“It’s the same as marrying anyone”? Really different

  There was a popular saying on the Internet: There are three types of marriage, one is called torture, one is called improvisation, and the other is called Yu Sheng. The second is the normal state of marriage in the world, and the first and the third are the misfortunes and great fortunes of life!
  A few days ago, the news that my sister gave birth to a baby appeared in the family group and received unanimous blessings from relatives. Looking at the photo of my sister holding the baby, and my brother-in-law standing beside her gently putting his hand on her shoulder, I am happy for her from the bottom of my heart.
  Thinking of her sister’s previous marriage, her ex-husband regarded her as a tool for giving birth. He not only despised her, but also always used words to belittle her, and tortured her to exhaustion. Until the end, the divorce also caused a lot of trouble.
  My sister at that time was always haggard, and there was no light in her eyes. Until later, she met her husband during a trip, and he would support her sister’s work and appreciate her hobbies. Knowing that his sister likes to collect good-looking tableware the most, he set up several display cabinets for her sister in the kitchen, and put them back if they weren’t enough.
  Now they are living very happily, they also have a baby, and they have become a happy family of three. Every time they see their sister, they marvel at her with a smile on her face and her brilliance. I can’t help feeling that marriage is an important practice in life. If you meet the right person, you will be happy for the rest of your life; but if you meet the wrong person, your whole life will fall into another situation.
  Because who you are with is really different! With the wrong person, marriage is the grave of life.
  On Zhihu’s “What kind of marriage makes people feel that a divorce is necessary?” There is a deeply touching answer under the topic: “When you opened your eyes in the morning but sighed.”
  And in In the comment of this answer, there is a more heartbreaking sentence: “Sigh, there is nothing to look forward to for a day, or nothing to look forward to in a lifetime.” This is probably the heart of many people in unhappy marriages. I thought I found a safe haven in this life, but I didn’t know it was to the grave of life.