Man’s sensitivity is his talent

  ★ I do not have confidence, I did not have any basis for confidence. To be honest, there is a certain kind of timidity or rather a certain kind of laziness. I have a higher sense of belief, he is not understood by my contemporaries.
  ★ Nothing exists without a purpose.
  ★ The love of happiness connects us with the present, and caring about our salvation pushes us into the future.
  ★ The dude should constantly yearn for sublime; he must live and sleep in front of the mirror.
  ★ For a mature man, the hobby of production should replace the hobby of consumption.
  ★ Work inevitably produces virtue, simple and pure, and therefore also brings health, wealth, success, and gradually formed talents and kindness. Do what you should do.
  ★ When everyone is focused on progress, then, and only then, can human beings progress.
  ★ some skin is shelled, for them, contempt is no longer a vengeance.
  ★ Don’t underestimate anyone’s sensitivity, people’s sensitivity is his talent.
  ★ After debauchery, people will always feel more lonely and lonely.
  ★ Some people feel happy only when they are in groups. A true hero is happy alone. Not being able to live alone is the greatest misfortune.
  ★ As for torture, it is born in the despicable part of the human heart, which desires happiness.
  Love Love
  ★ Love is disgusting, because she is a people can not become an accomplice of evil.
  ★ In love, like human beings in various things, sincere understanding is the result of misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is happiness.
  ★ Love is the pursuit of devotion, and even no noble pleasure can be attributed to devotion.
  ★ Love can come from a kind of generous feeling: the pleasure of pursuing dedication. But interest in wealth will soon corrode it.
  ★ The rules of love are very similar to torture and surgery.
  ★ Beauty is some sort of warm and sad thing, it’s a little hazy, but speculate.
  ★ The intoxicating things in low-level tastes are unpleasant elegant pleasures.
  ★ I understand that people abandon one reason in order to see what you can feel using another reason.
  ★It may be pleasant to be the victim and the executioner in rotation.
  ★ Everyone, at any time, will have two kinds of prayers at the same time: praying for spirituality is a desire for promotion; praying for animality is a kind of depraved pleasure.
  ★ Morality may hurt some people’s talents.
  ★ The more people are interested in art, the harder it is to restrain themselves.
  ★ What the spirit creates is more active than material.
  ★ No enthusiasm for dedication is a sign of weakness and sickness.
  ★ Only those who can prove that they are equal to others can be equal to others; only those who can obtain freedom are worthy of enjoying freedom.
  ★ All lofty thoughts will have a nervous shudder when they are born.
  ★ I have grown up partly due to my leisure time.
  Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), a famous French poet, a pioneer of modernist poetry, and the originator of symbolist literature, his representative work “The Flower of Evil” is one of the most influential poetry collections in the history of world literature. Baudelaire’s life was full of contradictions, pain, resistance and decadence. He was full of anger and contempt for this era, yearning for and pursuing the light, and devoted all his life to “distinguishing the good from the beautiful, and discovering the beauty of evil.”