Taskar Restaurant in Dubai

  On the 6th floor of Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai, you will find Tasca, a chic restaurant with urban bustle and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant, the first international restaurant by Portuguese chef José Avíllez, has been awarded one Michelin star in the inaugural edition of the Michelin Guide Dubai for 2022.
  José Avíllez has won the “Oscar” in the food industry – the International Gastronomy Association Culinary Award, and is the first Portuguese chef to win the International Gastronomy Academy Award. According to the Michelin Guide, diners can taste authentic Portuguese cuisine in Tasca: “The chef is passionate about the culinary traditions of his home country, Portugal, and his kitchen team understands the importance of fresh, high-quality produce. Dishes Ingeniously blending traditional flavors with modern people’s eating habits, it is full of vitality and innovation.”
Gastronomy “Oscar” winner and promoter of Portuguese cuisine

  The chef of Tasca Restaurant, José Avilez, has won the “Oscar” in the food industry – the Culinary Award of the International Gastronomy Association. One of the great role models.
  From vast oceans to pine forests, José Avilez draws inspiration from landscapes, mountains and waters. Currently, he has restaurants in Lisbon, Cascais, Porto, and Algarve in Portugal. Each restaurant has a different concept, but all express his passion for food. Among them, Belcanto (Belcanto) is famous for its two Michelin stars, and was selected as one of the world’s 50 best restaurants by the famous “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”. The Tasca restaurant located on the 6th floor of the Jumeirah Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Dubai is the first international restaurant project of José Avillez and will receive a Michelin star in 2022.

  ”Michelin Guide” is the general term for food and travel guide books published by the famous French tire manufacturer Michelin. The guide uses a famous star system to evaluate the best restaurants and hotels in the world. There are five criteria for evaluating restaurants: quality of ingredients, cooking skills, culinary personality, value for money and consistency. Restaurant Tasca has been awarded a Michelin star for the quality of its cooking.
  Werner Ansinger, General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai, said: “To be included in Dubai’s first Michelin Guide is a remarkable achievement, but to be awarded a Michelin star is an honor and a great privilege, Especially in a city with a highly diverse, dynamic and competitive culinary scene, to create an unforgettable Portuguese culinary experience.” This is undoubtedly a high praise for Tasca Restaurant.
  ”We are very proud and honored that Taskar Restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star in the inaugural edition of the Michelin Guide Dubai. The debut of the Michelin Guide in the UAE and the region makes this recognition even more special. I sincerely thank the Michelin Guide for their confidence in me, Thanks to Chef José Barroso, General Manager Sergio Machado and the entire team at the restaurant for their dedication, passion and commitment to provide each diner with a dining experience worth mentioning ’” José Avilez said after winning the award.
  He then added: “This is also an incredible achievement for Portuguese gastronomy. Dubai is currently the center of the world’s restaurant industry and it is an absolute joy and pride to be able to taste Portuguese food in this cosmopolitan city thing. I’m very proud of it on so many levels.”

  That’s right, being a Portuguese and a Portuguese chef, José Avíllez’s main job is to promote Portuguese cuisine and work to make Portugal a top gastronomic destination. And Tasca aims to provide diners with a fun dining experience that blends seamlessly with the city’s multicultural vibe. Enjoy traditional cuisine with a modern twist in luxurious and sophisticated design and an eclectic ambience. Big red prawns, blue lobsters, piri piri chicken… These classic Portuguese flavors were all brought to Dubai from his hometown.
Taste the original flavor of the ingredients and the most classic Portuguese desserts

  Serving authentic Portuguese food and drink, but with a contemporary twist, Tasca Restaurant brings a new twist to José Avíllez’s Portuguese delicacies, delighting even the most discerning gourmets.
  With menus based on a shared philosophy, the award-winning restaurant takes guests on an enriching culinary journey. Together with his team, José Avellez has devoted himself to the modern interpretation of the flavor of his hometown: insisting on selecting the freshest and high-quality ingredients, combining traditional cooking methods with innovative techniques, and producing a dish full of vitality and innovation A Tascan version of Portuguese cuisine.
  Dishes here are authentic Lisbon recipes, but with variations and refinements that reflect José Avilez’s personal style. Whether it’s an assortment of fresh Portuguese seafood or a finely braised flavored beef, there’s something for everyone on Tasca’s menu.
  The restaurant’s ingredients include seafood such as sea bass, cod, scallops, and lobster, as well as various meats such as steak, beef heart, chicken, and lamb chops. These fresh ingredients are masterfully prepared by the chefs into a series of Portuguese classics from the sea and the land, such as scarlet prawns, poached clams pato, cod in gomez, piri piri chicken with smoked avocado cream , Pizza Burger, Grilled Lobster and more. For diners who are used to eating Indian food or other richer dishes, coming to Taskar Restaurant can re-experience the simple taste bud experience.
  Before dinner, the restaurant will provide diners with pre-dinner bread and three kinds of dipping sauces, but butter and bread are the most classic combination, and you can’t go wrong with butter. Also, as many diners will likely tell you, don’t miss José Avíllez’s signature appetizers—the avocado tempura and tuna fish fritters. The former is crispy with the softness of avocado, while the latter is refreshing and delicate.
  As for the main course, everything from the traditional pirak pirak roasted whole chicken to grilled cod and traditional charcoal-roasted lamb shank has everything you expect. Among them is a dish full of Portuguese coast characteristics-grilled sea bass with spinach and pumpkin puree, you must try it. With just a few simple ingredients like olive oil, salt, and pepper, this dish brings out the original flavors of the ingredients. Of course, you can also try the specially marinated seafood. This kind of seafood is tender and springy, and it is paired with various vegetables to create endless flavors on the tip of the tongue.
  It is worth mentioning that every Saturday from 12:30 noon to 4:00 pm, Tasca restaurant will also provide fresh, exquisite and rich afternoon tea, bringing tables from the streets of Portugal to the coast of Dubai, making Portugal bright In the summer, it turns into a delicacy with delicious color and fragrance.
  In addition to meals, the “Michelin Guide” also gave guests a very considerate suggestion: Of course you have to taste many dishes, but remember, don’t eat too much – leave a place for dessert after the meal. The store’s characteristic rose cream fruit protein cake is shaped like a blooming red rose, with flowers made of cream on the top, and jam and blueberries in the shell made of protein on the bottom; the star dessert – Portuguese egg tart, milky Perfect and delicious with coffee ice cream.
Food, wine, and beautiful scenery are not disappointing

  Tasca’s menu is complemented by a wine list, in addition to extremely delicious and authentic Portuguese dishes. Alcohol includes refreshing and appetizing white wine, mild and soothing rose wine, refreshing sparkling wine, and sweet but highly alcoholic Port wine…It can be said that Taska restaurant has the most comprehensive wine list in Dubai. Portuguese wine. Plus, there’s a tantalizing array of craft cocktails to choose from.
  Good wine is the most suitable pairing with food. Of course, if there is another blessing of beautiful scenery at this time, the dining experience will be improved to a higher level. Located on the 6th floor of Mandarin Oriental, Jumeirah, Tasca Restaurant has an excellent location. Diners can enjoy the city view and beautiful sea view while tasting Michelin-starred signature dishes and fine wines.

  The restaurant is a semi-open design. When you dine here, you can enjoy the magnificent skyline of downtown Dubai while bathing in the sunlight that fills the room: the famous Burj Khalifa and many tall buildings are hidden in the blue sky, which is unusual. spectacular. At dusk, the sky changes color, and the setting sun “suspends” among the buildings, gradually raising a sense of warmth. At night, the small squares in the skyscrapers are illuminated by lights, and the lights of Wanjia make the silent night lively. There are seats on the outdoor terrace, and the infinity pool next to the seats is part of the restaurant, overlooking the Arabian Sea, a piece of blue and sparkling. At night, next to the swimming pool is an excellent photo spot.
  Such a unique environment and scenery also make Taska Restaurant an ideal place to hold celebrations. Every year, there are rave parties, birthday celebrations and lively weddings for many diners.
  José Avilez used the spirit of a dreamer to endow Tasca with creativity and infectious energy. Every diner can savor the joy of food prepared with heart, rich in tradition and quality. Of course, every diner can also experience a simple beauty and the original taste of life in the fine wine and beautiful scenery.
  Delicacy in mouth, fine wine in hand, beautiful scenery in hand. The Tasca restaurant, which has won one Michelin star, does have its unique charm.