Look for small wooden Bridges

There is a north Branch river in Xinyi Village, which is the mother river of Xinyi village. With the economic development of reform and opening up, Xinyi Village is not only a civilized village in China, but also a wealthy village known far and wide. It is also named as “China Story Village”.

As the saying goes: when meat is cooked in a pot, its fragrance wafts out. As this Chinese story village became famous, more people visited Xinyi Village.

One of them, uncle Lu, who lived 100 kilometers away, asked his son to drive him to Xinyi Village. His son Xiaoqiang said, “Dad, if you want to see the new countryside, you can find it anywhere. Why do you have to go to Xinyi Village?”

Uncle Lu said, “Don’t ask why, just do what I want.” Xiaoqiang can not, had to promise to take him to xinyi village on the weekend.

Early Saturday morning, Jack Johnson took his father on the road, two hours to xinyi village, Lu Uncle saw the village road spacious, from afar, rows of houses clean and tidy…… Uncle Lu asked, “Where are you taking me? Let’s go to Xinyi Village.”

“Dad, this is xinyi village ah, I navigated over, can’t go wrong!” Jack Bauer said.

“Really? Has xinyi Village, once a poor, pot-holed village, become so beautiful?” Xiao Qiang drove slowly, pointed to a strawberry garden and said, “Dad, see, this is 1088 Xinyi Road, xinyi Tianyu Garden.”

Uncle Lu hurriedly said, “Son, stop the car and let me go down to have a look.” Jack Bauer stopped the car, the old father helped to the piece of “Tianyu garden Can hui strawberry base” card, pointing to the above text read to the old father: “New meaning strawberry base…”

Uncle Lu saw the great changes in Xinyi. He kept saying, “Great, great!” Uncle Lu praised from the bottom of his heart and said, “I’ll go to xinyi Primary School, and then I’ll look at the small wooden bridge over the River.”

Xiaoqiang can not, had to depend on his father, but a inquire, xinyi primary school has no, the original school site has built the Chinese story base.

Lu uncle said to go to the small wooden bridge first, and then to China story base walk.

Father and son came to the north branch harbor river, ah? There used to be a small wooden bridge. Why is it gone? Uncle Lu asked his son, “The small wooden bridge has disappeared. Am I dreaming?”

Xiaoqiang pointed to a new cement bridge and said: “with the modern cement bridge, still need a small wooden bridge?” Then he helped his father onto the wide flat cement bridge. Lu stood on the bridge and the memory immediately took him back decades, tears welling up in his eyes. Xiaoqiang saw, busy ask: “dad, why do you cry?”

Lu wiped away tears and said, “Son, I’ll tell you a secret THAT I’ve been hiding for decades. Xinyi Village is where I was born.”

Jack Bauer helped his father to the edge of the bridge and said, “Dad, what’s the matter? You say it slowly.”

Uncle Lu was born in Xinyi village. His parents died early due to illness. He became an orphan and grew up with the help of his fellow villagers.

In order to popularize the nine-year compulsory education, the village built a primary school on the north bank of the Beizhigang River. As there was no bridge across the Beizhigang River, the village built a small wooden bridge with a few old logs for the children to cross to school. In case the children accidentally fell into the river, the young Uncle Lu was appointed as the bridge guard.

In fact, he escorted the children across the bridge three times a day, morning, noon and evening. The team gave him points for his work. Young Uncle Lu is dutiful, no matter rain or wind, cold or cold, he will take care of the children with all his heart and never have an accident.

It was wheat harvest time, and all the villagers were busy with wheat harvest. At noon, the weather changed suddenly and the storm came. Uncle Lu took the children home for lunch. Seeing the storm was too heavy, he wanted to go home and get a raincoat.

In this ten-minute gap, when he put on his raincoat and returned to the bridge, he saw a boy about ten years old trying to cross the bridge. He shouted, “Look out!”

Just then a strong wind blew, and the boy staggered on the uneven little wooden bridge and fell with a splash into the river. Uncle Lu threw caution to the wind and jumped into the river. But it was the yellow plum season and the river was surging. Villagers came to hear the news, with bamboo, with a dragnet drag, busy for most of the day, nothing to find.

The child was the only son of her neighbor, Mrs. Hua. Her husband died, and mother and son were dependent on each other. Now her son was gone, she frantically seized Uncle Lu to compensate her son.

Uncle Lu let Aunt Hua beat and scold without saying a word. With the help of the villagers, she was finally pulled away. Someone told Uncle Lu to go outside and hide for a while and come back after the storm. Uncle Lu had no choice but to take a few changes of clothes and left overnight.

Uncle Lu has no distant relatives. Where can he hide? He didn’t know it, so he just kept going west. The third day went to a beautiful place, see a mother and daughter are harvesting wheat, heavy burden pressure that mother and daughter both sweating, stumbling.

Uncle Lu was a warm-hearted man. He hurried up and said, “Aunt, I have plenty of strength. I’ll help you pick it out.” So Uncle Lu helped to harvest three mu of wheat. The mother and daughter were so moved that they invited him to dinner and asked him where he came from and where he was going.

Uncle Lu did not say that he was out to hide, only that he did not meet relatives, looking for a job. The mother and daughter, orphaned and widowed, were in need of a male labourer. Seeing uncle Lu as a talented man, they kept him and later he became their son-in-law.

Jack Bauer listened to his father said here, asked: “Dad, you this time in addition to see the face of hometown, mainly want to find ah Hua aunt to apologize?”

Uncle Lu nodded and said, “Yes, I have been troubled by my guilt towards Mrs Hua. If I don’t apologize to Mrs Hua, I will never close my eyes even after I die.”

Xiaoqiang said: “Dad, we go to the village to find a flower aunt.”

“Good!” Two people were about to start, walking head-on a group of dressed in colorful dama, they are xinyi village dama dance team. The first, looking at his seventies, was still glowing and ruddy. Uncle Lu took a closer look and asked, “Are you Mrs. Hua?”

“Yes, you are…” Uncle Lu knelt in front of Mrs. Hua and said, “Mrs. Hua, I am the little Lu zi of that year, and I confess to you today.”

“Where have you been all these years, Little Lu zi? We had a hard time finding it!”

Uncle Lu looked like a child who had done something wrong. He lowered his head and said, “Mrs. Ah-hua, it’s all my fault. I apologize to you.

She took lu’s hand and said lovingly, “Xiao Lu, it’s me and my son who should make amends, not you!”

“What?” Uncle Lu asked with wide eyes.

It turned out that although there was a gap of more than ten years between Uncle Lu and Mrs. Ahwa’s son, little calf, they often went to catch fish and touch crabs in the Beizhigang River together. Uncle Lu taught the little calf how to swim and practiced all the kung fu in the water. That day, the calf was swept into the river by a strong wind, and was carried by the wind to swim down. As he swam, he came across a large carp and caught it. He knew that grandma likes to eat big carp most, so on the shore, the big carp to the neighboring village of grandma’s house. Grandma saw her grandson sent a big carp, very happy, so he stayed overnight, the next day to go home, unexpectedly grandmother left him overnight, so that Uncle Lu fled for decades.

At that time, the village was too poor to even afford to build a bridge. This happened, and it will never happen again.”

“Yes, yes, fengjing has a big three bridge, now Xinyi has the reputation of small three Bridges, small wooden bridge transformed into this bridge, is one of the small three Bridges.” “They went looking for you, but they couldn’t find you.”

‘Mrs Flower, where does the calf work now? I want to see him! ‘ “Asked Uncle Lu.

The man beside said: “The calf is now the owner of the orchard, contracted a large orchard.” Uncle Lu said hurriedly, “All right, let’s go and see him!”

Surrounded by his son and fellow villagers, Uncle Lu walked happily to the orchard.