Powerful place

  Here, everyone is light-handed, even the sound of turning over the book is soft. Although the taste of instant noodles is floating in the air, this taste is completely compatible with the environment.
  This is the library. Quiet, even idle, but I always faintly feel that this place is full of power.
  An old man, she is really very old, it seems that a gust of wind can knock her down, her face is covered with age spots, and she is always silent. She had a yellowed schoolbag next to her, and when she opened the magazine, she needed the help of a magnifying glass to read it. She can also take notes, recording very slowly. She always brought bread and water, and when she was tired, she stopped, walked to a corner, took a sip of water, and gnawed a few bites of bread.
  No one will pay attention to her. For some reason, I think this old man is very powerful.
  A girl, she fell asleep on the table, a book has fallen to the ground, it is a book of “Advanced Mathematics”. There was a mobile phone on the table with a cartoon shell. The phone vibrated on the table. There must be a call, but she still did not wake her. She slept too soundly.
  The opposite is also a girl, probably a classmate. She pursed her mouth and wanted to laugh, but still held back. She just picked up her mobile phone and kept pressing it, probably wanting to mute the phone.
  No one comes and goes here. Every time I walk in, the number of people is just right, the seats are just right, and the atmosphere is always the same. When you sit down, you don’t dare to speak loudly, and you don’t have to think about it.
  I like the library in this city.
  I looked up at the children here and thought of what I saw in a rice planting base last spring. All the seeds were germinating desperately in the breeding room. The breeder said that some water needs to be sprinkled every few hours because the seeds are very thirsty and they desperately need to grow.
  This is a powerful place. It’s like a delivery bed or an operating bed, where people can get a new life.