Put the palms together

When I was still a primary school student, the teacher wrote a sentence on the blackboard one day, saying, let’s read it together: spring rain is as expensive as oil. We just read: spring-rain-expensive-like-oil.

After class, Mr. hold on erased the teacher’s beautiful blackboard writing, but my question was not solved yet. At that time, the southern spring rain trapped us in the corridor of inside. The playground was large and small puddles. At night, they turned silvery white. The land could no longer absorb so much water. Fog sprayed into the air. The clothes were wet and pattered, and tasted like cockroaches crawling on spoiled leftovers. If you walk, you will float. How can such spring rain be as expensive as oil?

The teacher didn’t say. I don’t think he understands either. According to the sacred textbook, what can we do? It was a long time before I knew it was an article on the climate in the northern region. How much to add a note, this is not bully us people in ancient southern china.

The world has also changed quite quickly. This year, there was a sudden drought in southwest China and there was no water in China: Beyond the Clouds.

I read a news report about a little girl looking for water in follow shot. She got up at four or five o’clock, took a plastic jug and wandered around. She went to school when class time came. She said to the camera, sometimes when she saw a pool of water, she scooped it up with leaves to drink … alas … a little is a little.

The National Geographic magazine published a special issue on the water crisis in April. In Konso district of kenya, housewives’ main job is to fetch water every day. one trip takes one or two hours and carries back about 50 kg of water three or four times a day. Their husbands gathered in the shade of the trees to chat (of course, if their mouths are dry, they should drink some water back from their backs). They don’t think it’s unfair because it’s natural, and no one tells them it’s unfair because they don’t have the chance to read books and need a lot of work to get water. Girls don’t waste time in school, let alone the concept of equality. Many of them don’t even know their exact age.

In developing countries, the average woman has to walk 6 kilometers to get water. How useful is this water if it weighs more than 50 kilos at a time? Grind a handful of coffee beans, just enough for a cup, grow these beans, need so much water. I don’t mean that you can’t drink coffee-in this case, the coffee industry will collapse-just want to say that there are many miserable life styles that you may not know at all.

People who are accustomed to drinking coffee now have water to drink when the water crisis is more serious. But the girl who ladled water with leaves to drink water is hard to say. Because she was trapped in class and fell asleep, even just like little Konso girl, she simply gave up the luxury of going to school. then in the crisis, she would become more and more marginal and finally decided that her misfortune was only a human necessity.

He is What? Water drops outside the glass cannot wet you. Is a bottle of inside wine, you can’t drink; Is you in the mirror, similar but opposite in direction; They are twin brothers with different fates. The weak are only protecting themselves. If they do not die a bit cruelly and cannot form news, then this person and this group of people exist, all with one zero or a pile of zeros. Therefore, people who have the right to choose, even if they only choose the way of life, may also have weak thinking in the water crisis and the global environmental crisis.

Strong is one, weak is zero. Together, it is ten.