Once upon a time there was a monkey

  When Wu Jiu was not yet a wuju, he opened a martial arts field in his village and taught a group of disciples, of which my great-grandfather was one. My great-grandfather studied Taizu Long Fist with him, and never had any illnesses or disasters in his life. When he was more than 90 years old, he still got up every morning and went to the park for morning exercises, and could do dozens of pull-ups with one finger, and also played a lot of tricks, which attracted a bunch of old ladies. My grandfather said, this is nothing, not even a tenth of the master can catch up.
  My grandfather told me the story of his master and the monkey.
  The main thing is the monkey.
  After he passed the exam, he found a job in the government office, a position equivalent to the chief of a township police station, and his job was to collect protection money at the market every day, charging one to ten coins per stall, depending on his mood. On this day at the Shijiatong Fair, Wu Jiu saw a lot of people gathered in an open space, and from time to time there were shouts of approval. He squeezed in and saw that there was a monkey show going on. A tall, thin, waxy-faced man with a whip in his hand was driving a monkey. The monkey is half a man high, hair shining gold, features and people are no different, especially a pair of eyes, transparent as onyx. Monkey juggler whip in the air a pocket, snap, play whistle, the monkey heard the command, a backflip and then a front flip, feet do not touch the ground, the audience a roar of approval.
  Wu Jiu shouted, stop stop stop, squeeze to the middle of the field, a grab the whip, said, where did it come from? Did you pay the venue fee?
  The monkey juggler was stunned and tried to pull back the whip with force in his hand, but the rope was taut and did not move in Wu Jiu’s hand. The monkey juggler said, “Sir, I’m new here and I don’t know the rules, I’m not open yet, or you wait a moment, I opened the sheet as much as I can.
  Wu Jiu said, no time to wait for you, now pay, ten coins.
  Speaking, the monkey suddenly jumped up, erected two front paws to pounce on Wuju, Wuju a wave of fist, the monkey squeaked and rolled far away, Wuju chased up, lifting his leg to kick the monkey. The monkey escaped with a whip whistling in mid-air, and the whip wrapped around Wuju’s ankle.
  But Wu Ju did not rest, will be angry to the monkey juggler, the two people started to fight. The monkey juggler made a set of monkey fist, fighting Wuju’s long fist, through the arm fist, Luohan fist, beat the sky and the moon. I asked my grandfather if there was a Dragon Slamming and other martial arts, my grandfather a brain avalanche in my head, immediately an egg-sized bag, a full month of pain.
  After an hour of fighting, the monkey juggler finally stamina, was secretly kicked to the ground by Wu Jiu, Wu Jiu stepped on the monkey juggler’s face and asked, serve or not? The monkey juggler had backbone and said, “No. Wu Jiu intensified his efforts, convinced or not? No! Harder, concede or not? No response. The monkey juggler’s eyes rolled down from their sockets and he died.
  A month later, Wu Jiu was teaching his disciples martial arts at home. One of the midget, an orphan, grew up following Wu Jiu, grew to 13 or 14 years old, the figure is fixed, Wu Jiu had to customize a set of ground trip boxing method for him. My grandfather said, this dwarf disciple is very hardworking, just want to be able to get ahead with the master – his parents were forced to die by the landlord debt collection. At this time a figure flashed on the wall, the crowd stopped, only to see a monkey standing under the wall. Monkey finger Wuju, grimacing, squeaking. Wu Jiu laughed and said, “This monkey has a heart and a sense of justice, it is to seek revenge. The dwarf brother stopped in the middle of Wuju and the monkey, said, master, just a monkey, let me to meet it. Wu Jiu said, “There is a head of injustice, he is coming to me. He set aside the midget and showed his stance. The monkey put his paws together and made a fist. The crowd was all laughing, said, still know the etiquette. Before the laughter stopped, the monkey’s body swayed, to the front of Wuju, arms flying, a set of serious monkey fist. Wu Jiu with a set of Taizu long fist to resist, after 20 moves, Wu Jiu a move “Kui Xing kick bucket”, kicked in the monkey’s chin, the monkey rolled over and fell to the ground, half a day to cover the chin to get up. My grandfather made a gesture, several brothers were about to go forward to capture the monkey, Wuju a hand, said, wait, let it go. The monkey looked at Wu Jiu twice and staggered out the door.
  The second month, the monkey came again, this time Wuju made a set of through-arm fist, the monkey used the long fist of Taizu, fought 50 or 60 moves, Wuju made a “white ape hanging tree”, hit the back of the monkey’s head, the monkey even turned two heels, jumped up the wall to escape.
  The third month, the monkey came again, this time Wuju changed the Luohan fist, the monkey used Wuju last time to make the through arm fist. This time the monkey persisted for a hundred strokes, but finally lost.
  The monkey came to Wu Jiu for the sixth time, Wu Jiu first disciples gathered in front of the body, explain some, and finally instructed, in the future, do not seek revenge for themselves, this monkey martial arts, no one is its opponent. My great grandfather was not convinced, said, master, how you long monkey’s sharpness, extinguish their own prestige, it is powerful, but also a monkey.
  The monkey proved to be no ordinary monkey, this time, what Wu Jiu moves, the monkey will follow the gourd to draw a diagram, but each time can be the first to come, forcing Wu Jiu to change moves. The disciples were cheering for their master, but only the dwarf held his arms tightly and did not say a word.
  After 300 rounds of fighting, the monkey kicked Wu Jiu in the heart with a move of the dragon’s tail, and blood gushed out from his mouth and nose, and he fell to the ground. The monkey let out a long whistle, flew up the wall, arms propped up on his knees, sweeping the disciples, gaze awe-inspiring. My grandfather said that at that moment, he seemed to be cast a body art, can not move, can not open the mouth, afterwards asked the brothers, all with him is the general feeling, only the dwarf brother silent.
  After taking care of the aftermath of Wu Jiu, all the disciples went their own way, only the dwarf guarded the spirit of Wu Jiu, and practiced diligently every day to trip the fist. Six months later he went out and returned with a scarred face. And half a year practice Luohan boxing, again do not know where to go, soon limping back, and began to practice through-arm boxing. So back and forth, time passed, three years passed, this time the midget left and never came back.
  Killed by a monkey? I asked my grandfather.
  He did not answer me, but continued to tell the story.
  After the turn of the year, the city’s large families suddenly a series of theft, there are witnesses said that the theft is a half-human tall monkey, the government can not take a long time, but also broke a lot of soldiers. Some people said that the monkey must be the one that killed Wu Jiu before, the monkey all the skills are stolen from Wu Jiu, why not gather the disciples of Wu Jiu, to deal with the monkey.
  My grandfather and brothers reunited, laid a net, the monkey blocked in the home of Wang Zaizi, a tussle, brothers and teachers have died and injured, and finally by my grandfather held a long gun, stabbed the monkey a through and through.
  I clapped my hands and shouted, too grandfather mighty ah.
  Too grandfather mouth twitching, said, if the world has regret medicine, beat me to death will not stab down that gun.
  I do not know why, too grandpa said quietly, we were lifting the monkey’s body, found it in front of the chest there are traces of silk stitching, we opened the silk thread, there is a naked body lying inside, turned over, revealing the midget brother a smiling face.
  When he was alive, he had a face all day long, but when he died, he was smiling! Said, too grandfather spit hard, spittle like nails, did not enter the soil.