Not everything can be “worked for”

  I was invited to be a guest at an old friend’s house, and after chatting for a while, I realized that the busy figure in the kitchen was a stranger she didn’t know. Seeing Nahan, she said frankly: “Cooking is too much time for you and me to talk, so I might as well spend money to ask someone to help.” The so-called help is that she placed an order at a domestic agency in the city through her mobile phone and “bought”. Home cooking service. In addition to door-to-door cooking, the housekeeping agency also offers various hourly services such as storage and arrangement, door-to-door hairdressing and makeup, and dog walking. Today, these services are all bought by an old friend. In her words, she occasionally slacks off to free up time for more important things.
  Although I have heard about agency services, I seldom try them. Today is an eye-opener. Later, I found that the proxy economy was everywhere around me. For example, a classmate who prepares for the exam at home alone arranges his basic necessities in an orderly manner even if his ten fingers are not exposed to the sun; the distant relatives who live a prosperous life are “errand runners” who shuttle between the streets and alleys; a few days ago, they came to your house for tea My acquaintance is a part-time storage worker. Why do things that can be solved by moving your fingers and spending a little money? So, they hire people to do it for them or to do it for others.
  As the saying goes: “Lazy people are good at fake things.” Today’s laziness is not a hobby of leisure and work, but a product of the accelerated pace of life and work and the refinement of social division of labor. Everyone is willing to spend money in exchange for efficient integration of time. “Spending time on more important things” has become a common consensus at present, so agent driving, agent handling, agent buying, agent pick-up and so on have emerged in response to the situation.
  But is it really better to have more “subscription” services?
  Coincidentally, a few days ago, I returned to my alma mater to help promote cultural activities. I went to the campus cafeteria to eat, and found that there were very few diners in the cafeteria that should be lively. I inquired and found out that students have long been accustomed to ordering food online and do not want to spend time queuing in the cafeteria. Looking at the campus, there are fast food, milk tea, a pen, a pack of tissues, a bag of dirty clothes and hats that the boarding students take home for washing… There are many kinds of errand services. Talking about the pros and cons, the teacher sighed. Campus food delivery agency can indeed save students time and improve learning efficiency, especially in the advanced class, agency service can solve the problem of forgetting to eat and sleep for students. On such a large campus, there is a long distance between the school gate, classrooms, dormitories, and restaurants. If students travel back and forth, it will indeed affect their studies to some extent. It is not a bad idea to hire someone to “do it for you”. But now, the popular and convenient “agent” service has encouraged some students to be lazy. Some students are used to living a comfortable life, but when it is time to exercise their hands-on ability, they choose to do it. ? I can work hard to make money, and let people do it for me.” ”
  So, the publicity we want to do now is to objectively examine the agency, start from the level of students’ ideological understanding, and give correct guidance so that students can understand the advantages and disadvantages of agency and know the benefits of agency. When to ask someone to do it for you, and when to do it yourself.” The teacher said to me.
  Why do some students say that they don’t want to take an hour to take the bus home to deliver dirty clothes that can be delivered home in half an hour. Doesn’t he know that his parents will miss him? Why do some white-collar workers say that the food that can be served in front of them with the touch of a finger, why go all the way to the street corner to taste it in person? Maybe, she no longer cares about the weather outside, or the Bougainvillea downstairs blooming for another season. Why do children tell their parents that it is enough to ask part-time workers to help on weekends, why should the family be so busy that they have no time to breathe? Obviously, they won’t understand that parents just want an excuse to spend the weekend together.
  If you are too lazy to climb stairs, you will have an elevator; if you are too lazy to walk, you will have various means of transportation; A new concept, because we want to have a higher quality of life and more freedom for ourselves and our loved ones.
  But friends, how can you do everything for you? If you are just too lazy to use your hands, hands, or brains, and choose to hand over the responsibilities that should be assumed to others to “do it for you”, don’t forget that “doing everything yourself” is also a supreme quality.