No need to seek the same

  The same, it’s lively. Different, which means that it is not lively enough.
  Who doesn’t hide a little hobby and bring it a little better? One day, I suddenly realized that you and I have the same hobbies. At this time, it’s not too much to talk. You have a word and I have never been so speculative, lively and chatting endlessly. The so-called hitting it off is to discover that there is something alike between each other.
  Therefore, the first encounter of deja vu is the hottest.
  On the contrary, I love a kind of food, but you are particularly resistant. At this time, if you don’t digress, I am afraid that there will be not many words left. Gradually, you are silent and cold. Two people’s love and hatred are different, even if they are not separated by a mountain, they are like a yarn, and there is no way to face each other sincerely.
  Therefore, the strangers after Mo Ni are the coldest.
  In this way, people who like liveliness will naturally seek common ground, and it is best to have common ground. People who are not afraid of loneliness can save differences, and it doesn’t matter whether they are different.
  ”The wise seek common ground, the fool seeks difference”, the old saying is that a wise person is good at seeing the laws and order of everything, so that he can live a healthy life. But ignorant people are often troubled by the difference in appearance of everything, and they still don’t understand enough to live. Here, seeking common ground while reserving differences is actually quite different from what I said in ordinary days.
  He is the same as the others. He is really a delightful person and the most popular. When others beat the gong, he would beat the drums, and others would praise him, and he would also praise him. You must know how hard it is to find this “heart and soul”. No one is born to like loneliness. What you see is a little bit the same, but you are already cherishing each other.
  However, there has never been such a person. People who are similar to others are pleasing enough. But this is still difficult.
  It takes courage to make different sounds, especially angular sounds. The more rounded, the more forgiving; on the contrary, the sharper, the harder it is to reach a consensus.
  Different attitudes, the more non-mainstream, the easier it is to fall into mainstream rhetoric. Is this condemning a fault? No, it’s just a condemnation of being different.
  At the same time, it is similar to a kind of teammate relationship, where everyone is prosperous, and everything is wrong. It is our own growth. They are different, but they seem to be in a state of hostility. Regardless of whether the opponent is black or white, he does not stand in the same trench with himself anyway.
  Therefore, the wise seek common ground while reserving differences: the same leads to a blind date, and the different leads to respect. Same way, walk with him; stranger, wish him good luck.
  But life often has its own homework and its own management. It is really unnecessary to have an opinion on the world, an opinion on news, an evaluation of others, and a standard for beauty. Your unique opinion does not need to be hoping for applause, and your aesthetics does not need to be praised by everyone. It is better to seek common ground while reserving differences.
  Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu have an appointment first: each disagrees, there is no need to seek common ground. Such a marriage contract, passed on by word of mouth, is not just a good marriage that is astounding, humble and tolerant, but also two interesting souls who do not seek excitement and can hold onto their loneliness.