Superhero: Dutch lost and found dog Sherlock

  People who travel around the world may notice that a beagle in airport overalls will occasionally appear in the Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands, weaving through the crowd. This dog is actually a stray dog, but because of its specialty – looking for people and things, he became a volunteer at the airport. After working diligently for two years, in December 2019, this beagle unexpectedly waited for its owner, staged a touching scene of a reunion between humans and dogs, and finally “retired” with honor and left with its owner. .
  Uninvited guests Stray dogs in
  closed airports
  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded on October 7, 1919, it has more than 100 years of excellent flight service experience and is the world’s oldest airline with the longest scheduled flights.
  An airport is a city. Schiphol Airport is not so much an airport as it is an aviation metropolis. It’s like a modern city where people can shop, eat their food, gamble at the casino, or just watch the constant flow of people, as if standing on the streets of New York.
  The most attractive thing about Schiphol Airport is its most comfortable and pleasant service. Not only does it have a prayer room, a children’s playground, an aviation museum, it even has an art museum with an authentic Rembrandt collection!
  This is the Schiphol branch of the famous Amsterdam Royal Museum, which displays 10 masterpieces from the 17th century Dutch “Golden Age”, including a portrait painted by the world-renowned Dutch master Rembrandt for his wife in 1633 and Jan Sten’s painting “Hotel Interior,” which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, was hung behind a glass wall to prevent damage from the huge vibrations of the plane’s engine.
  However, since January 2018, people have noticed a golden beagle in the sprawling modern city of the airport, always walking alone in the crowd. Sometimes it will lie near the cafeteria of the art museum, sometimes it will follow a certain traveler all the time, and more often it is searching for something…
  At first, everyone thought he was a traveling companion of a guest, perhaps the house dog of a shop owner in the airport city. But it wasn’t until May that staff discovered that the puppy didn’t appear to belong to anyone in Schiphol Airport City, and that it had been wandering around, even looking for food at the dump. Gradually, everyone knew that it was a stray dog.
  Why are there stray dogs in the airport?
  The staff talked a lot, but they couldn’t tell whether it was the lost dog of the traveler, or whether it was a stray from somewhere else. The dog hunt has been posted on the Schiphol website for a long time, but no one is interested. And this puppy also seems to regard the airport as his home. Everyone often feeds it and plays with it. I don’t know who gave it a brave name: Sherlock.
  Sherlock was a beagle, a small but stocky dog ​​whose white fur between his brows indicated his ancestry as a noble Scottish breed. Sherlock seems to have a natural upbringing, it never calls out unscrupulously, it is docile and well-behaved, and there is always a warm sincerity in its eyes. Helpful boy!
  In this way, Sherlock lived at Schiphol Airport. It is kind and treats everyone as its friends and family, but never for nothing. Sherlock often followed the staff, waiting for an opportunity to strike. For example, when everyone has to carry small sealed goods, Sherlock will also help.
  Before Easter 2018, Sherlock and the staff worked continuously overtime, ate and slept with everyone, and shared weal and woe. A front desk stewardess named Erin saw Sherlock so diligent, and even personally made a small blue uniform for him. There’s even a sign on it with its name on it.
  Sherlock seemed to like his gear, and he was more motivated to work. And it also shows wit and cleverness everywhere. It will deliver food, take out the trash, ring the doorbell, and even find the one it needs from a large collection of keys! One day in July, Sherlock showed his extraordinary bravery and agility.
  ”Specially hired”, the
  genius Sherlock has repeatedly made extraordinary achievements
  That day, Erin and another staff member were on duty in the terminal, with Sherlock by her side. When they passed the second pass, Irene saw a piece of blue paper under the seat, picked it up and saw that it was a plane ticket, which showed that it was only 20 minutes before boarding. And the owner of this ticket obviously hasn’t entered the customs yet!
  This is a common emergency situation at the airport. Irene immediately notified the airport hall and used the broadcast to find the owner of the ticket, hoping that he would pick up the ticket at the service center as soon as possible. Even so, Erin knew that even if the guests had picked up their tickets, it was too late to board!
  However, an unexpected scene happened! Just as Irene was holding the ticket and hurried anxiously towards the service center, Sherlock suddenly jumped up, grabbed Irene’s sleeve with its front paws, and then bit the ticket, as if flying. run! Erin didn’t react for a while, thinking that Sherlock was playing, and called the airport security personnel to stop Sherlock!
  However, Sherlock is like a small fully charged rocket, galloping through the passenger flow, its small body dodging the tall, slow-moving suitcases, over the delicate purses of the ladies; over the miniskirts of the pretty girls, Run fast!
  After receiving the notice, the airport security guards immediately dispersed the team to search for Sherlock, but it was too fast to stop it!
  About 3 to 4 minutes later, Sherlock rushed into the cordon of the airport security check area with the passenger ticket in his mouth, and headed straight for an older male passenger! At that time, the passenger was squatting on the ground, battered, sweating profusely rummaging through something.
  When he saw the panting Sherlock appear in front of him with his ticket in his mouth, he was so excited that his tears fell. He hugged Sherlock’s neck and said excitedly, “Oh my God! Where did you find my ticket? I thought I couldn’t see my wife!” At this time, the security guard chasing Sherlock Witnessing this scene, everyone was astonished, and they were very moved by hugging Sherlock!
  The man successfully boarded the plane in the last two minutes! He looked out the window, trying to find Sherlock’s shadow. And Sherlock also looked at the departing plane and barked loudly! It seems to be reluctant to let others leave it, and it seems to be blessing someone…
  Soon, Sherlock’s heroic deeds spread around the airport. Everyone praised Sherlock’s keen sense of smell, with one staff member calling him a “lost and found retriever”. When Irene heard the name, a bold idea suddenly appeared in her heart.
  In August, with the permission of her superiors, Irene brought her pet on a passenger plane that had just arrived for the first time. Because she was notified that a passenger’s wallet had been dropped on the plane.
  Erin took Sherlock on the plane. In a seat slot, Erin found the Chanel purse. She gave Sherlock a sniff and pinned the purse to Sherlock’s. The characteristic backpack of the overalls, and the backpack also has a GPS positioning system.

  After Sherlock smelled the purse, he began to carry out his mission quickly. It wears the same clothes as the airport staff, and it runs wild in the aisles of the airport as if flying! In the security monitoring room, it was clearly seen that Sherlock passed through the ground floor of the airport terminal and ran straight towards the parking lot! The staff gathered around.
  It turns out that the sprawling Schiphol Airport has a parking lot for 20,000 cars! I saw Sherlock was carrying a backpack and kept going, without hesitation, it ran towards the A3 area of ​​the parking lot. Security personnel immediately communicated a notice that the exit of the A3 car park was temporarily closed in order to find the owner of the wallet. Just then, a couple happened to be standing in front of a black Chevy sedan with their luggage.
  When they were about to leave, Sherlock suddenly pounced like an arrow. When the hostess saw a big red purse in the transparent backpack on its back, she suddenly exclaimed: “Purse, my purse! This is incredible!”
  At this time, the security guards also arrived and asked the The Russian couple explained the situation and told them that it was a special staff member at Schiphol Airport called a “lost and found dog”. When the elegantly dressed female passenger found out, she picked up Sherlock and kissed again: “Oh my God, I’ve never met such a dog! It’s so handsome!”
  Just like that, Sherlock no longer It is an ordinary stray dog, and it has a profession that is worthy of pride and respect: Airport Special Police – Lost and Found Retriever.
  According to Schiphol Airport statistics, from September 2018 to July 2019, Sherlock helped a total of 300 passengers who lost their items, finding wallets, sneakers, briefcases, laptops, dolls, baseball caps, and flashlights. , and hundreds of cell phones… Sherlock displayed his talents with his extraordinary sense of smell and steady style. Sherlock was also awarded the Medal of Honor in September 2019.
  Surprise reunion, the
  search dog is honored as “retirement”
  Day after day, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands is bustling around the clock. In 2019 alone, Schiphol Airport handled 35 million passengers. Whether it’s a silver dawn or a rosy dusk, countless planes take off and land here, and thousands of people shuttle across the airport.
  In a crowd, the busy Sherlock always stands out. However, when it was alone, no one noticed that Sherlock always looked at the planes passing by through the huge glass, with tears in his eyes, and his expression looked sad and desperate…
  Sherlock is a A stray dog, sometimes among the taller crowd, searching and looking around. However, the crowd swarmed, leaving only its weak and lonely figure. Whenever that happened, Erin would stroke Sherlock’s head and neck to comfort him. Sherlock would make a whining sound in his mouth, as if he was talking about something.
  Erin felt that they should continue to publish advertisements to help Sherlock find the owner. However, as the days passed, Sherlock still hadn’t found his master. But it never seems to give up, just like a loyal guard, waiting here!
  On the last day of December 2019, a miracle finally happened! At noon on the 31st, Sherlock was on a mission with Irene at the airport. They had to deliver a lot of goods to the airport bus station at the airport. Unexpectedly, just as Irene drove the van there, Sherlock suddenly started barking!
  This was the first time Irene saw such an unusual reaction. Irene didn’t know what was going on. She opened the door of the pickup subconsciously. Sherlock rushed down immediately. It ran to the door of an airport bus, but the bus just started to start, and the heavy door Block Sherlock in the road.
  The bus started, and Sherlock ran after it, barking as he ran! A few key words quickly flashed in Erin’s mind: Maybe Sherlock found a thief, or there was a drug transporter in the car. In any case, Erin firmly believes that it is right to follow Sherlock!
  So, after she handed over the work in a few seconds, she rode on a motorcycle in the airport and followed Sherlock to start chasing the big bus! The big bus went faster and faster, maybe because of the fully enclosed compartment, the bus driver didn’t notice that there was a puppy behind the car, but he seemed to see Erin’s motorcycle in the mirror.
  Just then, a passenger suddenly spotted Sherlock who was running, and he told the driver to stop. At this time, the bus was about to get on the highway and was about to accelerate. Another passenger also found Sherlock, and he shouted: “Driver, stop, this car is in danger!” The
  driver heard this sentence, spun the steering wheel quickly, and parked the car to one side. At this time, all the passengers knew that a puppy was chasing after him all the way. Just when everyone was wondering, a lanky, handsome young man in his thirties suddenly shouted loudly through the glass: “Cooper! Cooper! (Sherlock’s original name)” Immediately after, he rushed down with a few strides. bus. At this moment, Sherlock, who was flying over, threw himself into the arms of the young man, it made a whimpering sound, and the young man wept with joy. They hugged. At this time, Irene also arrived on a motorcycle.
  When she saw this scene, she immediately understood something. She walked up to the lanky young man and said, “Are you its owner? Sherlock has been waiting for you at the airport for two years!” The young man hugged Sherlock and kissed and kissed, excited. He said to Erin, “Thank you, my name is Jace, I finally found my baby.”
  Then Jace and Erin went to the airport workstation, where Jace saw Sherlock’s group work According to. Only then did he know that Sherlock had been waiting at the airport in order to wait for him, becoming a stray dog, but was promoted to the airport ground service SWAT.
  In the lounge, Jace recounted how he got lost with Sherlock. It turned out that in January 2018, when Jess was about to fly from Schiphol Airport to France, his girlfriend brought Sherlock to see him off. But in the process, Jess’s girlfriend suddenly changed her mind to go to France with him, and they had an argument in the cafe next to the Schiphol Museum of Fine Arts.
  In the midst of the entanglement, Jace was running out of time to catch his flight, while his girlfriend was still arguing with him. So they all left Sherlock behind. After arriving in France, Jess tried to find Sherlock who stayed in the Netherlands, but just after a little news, Jess became seriously ill and was hospitalized in a coma, and there was no way to continue looking for Sherlock. He was in tears thinking of Sherlock on the sickbed, but there was nothing he could do.
  This time, he returned to the Netherlands in order to return to France for medical treatment after defending his doctoral dissertation at the University of Amsterdam. He also thought about inquiring about Sherlock at the airport, but he felt that it had been two years and it was impossible to find Sherlock again. Unexpectedly, Sherlock, who was a lost and found dog at the airport, could smell his scent keenly among tens of thousands of people, and ran towards him all the way!
  After listening to the story of Jace and Sherlock, everyone was moved. Now, Sherlock has returned to the master’s side, and Irene has become a close friend because of Sherlock and Jace. What’s more worth mentioning is that before Sherlock left Schiphol Airport, everyone held a “retirement” farewell ceremony for him.
  Interestingly, in January 2020, Sherlock came to Schiphol Airport again. This time, as a special staff member of the airport, he conducted special training on lost and found 5 Beagles. Sherlock put on the blue work uniform again, and like an old instructor, he took 5 young beagle dogs through the crowd in the airport, returned their lost items to the passengers, and continued to spread friendship and loyalty to the people!