Rumors about the new crown vaccine

  Rumor 1: The protection period of the new crown virus vaccine is only half a year, and it will be used again after half a year.
  Truth: There is only half a year’s worth of data, not only half a year’s protection.
  Rumor 2: Vaccination against the new coronavirus may cause cancer.
  The truth: does not exist. The RNA vaccines currently developed will not be integrated into our genes, so there is no carcinogenic problem.
  Rumor 3: Two weeks to three weeks after the first dose of vaccination, the second dose must be inoculated.
  The truth: For inactivated vaccines, after the first shot, the second shot 21 days later.
  The new coronavirus inactivated vaccine requires two doses. The interval between the first dose and the second dose is 21 days, and the second dose should be completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks after the first dose.
  Rumor 4: The new coronavirus has been mutating, and the vaccine is useless.
  The truth: Judging from the global monitoring of the mutation of the new coronavirus, there is currently no evidence that the virus mutation will invalidate the existing vaccine.
  Rumor 5: If someone else gets the new crown virus vaccine, I can stop getting it.
  Truth: Must fight. Even if the new crown pneumonia epidemic will not spread after the establishment of the herd immune barrier, it does not mean that the individual will not be infected.
  If other countries in the world do not carry out the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic well, China will always be exposed to the risk of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and will always be affected by imported cases. Therefore, everyone should not take a fluke.
  Rumor 6: You will be able to take off your mask after receiving the new crown virus vaccine.
  Truth: After vaccination, you still need to insist on wearing masks and washing hands frequently and other epidemic prevention measures.
  The protection rate of any vaccine is not 100%. Whether the mask should be removed or not depends on whether the vaccine will be infected or not. The current research shows that the protection rate of my country’s new coronavirus vaccine is about 70%, but the protection rate for avoiding severe illness exceeds 90%, and the protection rate for avoiding death is close to 100%. In order to prevent infection, before the global new crown pneumonia epidemic is over, it is recommended to continue wearing a mask after the vaccine.