Rescue hay-like hair

  Hair is as important as facial features to beauty. The hair style is good, and the appearance value will skyrocket. Traveling through most of the city, just to find the Tony teacher who knows you best, perm a hottest hairstyle, dye a brightest color, cool white, fashionable gray, dreamy pink… First bleach and then dye, all To come again, the most important thing is to look good! But soon, the once black and beautiful hair became like hay, rough, split, and dull… how to save hay-like hair?
Dry hair, what’s wrong

  Observing the hair with a microscope, you will find that it is composed of three parts: hair scales, hair medulla, and hair core. Hair like hay is extremely rough, but it is actually related to the state of hair scales.
  Hair scales are like slices of fish scales, neatly wrapping the hair core and hair medulla. For healthy and supple hair, the cuticles are completely compliant, but for rough hair, the cuticles may be open, upturned or even broken, which is very easy to form a “dry and frizzy” situation.
How does hot dyeing hurt hair

  Hair also has a lifespan and maintains a balanced state during the process of losing and growing.
  For natural reasons, the main substance that maintains the longevity of the hair is the keratin in the cortex. It is a kind of protein and an important part of hair, accounting for 65% to 95%. From youth to old age, keratin will change from more to less. When a large amount of keratin is lost, the hair will feel rough, break easily, and become less elastic.
  In a bad external environment, wind and sun will cause the hair to lose moisture and the lipids covered on the surface of the hair will also be lost. Ultraviolet rays damage hair particularly severely. It is easy to denature protein and lose its original strength. In appearance, it will make hair rough, dry, lose its luster or even break down.
  Hair damaged by perm is more sensitive to chemicals such as boiling water, acids, alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents. Perm and hair dyeing will not only use chemical agents, but also prolonged exposure to higher temperature water vapor. At this time, the hair is easily damaged, the hair scales are raised, and there is a phenomenon of detachment. The edges of some hair scales are slightly curled or jagged. Once the hair scales are damaged, the hair is prone to a series of problems such as roughness and dryness.
  Therefore, almost everyone has the problem of rough hair, but the severity is different. Friends who often dye their hair with perm, because of the damage of chemical substances, the problem of hair roughness will be more serious.
Vitamin E hair care effect is good

  Almost everyone has the problem of rough hair, but the severity is different. Friends who often dye their hair with perm have more serious hair roughness.

  It should be noted that all hair care products are applied on the ends of the hair, not on the scalp.

  Hair is a derivative of skin. Damaged hair, just like the skin on the face, needs to be moisturized and oily.
  At present, the hair care products on the market basically use oily moisturizing ingredients such as siloxane, vegetable oil, mineral oil to promote the closure of the cuticles, but simply temporarily “block” the cracks of the cuticles, supplemented by surfactants. In the end, effects such as suppleness, fluffy, and abundance are achieved.
  In daily life, there is also a simple and effective method of hair care, using products containing vitamin E.
  Vitamin E can protect the production of hydrolyzed protein, soothe damaged hair, and strengthen the hair. Especially when the hair is exposed to the sun, ultraviolet rays will aggravate the loss of moisture in the hair, and the lipid covering the hair surface will also be severely lost. If you use vitamin E at this time, it is like a walking parasol, which can resist oxidation, prevent the oxidation of sebum, and can also prevent photoaging caused by ultraviolet rays and help protect the hair.
  If vitamin E products are added with glycerin and lanolin, it can form a moisturizing and repairing system, replenishing oil and hydrating, two-pronged, can play a strong moisturizing role, very suitable for friends with dry and rough hair.
  Some friends use essential oils for care after shampooing. For people who are particularly prone to sweating and oiling, using essential oils for hair care only adds a bit of oiliness. Therefore, when choosing hair care products, try to use refreshing textures, such as creams or lotions containing vitamin E, which are easy to absorb. Moreover, after cleansing the hair, apply the hair care products to the tips of the hair for a fresh and natural taste, which can add a good mood.
Master the correct “posture” for hair care

  Take an appropriate amount of hair care products and rub it in the palm of your hand: When
  dry hair, apply it evenly on the rough hair, massage and absorb it, you can also carry it with you, and apply it on the hair anytime, anywhere.
  When the hair is wet, you can use it before drying for fear that the hot air of the hair dryer will damage your hair; or when the hair is naturally dried to nine minutes dry, apply it evenly on the ends of the hair.
  It should be noted that all hair care products are applied on the ends of the hair, not on the scalp.
  There are also some tips that can help you make your hair as submissive and soft as possible. For example, you should be gentle with your hair, and you should be gentle in the process of washing and combing your hair, and reject violence. When washing your hair, use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp in circular motions. Try to avoid using combs that are prone to static electricity, you can choose wooden combs. If you can, try to let your hair dry naturally. Even if you want to use a hair dryer, it is best to choose a low temperature or cold wind and keep a certain distance from your hair, 20-30 cm.
  Reasonable use of conditioner is also very effective. The conditioner containing cationic surfactants can form a protective film on the surface of the hair, which can smooth out the surface defects or raised hair scales to a certain extent.
  In addition, stay away from some harmful factors, such as perm, hair dyeing, bleaching, etc., which can cause obvious damage to the hair. People with poor hair quality should try to avoid it.
  Beautiful hair does not happen overnight, good hair is carefully taken care of. Please take out the patience of skin care and treat your hair with care.