The last train of the subway

  There are many such nights in a year, hurriedly out of the empty office, through the dimly-lit underground passage, to catch up with the last subway train in the city. If one color is used to describe the state of the whole person at this time, I think it should be gray. It’s not as heavy as black, but only with the power stored in the body that has fallen to 20%, it is no longer able to hold up the desired lightness and liveliness.
  Chasing and rushing all the way, with the sound of the “Didi” alarm, he was locked on the platform gradually retreating outside the door. The last train of the subway, as sung in a song, finally everyone has a seat. The moment I sat down paralyzed, I strained my mind and body for a whole day, and started to relax a little bit in this place that was just right and familiar to me without any scruples. With the help of the window glass on the opposite side, I saw fatigue and tiredness flowing out of my body, like a river, flowing quietly on a calm face and in the folds of the skin.
  Here, I have seen all kinds of Yegui people. Many times, we are the same. Even if there is a tsunami in our hearts, we just sit quietly without disturbing others, and we don’t need comfort.
  I have seen a boy who looks like a high school student. He was drowsy along the way holding his heavy schoolbag. The head that was swaying left and right finally couldn’t help but droop, and leaned heavily on the middle-aged aunt next to him. The aunt didn’t push him up, but silently supported the sudden weight with her shoulders. The boy’s young face instantly grew contented firmness and serenity. People can’t help thinking, in the dream, has he been admitted to the ideal university? At a certain moment, the boy who was awakened quickly sat upright. He did not speak, but I saw his apologetics and gratitude quietly appear on the flushed face.
  I have seen a young girl who looks like a company employee. She didn’t sit comfortably like most people, but stood in an inconspicuous corner, holding on to the railing, earnestly practicing abdominal breathing in yoga. The bag that she slung on her shoulder looks very new, simple in style, soft in texture, without a shiny logo, but exudes the inspirational taste of going all out just like her.
  I have seen a man who looks like a programmer. He faintly thanked him with a vibrato, and the corners of his mouth rose from time to time. The smell of coffee on his body is very strong, and he should rely on coffee to continue his life at get off work, so he needs to use vibrato or play games to relax after work. On his phone case, there are two lines of characters: Life is forced to death, but fortunately, I have always been fighting.
  I also met a young father. He never put down the phone along the way. On the other end of the phone, the child’s “daddy” screams are heard from time to time, and there is a sweet and persistent voice that waits for you to fall asleep peacefully when you return. He hummed a lullaby softly to the phone.
  I also met an elderly aunt. She pressed her mouth tightly and stared out the window in a daze. It’s so late, why is she still on the last subway? The main battlefield of her life shouldn’t be dancing in the square? In the bag next to her, the multi-function lunch box is poking her head out. Even in the old age of enjoying life, she still has people she wants to take care of.
  People who are prone to bereavement also tend to heal themselves easily. I was in the last train of the subway and saw passers-by using their own light to disperse the darkness of the world. The phrase “I am too difficult” in my heart died sensibly.
  Running around, tired, insisting, and looking forward to it, this is our ordinary people’s daily life, which is staged at any time in the last train of the subway, and it happens all the time in other places.
  The last train of the subway, like a silent film, records the road we walked, the tears we shed, the daze we had and the dreams we had. Also like a warm embrace, let us clean up in silence and relaxation. Then go home, smile and hug the person who is waiting for our return, give myself a sleep without worry, and an early morning when I can still laugh.