So-called regulars

“Staycation” is a combination of the two English words Stay and Vacation. Stay means to live and stay, while Vacation means vacation and vacation. Together, “Staycation” means staying and vacationing, that is, spending in a hotel or a homestay, etc. Own vacation. I still remember a very popular tweet in the past few years. It was written that some of the “beijing people” who worked in foreign companies shared a small house of 20 or 30 square meters with others on weekdays, but they often booked Park Hyatt and Kangxi on weekends. Ryder and other luxury hotel rooms to enjoy, in their words, although life is still difficult, they still have to continue. The luxury hotel vacation allows them to relax and regain the motivation to work.

In fact, this kind of “Beijing Clan” is just a small epitome of “Staycation”, and many people have their unique “Staycation”. Couples go to the hotel to talk about their lives on weekends, parents and children go to the hotel to relax, and urban white-collar workers go to the hotel for swimming and fitness on weekends. These are all “Staycation”. Especially in the post-epidemic era, a good hotel is indeed the best choice for traveling and playing. It can not only reduce contact with others, but also provide children and family members with a place to chat and relax. Then, what is the most important thing about “Staycation”? What are the good choices or tricks?

First of all, Mr. J believes that the most important thing about “Staycation” is “Stay”. Therefore, the choice of where we live is very important. The choice of room is the top priority for “Staycation”. Undoubtedly, in addition to software facilities such as luxurious decoration and intelligent configuration, the most important thing is the size of the room. A room with a larger area allows us to have more space for activities without feeling restrained and uncomfortable. Therefore, the “Studio” open-plan suite or suite with a larger area in the hotel must be the best choice.

Many regular customers will ask, wouldn’t it cost a lot to book a suite every “Staycation”? Actually it is not the case. As frequent guests know, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and other hotel groups will provide their senior members with the right to upgrade their suites. It is not difficult to get the senior members of these hotels when there are promotions. At least they only need to stay in. You can get it for 9 nights. After you get these senior members, you can express your needs to the hotel in advance when you check in. Generally, you will be satisfied. In essence, “Staycation” staying in a suite does not cause additional costs. Frequent visitors, if this is still troublesome, can try to pay attention to hotel group suite promotions, such as the 50% discount on suites often launched on Marriott member days or IHG InterContinental Hotels Group’s daily weekend suite discount activities. These activities are often used to book suites. It is not much more expensive than the basic room type, and most of the suites still come with executive lounge courtesy and double breakfast.

Secondly, “Staycation” means to have a pleasant vacation, which is a vacation, and the hotel is an important part of the “Staycation” vacation. Therefore, choosing a suitable hotel is also very important.

For families with children, hotels equipped with parent-child facilities are very important. For example, the Kerry Hotel under Shangri-La Group has an indoor amusement park of more than 1,000 square meters, which can provide children with a rich entertainment experience. Some Crowne Plaza hotels under the hotel group have huge children’s slides and outdoor children’s swimming pools, which can also provide enough parent-child activity venues for families with children. For couples, the executive lounge with a wealth of food and drinks is even more important. Couples can enjoy three meals a day in the hotel without going out, enjoy drinks during the “happy hour”, and spend the holiday leisurely .

The five-star hotels of international brands such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, InterContinental and other international brands preferred by frequent guests often provide free swimming pools, 24-hour gym and other facilities. Regular guests can use these facilities to spend a “Keep Fit” holiday. , Enhance your physical fitness while enjoying your vacation.

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, “Staycation” is bound to become more and more popular. While “Staycation” is popular, the rights and interests of frequent guests are particularly important. Reasonable use of the rights and interests of frequent hotel guests can maximize the rights and interests of frequent guests. And let their relatives and friends enjoy the happiness that this brings together. I hope that every regular customer can have his own unique and perfect “Staycation”!