Stop loss and exit

  There was a little conflict and misunderstanding with the neighbors downstairs. Time passed day by day. Unexpectedly, this contradiction and misunderstanding not only did not disappear, but there was a tension. I was very embarrassed and awkward when I went in and out every day and met my neighbors.
  The dull atmosphere lingers around me makes me feel like a throat, my breathing is not smooth, and my mood is very unhappy. Finally, I came up with a way to solve this contradiction and misunderstanding. I picked up a bottle of sesame oil from a relative in the country and knocked on the door downstairs.
  The neighbors downstairs saw me with an unpleasant expression on their faces. Several people in the family immediately gathered at the door, glaring at me, thinking that I was here to fight.
  I smiled and raised the sesame oil in my hand, and said, “The sesame oil from my relatives in the country, I’ll give you a bottle to taste, a little local speciality, little meaning!”
  The neighbors downstairs were stunned. They looked at each other and were embarrassed to be there. After a while, suddenly remembering something, they took my hand and insisted on asking me to sit at their house. The hospitality was difficult, and I stepped into their house with a grin. Before leaving, the neighbor forced me two apples and told me to come and sit often. A neighbourhood conflict was solved in this way, and since then, the relationship has become harmonious and harmonious.
  My wife asked me enviously: “How did you think of resolving conflicts in this way?”
  I said: “When conflicts and problems are irreconcilable, stop loss in time, stop loss is a kind of wisdom, it will make losses When you reach the lowest point, there are contradictions and problems everywhere in your life. If you learn to stop losses, you will have greater energy and benefits.” The
  wife seemed to realize it suddenly. She said: “You make a lot of sense. In order to move forward better.”
  Over the years, several old classmates have been in uninterrupted contact and often gather together. Gradually, I discovered that this kind of gathering has no substantive meaning. Zhan, yelling five and six, even complaining, drunk. After a long time, I feel that this kind of friendship has changed a bit, and even feels that it is a very painful thing. My wife often complains that you guys are drinking too much, talking nonsense, and staggering, disturbing others to rest.
  I think my wife’s complaint is justified, and I also have this feeling. When those old classmates invite me again, I always find various reasons to quit. After a long time, they are too embarrassed to invite again. Everyone The line is getting farther away.
  The wife said puzzledly: “I found out that your old classmates haven’t been here for a long time.”
  I said, “I withdrew from that circle and gave me peace. Withdrawing is not a solitary life, but a kind of innocence. Reason and maturity.”