” appeared most often. The tunnel is located 40 kilometers northwest of Moscow, and there is a small mountain village near the exit. Knowing that Patsay was coming to investigate the “ghost train”, the villagers advised Patsay to leave as soon as possible, otherwise the “ghost train” would take them away. They also told them that since the “ghost train” appeared several times at the tunnel entrance, the daring The small villagers have already left, and the rest are old people. The old people have also left in recent years. Now there are only three people left.
   After staying for a week, Patsay found that the environment here is beautiful, the air is fresh, and there is no abnormality. That morning, Patsay was still asleep, and someone knocked on his door: “Dense fog! Thick fog appeared at the tunnel entrance!” Patsay hurriedly got up and rushed out, but when he saw it, he found that it was nothing. It’s ordinary fog. The local area is in a mountainous area, and such heavy fog in the morning couldn’t be more common. Just when Patsay was disappointed, the geologist Wiggins made new progress in his investigation. He detected a magnetic field in this area, but it was sometimes obvious and sometimes weak.
   Patsay is confused. There are magnetic fields around, and there may be rich mineral deposits. But how can the magnetic fields caused by these mineral deposits be obvious and disappear from time to time? Patsay went to the local villagers to find out about the situation. The villagers explained that the ore had indeed been mined here, but after two years of mining, they stopped working. Patsay found the answer in a mine log. It turned out that the exploration team had investigated and found that the mineral deposits here were rich enough to be mined for 20 years, but after two years of mining, the output dropped sharply and finally had to be closed.
   “Fog!” Just as Patsay returned without success, something suddenly flashed in his mind: In 1943, the US military conducted the famous “Philadelphia Experiment” under the guidance of Dr. Next, the result of this space-time experiment was that the ship suddenly disappeared in the dense fog of the artificially-made strong magnetic field, and it also made the people on the ship flicker, panic and go crazy.
   In connection with the encounter between Tony and Shuster, Patsay slapped his thigh straight. Perhaps the “ghost train” was not the ghost of Gogol, but the train drove into a strong magnetic field at the time. This magnetic field may be Suddenly, it has a moving nature, and the strength of this magnetic field is far greater than the strength of the artificial magnetic field in the “Philadelphia Experiment”, so the “ghost train” can appear and disappear in various places many years later.
   Patsai further speculated that the criss-crossing railroad network of Eurasia is the largest global project built by mankind on earth, and this huge railroad network may have an impact on the passage of time. Any space change that reaches a considerable degree will cause instantaneous anomalies, and time and space with electromagnetic properties are inseparable, and there is a certain connection between them.
   Patsay’s conjecture has been recognized by many scientists, who called for when the “Gogol Ghost Train” appears again, you must not board this train out of curiosity. But many experts also raised objections, because Patser and his team failed to give a reasonable explanation for where this extremely powerful and sudden magnetic field came from and how it was generated. Or really, as the railway department thinks, this is done by “unidentified objects on the railway.”
   As for Patsay’s daughter Linda, the professor and his wife finally saw her not long ago. At that time, the young Linda dated a boyfriend who was 4 years younger than her. Fearing that her parents would block her, the two chose to elope on Christmas 2018. Now, Linda is a woman and a mother, and her life is stable. She finally plucked up the courage to take her child home to visit her parents…