Opportunity may just be a turn

  In the Shabia jungle of South Africa, there are still some fairly primitive Sibro people living today. They hardly work, so some people call them “for nothing” people. In fact, this is not disrespect to them, but a kind of praise and admiration for their extraordinary wisdom.
  It is said that a long time ago, in addition to the Sibro people, there were two other tribes living in the Shabiya Jungle. There are groups of wild beasts, and people are greatly threatened and harmed by these wild beasts.
  In one of the tribes, every time a beast strikes, all the people flee desperately, but how can they escape the swift beasts such as jackals? However, they chose to run for their lives, because most of them believed that as long as they could run higher, they would at least be able to escape the catastrophe. This way, at the cost of sacrificing the slow-running tribesman, in exchange for a moment of peace of mind, the tribesmen eventually disappeared from the Shabia jungle.
  There is another tribe who seems to be more confused. In the face of the invasion of wild animals, they tend to hide in the bushes. Although they can escape by chance, many people hide for a while, but they can’t escape for a lifetime. Over time, the people of this tribe also served as the belly of the beasts.
  The Sibro people were initially the same as the people of these two tribes, but slowly, they all learned some lessons from them and sought an effective way to deal with wild beasts. It turned out that there was a wetland in the jungle. They made the edge of the wetland steep, and then restored the original state of the mud on the surface. When they fled, they ran towards the wetland. When they reach the edge of the wetland, they will suddenly turn a corner. The wild beasts, because of their own great inertia, often make them rush into the mud all at once. Of course, only death and decay are waiting for them.
  Later, the Sibro people thought that instead of letting these beasts rot in the mud, it was better to get them out as food when they were fresh. How can you get close to them? Someone thought of tying up the branches and putting them on the mud…
  Later, the Xibro people simply spread a thick layer of mortar not far from the settlement, so that the area of ​​the mortar reached about one acre, and then put it on top. Get a chicken or a rabbit.
  As long as those animals that love to eat meat, as long as they come to the jungle, they will not be attracted by rabbits or chickens and walk into the quagmire step by step. They will struggle at first, but the more they struggle, the deeper they sink. Animals that fall into the passive will attract even bigger carnivores. After a few days, the mud will be dotted with prey.
  At this time, the Xibro people brought up pieces of wooden boards, spread them on the clay, and took the prey one by one. In this way, the Sibro people have completed the role conversion from being the prey to be chased and turning the opponent into the prey. They also gained the right to survive in the jungles of Shabia.
  When danger comes, if you always passively run for your life, hide, or use your partner as your competitor, your faintness, stubbornness, selfishness, and cruelty will put you in a situation where you cannot be recovered. Only those who can judge the situation and find opportunities in the crisis will be the masters of the current situation.
  In fact, although the opportunity may be unfathomable, it may only be obtained with a few branches that are readily available.