Learn from trees

  If you have ever looked closely at the trees in winter, you will find that they sway ink and wash in the sky with horned branches, which are elegant and light.
  If you have stood by the tree, you can feel that the root system under the tree is reaching and extending, absorbing the infinite potential from the depths of darkness. Trees understand the meaning of “fertile soil” better than humans.
  Therefore, you would not dare to call this form dry. It is clear that people are returning to Tibet to gain momentum, and it is clear that it is the beginning of spring—the underground winter, that is, the spring on the ground. This is the two sides of one body. People see it from one end to divide prosperity and decline. For a tree, the four seasons rotate, and its vitality never stops.
  Human beings have vitality and grow and develop naturally. Just like trees, they don’t have to worry too much. Deliberately increasing the amount and speeding up because of being taught to be “higher, faster, stronger” will bring another kind of risk-survival, fame and fortune, running all the way, messing up the rhythm, so at a certain node Caton, ask the sky and ask the earth to ask the sunset, what is the significance of such a shape?
  External voices are difficult to provide an effective answer, so you might as well learn from the tree – in spring and summer, you are a strong person; in autumn and winter, when you dry up, you are a strong person in another quadrant, returning to the core and taking root.
  You calm down and experience a rhythm of life that is effortless and effortless, as if your breathing and heartbeat have their own natural mechanisms that work naturally without worrying about it. You don’t need to lift yourself up like a seedling to show the so-called good growth situation, just a deep hibernation of concentration and breathlessness, to cultivate long-term vitality in the future.
  It will be cold for ten years to sit on the bench, and few people talk about it now, but the objective law of this development has never changed. Times have changed, new words have emerged one after another, and social sentiment has not changed much. “Laying flat” or “rolling inward” are all phenomena in the process of rectifying the old and new order.
  For an individual, it takes concentration to be the root system of obscurity and self-nurture in difficult situations. You need to find a rhythm that suits your own characteristics, be the right grower and doer, and be strong with a barely noticeable progress.
  When you know how to live in your lows and long nights, you understand those winter plants and animals. It turned out that the favor and disgrace, Gou Rixin, Ri Rixin, You Rixin, etc., what the predecessors repeatedly told, all have the same meaning, and the strength and weakness are fluid and change.
  Finally, I would like to share with you a poem by Jürk Shubick: “Onions, radishes and tomatoes do not believe that there is such a thing as pumpkin in the world, they think it is a fantasy. Pumpkin does not speak, grows silently. Author.”