NBA sun rises “God of War”

On the 20th local time, the NBA Eagles defeated the 76ers 103:96 on the road and eliminated their opponents 4:3. They will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the first NBA Western Conference finals that day, the Suns defeated the Clippers 120:114 at home, and single-core guard Devin Booker (pictured) became the out-and-out “God of War” of the Suns—— He made 15 of 29 shots in 44 minutes and scored 40 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists.

This is Booker’s first triple-double in his playoff career, the third player in NBA history to get a 40+ (points) triple-double in the conference finals, and the sixth player in history to travel to the first year of the playoffs. Can score 40+ players… At the age of 24, in the 6th season of the NBA, Booker, under the background that he and the Suns are generally not optimistic, but made a blockbuster in the playoffs “debut”.

During the regular season of this season, Booker teamed up with his big brother Chris Paul to bring the team that did not make the playoffs the previous year to the second highest level in the Western Conference. In the first two rounds of the playoffs, when Paul was absolutely in charge of fighting with an injury, Booker assumed a greater burden on the offensive end, leading the Suns to an upset in the first round to knock out the defending champion Lakers, and then the Western Conference semifinals with 4 :0 Swept the Nuggets. Since the playoffs, Booker has averaged 29 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game, showing a comprehensive and efficient performance. In the first game of the Western Conference Finals, Paul failed to play due to the implementation of the league’s epidemic prevention regulations, and Booker carried the team forward alone. The NBA official website commented, “This is his performance alone. At an increasingly important moment in the playoffs, he has become omnipotent. He is ushering in a major turning point in the star journey…”

Smooth and smooth, you can sum up Booker’s basketball journey like this. Booker’s father is Melvin Booker, a former NBA player who was unknown in his career. He brought his son to the road of basketball very early. Booker made his mark in high school, then successfully promoted to the University of Kentucky, a famous basketball school. After his freshman year, he participated in the 2015 NBA Draft and was selected by the Suns with the 13th overall pick in the first round. In the rookie season, Booker was selected as the All-Rookie First Team, and gradually became the number one star of the Suns. In the second season of the NBA, Booker completed a feat of 70 points in a single game, not only breaking the record in team history, but also becoming the youngest “Mr. 70” in NBA history at the age of 20. Last season, Booker led the Suns to an eight-game winning streak in the Orlando quarter-finals, averaging 31 points per game as the most valuable player in the regular season, and was named to the All-Stars last year and this year. Outside the court, Booker, whose NBA stardom is on the rise, also has a well-known star girlfriend, Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian family. The latter often appears on the sidelines of this year’s playoffs to cheer for Booker. .

Next, Booker is destined to become a high-profile figure in the basketball circle-whether he leads the Suns through the Clippers and enters the finals will be the biggest attraction of the NBA. At the same time, Booker promised last week to represent the US men’s basketball team in the Tokyo Olympics. This will be the first time Booker has represented the national team in a World Series in his career.