Simplicity is a shortcut to abundance

  Before, I had been living a tangled life, worrying about gains and losses. A simple matter will be too complicated for me to think about, and it is also called thoughtful thinking.
  For example, when it comes to weight loss, I wondered if my metabolism had a problem, so I took Chinese medicine; I wondered if running would hurt my joints, so I gave up; I wondered if my fitness coach was reliable… Over the years, I have invested a lot of money, time, and energy, but my fat hasn’t lost at all, and my confidence has disappeared.
  Later, I cooperated with an excellent fashion designer MiG on a project. MiG’s approach was so simple that it surprised me: what effect do we want to achieve, what needs to be done, what each person is responsible for, clear and simple, and whose problem is who Responsible, the effect is excellent.
  Mige told me that the rule in the fabric industry is that the more expensive the fabric, the least the number of processes to process. The finest silk and cashmere will basically be made into light and indifferent colors such as beige, apricot, and light gray. The processing procedures are The less, the better the high-quality texture of the fabric can be maintained, and the same is true in life.
  How simple is it?
  When I was talking with her, my husband’s family and her natal family had a conflict. I tried to persuade and quarreled with my husband on the phone, but the matter was not resolved. Instead, the quarrel got worse and worse. excuse me.
  Seeing my desperation, Miguel told me that she and her husband had reached a consensus before getting married and insisted on the simplest way of getting along with in-laws: whoever’s parents do it, and the two families don’t need to meet frequently. It’s good if the etiquette is in place on important occasions. Therefore, there are no problems with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and family disputes in their home, so that everyone can relax and have extra time and energy to do what they like. When the two families have to cooperate in a big event, there is a clear division of labor, and it is easy to click until the end.
  So, I also started to trim my life drastically, such as the problems between my husband’s family and my parents’ family. Since the mother-in-law always thinks that the son is good, then from now on, whose parents are responsible for it, after trying for a period of time, the effect is really good, and things are a lot less. , Even the conflicts between our husband and wife are less, and my husband really feels my difficulty.
  Let’s talk about work. I used to have a lot of ambitions. I wanted to start a business, take a civil service exam, and start a company. Now I’m back to simple. My strength is writing, so I will concentrate on doing this. After a few years, the results turned out to be pretty good.
  There are also weight loss, gym, and Chinese medicine. I gave up all of these, leaving only skipping and yoga, because these two exercises are simple, a pair of running shoes, a pair of skipping rope, and a thin yoga mat, you can exercise at any time, one Years later, not only did I lose more than 20 catties, my complexion also improved, and my mentality became much calmer.
  I was very sensitive before, and the attitude of others was a little abnormal, so I would think more, and then I told myself that their lives had nothing to do with me, and I didn’t need to care too much. This mentality not only did nothing wrong, but also made me confident and generous.
  When it comes to children’s education, I have also experienced a process from complex to simple. The various activities in the previous school and the learning situation of other children will affect me. I took the children to run and catch up for a while, like Like a fly without a head. The child is too tired and gradually rebellious, but I am also worried. Later, I did not insist on these, as long as he insists on physical exercise for one hour a day, 40 minutes of high-quality reading, learns a musical instrument, does his homework well, and develops according to his own hobbies. The child is reasonably lightened, but he is better than before.
  Since he hadn’t noticed since he was a child, my son has a hunchback. He listened to various suggestions before and tried many methods, but with little success. Later, I also simplified. Since the doctor said that the child’s bones are okay, I let him stay straight every day. Standing for 30 minutes, he usually reminded him to pay attention to his posture. After a year, his son’s body shape has improved, and he has become calm and patient.
  A person’s time and energy are limited. After streamlining his life, he can appreciate the beauty of it. Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate complexity.” For life, perhaps simplicity is the shortcut to abundance.