Sideline is everywhere, how to become a “Slash Entrepreneur”

1. Why do you want to find a side job?

  The author visited a large number of entrepreneurs. She found that some people want to make more money through sideline business, and some people want to use sideline business to fill the emptiness, but the main source of motivation for doing sideline business is family factors.
  Apart from the family factor, there is another reason that makes it urgent to find a side job, and that is to find a guarantee for the continuation of the career.
  Whether it is for family life, personal development, or to achieve financial freedom, looking for a side job is something that you and I must do in the workplace.
2. How can we start our side business correctly?

  In this book, the author also focuses on this issue. In his view, to start a side business, you generally need to do the following things, which can be summed up as pre-planning, financial budgeting, expanding contacts, creating a brand, and managing time.
  Based on personal strengths, it is very important to decide which sideline you want to engage in. In other words, it is best for your sideline to be closely related to your life and to combine with your hobbies and personality characteristics. At the same time, we must start from market demand and know what people need most now. There is one more thing that cannot be ignored, that is, to be brave to try, which is also the only way to start a sideline.
  Once we have done the preliminary planning, a strict financial budget can escort you during the implementation process. To reduce the cost of starting a business as much as possible, we must be diligent and thrifty. When we spend every penny, we must carefully weigh and weigh. To dream, we must make all preparations. Also, let the income generated by the sideline flow in a long way.
  Moments of friends are also indispensable in the development of sideline business. In today’s rapid development of network technology, a good circle of friends will make entrepreneurs who are eager to succeed do more with less. Entrepreneurs need to seek comfort in the community gathered through the Internet. The first-line entrepreneurs here will use their own personal experience to give entrepreneurs invaluable professional guidance.
  On the road of personal entrepreneurship, we must build our own brand. At the same time, in response to customer groups and needs, invest a certain amount of time and energy to promote yourself. In the case of tight time, try to find the link between the main business and the side business, and strive to bring a win-win effect for your career.
3. What is the future trend of sideline business?

  Simply put, the reason why we are engaged in sideline business is because the sideline business can fully realize our value. This value mainly includes personal value and social value.
  To put it bluntly, personal value means that a sideline can fully realize one’s dreams and give full play to one’s abilities, thereby bringing a sense of satisfaction to our lives, and this sense of satisfaction is definitely not measurable by money.
  The social value embodied by the sideline may make it even more precious. At present, the purpose of many people engaged in sideline business is to give back and serve the society.
  The author believes that the boundary between the main business and the side business is gradually becoming blurred. The side business can not only fully realize the personal value, but also make changes to the social environment. Therefore, the side business will be everywhere in the near future.