“Personal Design” for Ai Li

  I went to a restaurant for dinner with a few friends, and met Sister Ping’s family by chance, and Sister Ping’s son’s girlfriend was also there. The girl was very polite. Seeing us greet sister Ping, she hurriedly stood up and smiled and said hello, her mouth was sweet, and she was polite for several weeks, giving people a feeling of spring breeze.
  After bidding farewell to Sister Ping, a friend said that the girl did not look outstanding compared to Sister Ping’s son’s former girlfriend.
  Yanzi and Sister Ping are neighbors. She heard that Sister Ping said that a girl is not as good as her son and grew up in a single-parent family. I also joined the discussion: “Then she must be attractive, such as personality, character, emotional intelligence…”
  Before I finished speaking, Yanzi took the stubbornly and said: “The girl is very well-behaved and never annoys Sister Ping, and Sister Ping acts like a mother and daughter, and is now a prospective daughter-in-law.”
  Another friend said that the relationship between the two people is good or not. It takes time to verify it. Sister Ping is from a well-off family, her son is handsome, and his job is good. High-quality boys, of course, are worth the girl’s thoughts. My friend’s point of view is that the two have never experienced poverty, disease, or other life troughs. All sensible, obedient, and filial must be questioned. Everything that Sister Ping’s daughter-in-law is doing now may be “pretended”.
  Come to think of it, why not “pretend”? Both men and women in love will be happy with themselves, “pack” themselves by appearance, make themselves more fashionable and beautiful, and attract each other. Then you can also “package” your behavior: speak decently, let your words and deeds be likable, release the truth, goodness and beauty, and warm the people around you.
  I have a classmate who divorced due to illness when he was young, and later met her current husband, and he didn’t think she was in bad health. The classmate was grateful, very gentle and considerate to her husband, and filial to her in-laws. She said: “I am in poor health and cannot do heavy work. I need my husband to support my family. I have to treat him sincerely and treat his family well, so that I may be worthy of his contribution and let him treat me well for a long time.”
  More than ten years have passed, and now the classmate’s husband is successful in his career, but his feelings for his classmates remain the same. Classmates would occasionally complain to me that her husband has a short temper and picky parents-in-law, because of her original temperament, she has long been making trouble. But she knew that when her husband saw her, she was in love with her kindness and gentleness. Although these are the “personality” when they are in love, she did not lose this “advantage” even after getting married.
  Said it is “personal design”, in fact, it is for the lover to become a better self. The most stupid thing in marriage is to personally destroy the “personal settings” established before marriage after gaining the goodwill and trust of the other party, and turning the heart-warming promises of love into a kind of sweet words that are difficult to implement. This kind of marriage Surely let the other party shout deceived, which will lead to contradictions, and quarrels are inevitable.