The ideal sex life of middle-aged women

In the eyes of many people, older women mean that they have lost their sexual charm and that they have no sexual value. Although this is a secular prejudice against women, unfortunately, it is also a widely recognized view. Therefore, many women are afraid of aging and physical changes throughout their lives.

However, many of them will “consciously” conform to the views of society as they get older and lose their interest in sex, believing that they should no longer look forward to orgasm and look forward to sex. Under such psychological hints, the desire for sex will naturally decrease accordingly, or even give up directly.

Healthy sex is comparable to skin care products
Studies have found that women’s vaginal lubrication increases during sex, which promotes maintaining the acid-base balance and enhancing the vagina’s resistance to infectious diseases. The contraction of the female uterus during orgasm simultaneously plays a role of exercise and relaxation, thereby effectively alleviating menstrual pain. For menopausal women, maintaining a higher frequency of orgasm can keep the uterus and vagina lubricated and effectively reduce the infection rate. In addition, the importance of sex to women’s physical health is also manifested in: it helps to eliminate insomnia, keep the mind young, effectively reduce heart disease, reduce or relieve pain symptoms, reduce the occurrence of skin diseases, improve the immune system’s disease resistance, and promote Female reproductive health, etc.

Objectively speaking, if you give up sexual life prematurely, it will cause women’s vagina to shrink and reduce their lubricating ability, and the overall image and external temperament of women will also be greatly reduced. And perfect sex can not only delay the aging of the genitals, the secretion of sex hormones can also speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism. At the same time, the female body will show a more youthful and beautiful posture, such as fair and ruddy face, shiny nails, thick black and soft hair, plump and full breasts, etc.

At the same time, the hormones released by the body during sex can effectively relieve tension, dispel stress, and make the whole body in a relaxed and happy state.

It can be seen that the effect of healthy sex on middle-aged women is more effective than any skin care products and skin care products.

The relationship between age and sex frequency and quality
The most popular saying in society is this sentence: the older you are, the worse your sex will be.

Obviously, the age here generally only refers to the biological age. The so-called bad here is mainly that it is not hard enough, not wet enough, and not strong enough from the perspective of men.

But does fashion make sense? There is a little reason, because regardless of men and women, biological age does have a non-negligible effect on sex.

There is no doubt that the physical changes are most noticeable in the senses. For women, the most obvious period of physiological changes is menopause.

During menopause, women’s estrogen levels will drop sharply, which will cause a series of physical changes. Among them, the changes in reproductive organs are mainly reflected in two aspects: thickness and size. For example, muscle elasticity will not be as good as before, and vaginal tissue will become thinner. In postmenopausal women, the vaginal wall becomes thinner and atrophied, which makes bacteria more organic to take advantage of. Some people will also get senile vaginitis. The clitoris, vulva, and labia will decrease accordingly, as will the cervix, uterus, and ovaries. Correspondingly, the amount of body fluid secreted by these tissues (that is, the degree of lubrication) will also be reduced.

In addition to the obvious changes in these organs, the decline of estrogen will also cause the luster and elasticity of women’s skin to be less than before, and the breasts will begin to sag.

In addition, getting older also means that some diseases occur, and many chronic diseases can also interfere with sex.

It is worth mentioning that the sensitivity of the female clitoris will also change. Most women experience sex mainly from the clitoris, not the vagina. Sexual decline, the blood perfusion of the clitoris system will be reduced, thereby affecting the clitoris excitement and arousal ability.

In fact, there are abundant nerve endings on the clitoris. Although the clitoris may shrink with age, the function of these nerve endings remains unchanged. For example, when you are young, others will pinch you and you will feel pain, and when you are old, you will still feel the same pain. Therefore, being older does not mean that women cannot feel sexual pleasure.

In addition, many women who have undergone uterine, ovarian, and mastectomy will also worry about their sex, worry that they are no longer a complete woman, and no longer have the sex of a woman.

First of all, this kind of surgery does not actually change a woman’s sexual ability. Even without the uterus, ovaries and breasts, women can still have sexual desire, still have sex, and still feel sexual pleasure.

Advantages of middle-aged and elderly women’s sex life
French writer Duras once said: “With him, I once again discovered: the worst thing that can happen in a person’s life is not being able to love.” For Duras, love is sex, love It is life, which will not fade with age. When people reach old age, they cannot be without love and sex.

Zhu Jiaming, vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Sex Society, said: “Relevant research at home and abroad also shows that the aging and mortality rate of abstinent people is more than 30% higher than that of people who have normal sex.” Sex is a kind of life energy. And being able to preserve this kind of life energy into old age, and live to love to old age, is absolutely singular.

The so-called old people love not old, make love to be old, this is probably the most beautiful old age in the world.

Middle-aged women often envy young women who have more collagen, better physical strength and more vigorous energy. But correspondingly, the pressures and challenges that young people have to face are more and heavier. Setting up a family, starting a business, having children, each is a time-consuming and laborious life event. Many young couples’ bed affairs are often embarrassing because they have no time or energy.

On the contrary, middle-aged and elderly people, especially the elderly, may have more time to exercise, eat healthily, and become more radiant than they were when they were young.

Studies have found that, contrary to popular belief, older people do spend more time with their partners in bed. With the increase of age, many middle-aged and elderly men no longer focus on a single organ as they did when they were young. They began to shift their attention to a wider range and seek more diverse experiences. Because middle-aged and elderly women have no concerns about pregnancy, many people seem to be more open and willing to enjoy it than when they were young.

Tania Glad, a famous sex life radio host who participated in the above-mentioned British survey, believes that confident and active middle-aged women will enjoy sex more. Because “I am familiar with myself and the opponent’s body, so I can play the most harmonious movement with the most outstanding technique like a superb luthier.”

Sex will never fade with age.

On the contrary, if you are willing to understand and perceive meticulously, you will find that the growth of age does not only mean aging, it also means enrichment of experience, expansion of cognition and perfection of personality. These accumulations will undoubtedly lead to a more refined and deeper personal sexual experience than when they were young.

As the American sex therapist Dr. Madeleine Castro said, sex is more fulfilling for single men and women in their 60s because they are experienced, they know what kind of sex they want, and they understand their partner’s Body, they are willing to explore the scale of love more freely and boldly. More importantly, sex life also has a learning curve, and the older you get, the more proficient you will be.

Therefore, no matter how old you are now, the quality of your sex life will always have room for improvement.

Women, change your sexual attitude

Human sexual response mainly comes from three aspects: body, brain and consciousness. Exercise and adjusting the diet are the most effective ways to improve the body’s sexual response.

For women, masturbation can stimulate the body to wake up consciousness more strongly. During intercourse, try different activities to improve your sexual life, such as changing your body position and using sex toys.

A study on menopause pointed out that with the increase of age, the duration of female orgasm will become shorter and the intensity will decrease. In addition, unpleasant sexual intercourse caused by vaginal dryness is also common in elderly women. These can be remedied by giving women longer sexual arousal time and using water-soluble lubricants.

Changing your attitude towards sex is an improvement from the inside out. For men or women who are close to or just over 40 years old, active interventions and attitudes should be taken to prevent deterioration of sexual health and improve the quality of sexual life. Studies have shown that the highest quality of sex life in the latter half of an individual’s life generally occurs in middle age. The frequency of orgasm in elderly individuals is related to marital satisfaction, and the regulation of sexual function in middle-aged individuals.

The specific method is to remove negative sexual attitudes. Recognize and resist negative attitudes about sex; cultivate an open mind and an adventurous lifestyle, and if you want, you can explore a variety of ways to express sex; be open and unbiased about sex-related knowledge. Sex and erotica can improve the quality of life and cultivate individual personality growth and self-realization. In addition, we must take a more holistic view of sex life, sexual expression and sexual function. The quality of sexual life is related to a person’s physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual state. A person has the ability to express these states in his sexual life, not just confined to a certain sexual organ or a certain sexual function in the traditional concept. Note that whether or not there is an orgasm is indeed an indicator of whether there is a problem with the degree of pleasure in sexual life and sexual function. However, orgasm is by no means the whole goal of sexual life.

In addition to physical and psychological adjustments, we can also adopt intervention methods. I personally recommend two intervention methods:

1. Hormone balance and interventional endocrine regulation.

Perform systematic and periodic measurement of hormone levels, monitor and update the information of their own hormone physiological levels at any time. Ensure the balance of hormones such as testosterone (free and total), estrogen, DHT, DHEA, cortisol, progesterone and thyroid hormone. Once the hormone secretion is found to be unbalanced or lacking, a hormone balance method that can return the hormone level to normal should be used, such as biological homologous hormone therapy. This hormonal intervention should be individualized and based on monitoring data.

2. Hormone therapy.

For women, unless medically contraindicated, the use of estrogen replacement therapy can always achieve the effect of preventing genital atrophy and protecting the integrity of the epithelium of the urogenital system. A topical estrogen cream or vaginal estradiol ring can also prevent genital atrophy, vaginal dryness and unpleasant sexual intercourse. Although vaginal dryness and dyspareunia are associated with decreased estrogen secretion, this decrease in secretion will not significantly affect female sexual function until menopause.

If sex becomes a form of entertainment in the strict sense, and people can enjoy sex like enjoying stamp collection, instead of relying on him to produce offspring, then sex will not disappear into the invisible. It will exist in everyone’s life like breathing, eating, and sleeping, making every day more worthy of being loved.