Pick up the innocence, get back the magic wand

  This should be an expected sharing. Just a few days ago, I made a “child”.
  It was a good weather, just like when I was a child, I was always looking forward to an autumn trip. The sky was clear and clear, and white clouds floated carefree on it, changing shapes from time to time. I didn’t get up too early. I drove for more than half an hour and came to a newly opened theme park in Beijing leisurely. Although I have checked in such amusement parks in other places, Beijing’s is different after all. In fact, compared to the expectation of not checking in for a long time, it is more pleasant: the time and the weather are just right, and there happens to be a place to relax.
  The area of ​​the park is very large, and I secretly estimated in my mind the number of miles and steps that will be taken today. The selection of the first place to check in, of course, requires a lot of thought. We picked it for a while, and finally decided to start with the simple and relaxed minions. The reason why it is easy is because compared with the “Decepticons” in the back, the roller coaster here can only be regarded as an “appetizer”. Even at the top sprint point, there is still no wave in my heart. In contrast, the “Decepticon” is very exciting, with a longer orbit and a faster speed-from a standstill to a speed of 104 kilometers per hour in only 4.5 seconds, and a rotating handstand. What’s more exciting is that we didn’t record the video for the first time, and finally we did it twice.
  In addition, the rest of the theme parks are based on live viewing and experience. Harry Potter’s fantasy journey, the “intimate” contact with the Velociraptor, the cruise in the Kung Fu Panda Pavilion, and the lantern festival… In the end of the day, in addition to nearly 20,000 steps, I also gained satisfaction in my heart. . When I was a child, I yearned for amusement parks, for freshness and freedom; now, for me, amusement parks are more about relaxation, and the purpose is that simple. The difference is that this is the desire for inner happiness.
  Sometimes I also think that humans may be the most romantic existence in the universe. We are good at creating dreams, and we are passionate about realizing them. Our ancestors invented festivals and gave gifts meaning because they expected to create surprises in this way in a life of material scarcity. We are wise enough to build ships that can carry humans to other planets; we are rational enough to try to use various carriers to “rebirth” the creatures that are about to disappear. In the meantime, there is warmth and regret.
  Thinking about it carefully, we really need some places and time with a strong sense of ritual to make us look at life more solemnly. For example, turning the paradise into a fairy tale, composing the sky into poetry, such as creating movies and music. It is true that the real world is not a fairy tale and no magic, but you can pick up your childlike innocence at a specific time and place and get the magic wand back.