Real estate in San Francisco will also move

  The earthquake also gave me “impermanence” thinking, that is, nothing is reliable, nothing is constant, and nothing is eternal, even the earth under our feet.
  When I drove to San Francisco, there was a huge terrifying sound in the sky. The trees and street lights outside the window were swaying from side to side, shaking violently. After an emergency brake, I jumped out of the car and was suddenly “shocked down” by the sight in front of me: the road was so deep. The bottomed black trench was cut open. This trench was several hundred meters deep. A house was torn in half abruptly, facing away through the “deep trench”. Going further into the city, the entire San Francisco CBD has become a big chimney, the fire has reflected the sky, and people are screaming for their lives everywhere.
  Fortunately, this is not my personal experience in San Francisco, this is a scene from the movie “The Doomsday Collapsed”.
  Last night, my classmate Lao Meng and I chatted about San Francisco on WeChat. I asked: “I heard that Chinese like to fry houses in San Francisco?”
  My map commander said, “We Texas talents don’t buy houses there. , San Francisco is coming to a major earthquake, do you know?”
  I said in astonishment: “A major earthquake?”
  He said, “This is a secret that all Americans know! Have you seen “Doomsday Collapse”?”
  I said, “I have seen it. Ah, a terrible movie. The tsunami caused by two earthquakes of magnitude 9 on the Richter scale flooded San Francisco. What is exaggerated is that the water level has reached the top floor of the city’s tallest building. It seems that the United States is a tofu project.”
  Lao Meng said: “This movie was made with a background, because the entire San Francisco Bay Area is indeed built on several seismic fault zones, just like building a house on one. On the rocking chair.”
  He sent me a document. When I saw it, it was an introduction to the San Andreas Fault, a fault that traverses thousands of kilometers in California. Geologists described the area as “pregnant for October” and “it is far away.” Exceeding the due date”, the fault area will have a major earthquake every 150 years, but the area has not had a major earthquake for 300 years (the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 was due to other faults). In the next 30 years, there is a 70% probability that an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 and above will occur, and it is not ruled out that earthquakes of magnitude 8 and above will occur.
  Lao Meng said: “Now Californians are very sensitive to the turbulence of the earthquake. Recently, it is best not to buy a house. The earthquake comes, I know that real estate will move, and it will kill people!” In the
  evening, the seaside was blushing.
  The Golden Gate Bridge in the distance is bathed in the afterglow, and the sea is dark blue, just like the dream of the virus agent after the killing of the virus agent at the end of “The Matrix.”
  I drove the little “donkey” and drove the huge red cable-stayed iron bridge, like a group of ants lined up through the long red tongue of the anteater to enter its body, and then be digested in various parts.
  Because I didn’t take a good bath for several days, I spent a little extravagantly in the next few days and stayed in the palace hotel in the city center.
  This hotel is located on New Montgomery Avenue. It is an old-school hotel full of classicism. The elderly doormen are very elegant in their gestures, which makes me feel a little bit ashamed to tip less.
  Because there is a free breakfast, so at 9:30 the next morning, I sit in the hall drinking black tea and chewing muffins.
  I suddenly raised my head and saw the huge crystal lamp hanging at a height of seven or eight meters directly above my forehead, which made me feel shocked. I think if there is a big earthquake at this moment, the crystal lamp that is as huge as the desktop will sway down. According to the free fall formula v2=2gh, the speed at which the crystal lamp hits me is about 13 meters per second. The speed of about 46.8 kilometers per hour falls directly on top of my head. If there is nowhere to escape, I will definitely become a patties with a steamed bun. The morning tea cup will be a celadon fragment flower on the steamed bun.
  At 5:12 in the morning on April 18, 1906, the people in this hotel were still dreaming, and a magnitude 8.3 earthquake suddenly struck. The waves of the San Francisco Bay rolled violently, and the whole city also rolled and danced, forming waves of 2 to 3 meters high.
  The big earthquake looked like a dark beast walking underground, many places were reduced to rubble, and the city hall collapsed to the ground like a card. Then, the gas pipe burst, triggering a fire in the city, and San Francisco became an uncontrollable sea of ​​fire. The entire city was shrouded in a high temperature of 1500°C, the steel bars softened and the sandstone cracked. The flames were clearly visible from 80 kilometers away, and the smoke was soaring for several kilometers.
  The owner of the hotel I was in at the time was lucky to find that the building did not collapse in the 8.3 magnitude earthquake. He was delighted by the superb quality of the building, but within a few hours of being happy, the hotel was quickly devoured and burned by the ensuing fire. As a piece of ashes.
  The earthquake took away 2,500 lives in San Francisco and turned San Francisco into a black and scorched ruin, and those shiny railroad tracks turned into rotten, twisted and deformed iron. However, in just 6 years, most of the reconstruction of San Francisco has been completed, and a shiny, modern city has replaced the charred ruins.
  The Palace Hotel I currently live in was rebuilt on the original site after the disaster. It is presumed to have reopened 80 or 90 years ago. When the ribbon cutting was completed, the new Montgomery Avenue was crowded with beautiful clothes and beautiful cars. This is life: wildfires cannot be burned, spring breeze blows and regenerates.
  However, everyone seems to have amnesia, and the scars are especially easy to forget the pain. The interior designer of the hotel has not learned the lesson of the last time and has to hang such a large and heavy crystal chandelier seven or eight meters above the guests. , Is the San Andreas fault papery?
  I have personally experienced 3 major earthquakes.
  The magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Tangshan in 1976 was felt throughout the country. I remember that it was probably an evening in July. The weather was very hot. After dinner, my father and I sat naked on the wooden bed and fanned the fan. A light bulb was hung above the bed. My father suddenly kicked me and said “Don’t shake your feet!” I said aggrieved: “I didn’t shake!” At this moment, the two of us saw the light bulb above our heads violently shaking back and forth on the rope, like a huge firefly flying everywhere. At this moment, I heard my father say: “It’s not good! It’s an earthquake! The house is going to fall!!” He got up and took my hand out of the bed. When I got to the ground, I noticed that the ground was moving, and I couldn’t stand at all. For a moment, I was so scared that my feet became weak. Fortunately, my father was only in his forties and he was very strong. He pulled me hard. He jumped out the door like a dead dog. It was an aftershock with a magnitude of 5.0. The house did not collapse. We stayed outside until midnight and finally couldn’t sleep well, so we went back to sleep.
  There was a magnitude 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. I clearly remember that May 12 was a working day. In the afternoon, I pretended to see a client. In fact, I skipped work and went to see the newly released movie with a friend. It was a movie theater on Nanjing West Road. . When we walked out of the building after watching the movie, I was surprised to find that Nanjing West Road, where the office buildings were crowded, was full of people, everyone in suits and shoes standing on the road whispering to each other, like a gathering. I was very curious at the time and asked a person who looked like an office girl, and she said, “Don’t you know? There was an earthquake just now and the office building shook a few times!” After returning, a colleague of mine told me that he was talking to The customer called and calmly told the customer on the other end of the phone: “I feel like an earthquake here!” The customer stopped there, and calmly told him: “Then hang up!”
  April 16, 2016 On the day when the cherry blossoms in Osaka were in full bloom, I caught up with the Kumamoto earthquake.
  It was also a ghost and goddess that day. I actually lived in the 288-meter tallest building in Japan, the Marriott Hotel in “Abeno” at Tennoji. My room was on the 52nd floor. This building is a 360° glass curtain. High, it feels like standing in midair in Osaka. In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up from a sound sleep. In the first few seconds, only one thought flashed through my mind like thunder and lightning, an earthquake! The building was making a terrifying sound of “squeak–” “Yeah–“, and it was slowly shaking left and right, the bed was shaking, and the low Osaka city in the distance was swaying in the night. At that moment, I was very worried that the building would be like this. Fall down straight and kiss the ground. Fortunately, there are no hanging objects in Japanese hotels, and nothing will hit my bald head for a while. I called the hotel lobby with a panic, and the front desk calmly said, “Excuse me, please wait in the guest room because the elevator has automatically stopped running.” Wow! There is no way to run! The time is only one or two minutes, but it seems that a long time has passed. I turned on the TV and the NHK TV station reported that there was a major earthquake in Kyushu. Kansai felt it.
  Later, I heard that a Japanese man was passing by the Toyotomi Hideyoshi statue in Osaka, and suddenly saw Toyotomi Hideyoshi beckoning to him. He was almost scared to death and ran away until he stopped to realize that there was an earthquake.
  This morning, I wanted to take a break and drank tea under the terrible big chandelier. I was dazed for a while, thinking about it. When holding the cup, I thought that a person is actually a container. Even the slightest vibration or the smallest bump may break him.
  The earthquake also gave me “impermanence” thinking, that is, nothing is reliable, nothing is constant, and nothing is eternal, even the earth under our feet.