Oblique wind and drizzle do not need to return

  The school stipulates that academic master students must publish a dissertation in a Chinese core journal in order to graduate. I have been rejected three times so far.
  Especially recently, in the review comments returned by the editorial department, the expert specially bolded the words “recommend rejection”, which made me laugh at myself that the perseverance of repeated defeats and battles directly hit the south wall, or the face was uneven, The extremely rough brick wall, for a while, dared not speak bravely.
  Every age group has its own sutras that are difficult to read, but at different stages of life, the upper limit of a person’s ability to withstand stress is also different. Ten years ago, a sentence of criticism from an elder would be remembered for a long time in my heart; ten years later, I might be fired by the company and I would be able to leave the stage with a smile. But now, my disappointment and doubts about myself are like the tree canopy in April, rustling from time to time, leaking dazzling light spots, making me squint my eyes uncontrollably.
  Also suspicious is my mentor: “Our teacher has been rejected at most once in the past. As long as it is revised according to the rework comments, it will be accepted once again, and it has not exceeded twice. You will ruin my reputation. Yes .”
  Thinking back to those days, sitting from 9 to 11 for a long time for several months, the knee was abruptly injured by sitting, and every time I squatted, I had severe pain, which has not healed yet. It also caused me to fall into a deeper level of confusion. I even paid the price of my health. If I still don’t get the desired results, is it because the fate script I drew before birth was too stinky, or I stumbled after birth. On the wrong path?
  In recent years, people have often asked me why I didn’t study liberal arts. In fact, the threshold for literature is half a head higher than mine. In the past two years, I applied for the Provincial Writers Association, but I was rejected one after another. I called to ask, and I was told that at least I had to publish an essay in a journal like “Yuhua” before it could pass. It seems that even if I add a run-up, I can’t cross this threshold.
  Therefore, I am ordinary, and it seems that both literature and science are blooming, but it is “if the literature cannot be accomplished, the rationale cannot be achieved.” This is not a fact that I am ashamed to admit, but I regret that I have not found what I am best at, and I have not lived the most wonderful life in my imagination. And for the foreseeable time, it will be difficult for me to discover and follow the path that fate has made for me. Where is it? Nobody knows.
  During that time, as Lin Yilian sang in “Loneliness and Crowded”: “I shed tears in laughter, dizzy in my breathing, lonely in the lively, and tired in the crowd.” Later, I fell in love with Wei Wei Wei. Don’t take an umbrella on rainy days and walk slowly. Some things remain dry all the time, some things become wet very quickly, both dry and wet make people feel comfortable, and most importantly, after a long journey, people will release all the stagnation in the extra fresh wind, let the body It became transparent, hollow, and empty, until the deepest part of the soul was blown away by the wind, leaving only hazy drizzle.
  But still graduating.
  There are many reasons for standing up from failure. I also thought about how to use the plot in the article to connect and sway. To see a grass standing up tenaciously after the rain is too vulgar; to see a lifetime of fatigue His father went to work on the street before he recovered from her colic, which is too sensational; it is too hypocritical to write about his unyielding character and a word of encouragement from strangers.
  The days are still going on, that’s all. After all the twists and turns, unless you jump out of the script of life, you still have to keep going, it’s the only way to go.
  I think, text is a tool for self-analysis, why do you force a luminous hat on fragility and decadence? People living in the Internet age can drink “chicken soup” anytime, anywhere. The raw materials are abundant, the aroma is rich, the temperature is ironed, the seasoning is rich, and the cooking skills are better than each other, but this does not prevent them from drinking in the dead of night. Falling into a blue mood when bathing alone.
  All they need is a misty rainy day to go out for a walk. No matter how wet the clothes are, or the face is not cold, it is both light dust and new willow color. Take a deep breath and indulge in the boundless freshness that blends with the moist fragrance of the earth. Here you can stay as long as you want, until you have enough peace to face the pouring rain and the harsh, scorching sun, and the soil holds all your sorrows without getting your shoes wet.
  Smooth sailing is the glory of others, and scarred is the youth of oneself. After recognizing the truth, there are Qingluo Li and Green Minoyi.
  I submitted the paper again. The flying fish fell back into the sea again, before the next takeoff.