Nietzsche’s wings

  ”After opening this book, something terrible happened. A pair of wings grew on my back. And now, I don’t want to go back to the ground again!” Nietzsche on the tree was immersed for half a month. In Schopenhauer’s book, it is enchanted.
  He strongly experienced the power of will, and he gradually became accustomed to using willpower to control the pair of wings. Thankfully, my hands are finally freed, so I can focus on holding the book without having to take care of the rest. He felt that he was called by some kind of ghost, and he could not stop reading this book, for fear that his wings would disappear from then on. He had experienced flying countless times in his dreams. The pleasure of slowly rising and falling in the dream made him feel happy. Unfortunately, after waking up from the dream, everything seemed so vague and frustrating.
  ”Dreams and books constitute their own world!” Nietzsche suddenly remembered a sentence. Yes, he is obsessed with the world of dreams and the world of books. The boundary between the two worlds is so clear. If you want to enter the world of dreams, you have to leave the world of books; if you want to enter the world of books, you have to reject the temptation from dreams and people in dreams. And now, the appearance of this pair of wings forcefully breaks this boundary! Look, he appeared in the realm of reality, dream and book at the same time!
  ”Books are a fulfilling world, pure and sophisticated.” Nietzsche thanked the books from the bottom of his heart for all this. Now, as the poet said, he is free like a bird and can live anywhere. He was about to flap the wings violently, a gust of wind blew over the heads of busy beings, causing a burst of exclamation, forcing people to look up and shout in unison: “Look! This man!”