Plus and minus

One plus one minus is everyone’s life history.

In a person’s life, from the moment of falling to the ground to the moment when it turns into a puff of smoke, no matter in terms of physical, psychological, or living habits, in terms of thinking methods, everyone is constantly changing. Changes are taking place. From childhood at the age of 10, to youth at the age of 20, to the prime of life at the age of 30, to middle-aged at the age of forty and knowing the destiny of fifty, the changes that have taken place in general are It is “additive”. And from the early aging period of 60 years old, to the middle-aged period of 70 years old, to the late aging period of 80 years old, to the end-aging period of 90 to 100 years old, the changes that have occurred are the “subtraction style”. Until death. One plus one minus is everyone’s life history.

When I think about it, when people come to the world with empty hands, they cry and shout, they open their mouths to eat, and they try to grasp something. to strong. From enlightenment reading to learning, from not being deeply involved in the WTO to grasping the overall situation, from starting from scratch to making great plans and creating a career, from one person to two people, from two people to two people, from two people to a happy family of three people , all belong to the category of addition. Since then, I have been in high spirits, stumbled and crawled, swaying my life, I have had happiness, pain, laughter, and tears, and I have always added it, no matter the spirit or the material. All climbed as high as they could. Although addition is not necessarily without its negative side, but in any case, it is a growing pain.

After the peak period of life, even the red leaves with heavy frost and thick color began to wither, falling with the wind, and before you knew it, old age was coming. Since then, the subtraction has been continuously started. The food is less sweet, the play is less refreshing, the physical strength is less abundant, and the emotions are less publicized. Immediately afterwards, hobbies are weakening, desires are disappearing, tastes are diminishing, and moods are drying up. Afterwards, the legs and feet did not obey, the radius of activity narrowed, the mind gradually failed, and the past faded away, even if it was the most gentle subtraction, it was very sad. The beauty, perfection, warmth and sweetness that I once had, and the helplessness, melancholy, restraint and sadness that I once could not get rid of, are all drifting away and leaving you one by one. When it comes, everyone is still reduced to empty-handed, and then, silently leaves this world.

Having said that, in this situation of losing bit by bit, reluctant, and unwilling to “flowing water and flowers and springs go away”, you can’t get rid of these embarrassing things when you are still alive, and it will inevitably cause a lot of awkwardness. The old man who can think about it is just trying hard not to think about it, but it does not mean that the embarrassment has disappeared. Those old people who can’t think about it, for them, this kind of old age, this kind of awkwardness that is gradually not understood, this kind of awkwardness that gets more and more annoying and can’t be relieved, it is not the last rose of summer, Can bring romance, bring mood. If it cannot be resolved or adapted, it will become a cup of bitter wine that is hard to swallow, corrode the body, poison the soul, and make oneself unhappy. Therefore, the quality of the old, the taste of the old, so that every day can be a good old, it is really a knowledge.

The age of Hualing, Sangyu Wanjing, first, to understand the addition and subtraction of life, no one can avoid it, no one can be an exception. Second, we must understand that there is always an inevitable, metabolism, natural law for the growth of all things. Therefore, a person is never old, or he does not want to be old, or he does not admit that he is old, or he always pretends to be young, young and vigorous, which is an abnormal phenomenon.

When you are old, you have to admit that you are old, and you have to be convinced of it. Those vigor and brilliance that have become history no longer belong to today. As someone who has come from the past, is it not a realm of happiness and joy to see the younger generation work hard and create a newer and more beautiful world?

For centuries, we’ve tried to grow the highest-yielding crops possible that can withstand arid, poor soils and resist parasites. In the end it worked and we grew the best variety and spread it all over the world.

Then disaster strikes, when a new, unknown parasite grows wildly in the variety’s crops, destroying entire crops. Previously, not the same variety of wheat was grown everywhere, so only part of the entire crop would be destroyed.

So the cultivators made an important discovery: No breed, not even the best, is so good that we can live on it alone.

We have to keep other varieties on hand. These varieties may have slightly lower yields, but are resistant to unknown parasites.

We are all different from each other, which can sometimes be a hindrance in our daily lives, but those who disagree should not only be tolerated, but valued. It is likely that one day they will save us from bad things too.