Is the search for alien civilization a scam?

  After half a century, in mid-May 2022, the United States held a hearing related to UFOs (also known as UFOs) after a long absence.
  Like a UFO investigation report released by the United States in June last year, the content of this hearing was mediocre. There was neither a “real hammer” video to confirm the existence of UFOs, nor a logical and clear scientific inference. This hearing, like many “surroundings” of UFO research, is like a reminder of existence: when the epidemic, war and other chaos occupy people’s minds, let everyone remember that there are “aliens”, and “Alien Research” thing.
  The exploration of extraterrestrial civilizations such as UFOs and aliens has always existed around the world. From the small details in the rumors, to the establishment of a special group in the name of the country to deal with the “unidentified aerial phenomena” in various places, it seems that human beings are always willing to reach out for knowledge and touch some signals from the chaotic universe due to fate.
  But is everything about UFOs really so romantic and simple?

  The “research on unidentified aerial phenomena” in the United States is more directed to the national defense level.
from Roswell

  In 1947, before the smoke of World War II had completely dissipated, a strange-looking UFO suddenly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. Although the U.S. military has repeatedly claimed that the UFO is the wreckage of the high-altitude monitoring balloon release experiment, the rumors that “three UFOs fell” and “each contains four dead alien creatures” have spread like wildfire.
  Starting from Roswell, the United States has established many UFO observation programs with various names, requiring localities to report sightings of UFOs for research. Perhaps it is the “afterglow” of the mysterious incident in Roswell. UFO traces have begun to be exposed all over the United States: except for some of the oolongs that were found to be caused by clouds or spy planes, many of them are conclusive. There are witnesses, There are also audio and video evidence of the pilot’s encounter in the air.

UFO footage officially announced by the Pentagon on April 28, 2020

  Among the tens of thousands of reports, the UFO incident on the coast of San Diego, California in 2004 is the most “real”. In the outgoing video, the U.S. Super Hornet fighter jet is surrounded by a glowing oval that rotates at high speed.
  Witness pilots said the “light white glowing oval object” was a complete formation that, after moving in the air for a period of time, began to hover about 50 feet above the sea surface, and the water seemed to be called by something, below it “Boiled”… When the human pilots tried to fly the fighter jets towards the unknown object, they flew away quickly.
  The research organization conducted medical examinations and interviews of witnesses, but did not appear to have yielded any valuable clues. Since then, rumors and sightings of UFOs and alien civilizations have continued to emerge, but there have been few research and observation results. The external caliber of the relevant departments is more often “misunderstanding” and “illusion”, which makes everything more confusing.
  On September 14, 2007, a life “wonderful letter” written by Mark Airroy, a former member of the U.S. Women’s Air Force Medical Team, brought people back to the scene of the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.
  As a witness to emergency medical assistance after the UFO crash and a paramedic who accompanied one of the alien “survivors” for nearly a month, Airroy tells a story that has never appeared in studies such as an official UFO observation program , The “fact” that has never been positively admitted: a large number of alien intelligent creatures do exist. On July 4, 1947, an alien flying saucer did crash in Roswell, and only one “alien creature” survived in the cabin; for a long time For a long time, the US authorities have used “research” to hide people’s eyes and ears and use “misunderstandings” to quell curiosity. In fact, they are controlling mainstream media, academic research and military judgments for their own selfish interests, keeping the public in the dark.
  Elroy, who is about to choose to die by euthanasia after 60 years, decided to tell these stories: “Everyone should have the right to know the truth of this world, to know where they came from and where they are going.”

  There are no aliens and UFOs in Area 51, but a site for the secret development of the U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance spy plane.
cosmic prisoner

  The story Airroy tells looks like a condensed science fiction novel.
  She claimed that from July 7th to August 12th, 1947, she gained the ability to communicate with the soul of the surviving alien life form “Airl” by fate, and then learned the truth of human existence in the universe: The earth is a huge prison, and human beings are the guilty prisoners held there.
  The appearance of the alien Airo described by Airoi is very similar to what we have seen in science fiction and movies:
  creatures with no gender distinction, with gray smooth skin, short and slender limbs and torso, each ” There are only three fingers on the hands and feet, and the huge head has no nose, mouth, ears and other organs, only big and deep eyes. Its body is not a “flesh and blood” like a human being, it is more like an instrument that can withstand various harsh environments outside, and does not require the supply of drinking water.
  Airo told Airoy that his body is more like a container, and the soul wrapped in it can travel freely in the universe. And those alien companions who seem to be “dead” will not die because of the fall of the aircraft, but will break away from this body and return to where they came from.
  In the “Interview with the Aliens of Roswell” compiled later, the alien Airo gradually “tells” some points that are difficult for humans to accept through Airroy: time is only a concept of human beings, and it is as high as it is. The civilization of , broke away from the constraints of the time line early and reached “immortality” – they are spiritual bodies, and the body is the body and the coat, which can be replaced at any time. As a pilot of an advanced civilization, Airl came to Earth this time to track an imperial spaceship that once ruled the galaxy, and thus discovered the secret of the Earth:
  the Earth is a prison with an invisible “net” around it, trapping the The past memories of these prisoners on the earth about higher civilizations; the bodies of the people on earth have been transformed into physical bodies that cannot “fly” – the earth’s gravity makes it difficult for humans to fly; people on earth need to follow the rising and falling of the sun and the moon. The cultural races are actually prisoners from different planets…

  All of these seem to support Airl’s statement. For a time, such hypotheses were popular all over the world, and American research institutions did not seem to be able to produce stronger evidence to prove that this interview was false, but indirectly acquiesced to the “existence” of UFOs and aliens.
  Although discussing “Trapped Earth” with aliens seems too sci-fi, but at the moment when the interview was released, whether it is thinking about the limitations of “timeline” or exploring the relationship between the shell and the soul of advanced civilization, They are all extremely advanced and logical imaginations—to a certain extent, the interviews that are difficult to distinguish between true and false seem to have completed the pursuit of a more popular alien civilization.

Alien model at the Roswell Museum

A flying saucer model made by UFO enthusiasts near the secret U.S. Air Force Base “Area 51”
“Xiangzhuang dances the sword”?

  In the process of disclosing the interview, Airroy and the person who handled it have repeatedly said that this move “goes against the wishes of the authorities.”
  Why are government departments that have established many alien civilization research institutions reluctant to disclose the possible truth to the public, or share as many research results as possible, so that the whole country and the entire human race can work together to uncover the mystery of alien civilization?
  In fact, although UFO-related press conferences are often held, rumors and research seem to be very important, the “unidentified aerial phenomenon research” in the United States is more directed at the national defense level, and is a product of the Cold War, ideology and the process of great power struggle for hegemony. Starting a telescope to study extraterrestrial civilizations is more like a disguised lens waiting for an opportunity to spy on other countries.
  Take the famous “alien base” in the United States – Area 51 in Lincolnshire, southern Nevada. It was once rumored that many aliens were imprisoned here. The U.S. military conducted terrifying research on them and dismantled UFOs. Solve and improve your military strength.
  The mysterious “atmosphere” of Area 51 is also full: it is located in the depths of the desert at an altitude of 1,350 meters and is deliberately hidden on the map. The no-fly zone around it is 1,500 square kilometers, and trespassers are immediately shot down. The ground protection is equipped with various advanced tracking instruments, and the soldiers on duty 24 hours a day can shoot at any time without saying hello…
  After the “Interview with the Roswell Alien” became popular, some media published 51 photos taken by Russian satellites from a distance. The picture of the area – it seems to be a long runway for UFOs to rise and fall, which proves that this is the home of “alien research”.
  Until August 2013, a disclosure by the CIA revealed the mystery of Area 51 – there are no aliens and UFOs here, but a site for the secret development of the U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance spy plane. This spy plane can climb to an altitude of about 27,000 meters for intelligence spying, and is a weapon of war.
  When the rumor of Area 51 became popular, it was the time of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. To develop a high-altitude reconnaissance plane to spy on intelligence, and not be discovered by citizens or other countries – there is no better excuse to cover up than to study mysterious “extraordinary visitors”.
  Entering a new historical stage, in August 2020, the U.S. Department of Defense established a task force on unidentified aerial phenomena, deeming UFOs, including UFOs, to be a “potential national security threat”. as part of national defense. And national defense, of course, is not something that can be said at the press conference.
  So the lack of interest in the occasional reports and hearings is not really lackluster. Perhaps, this is just an area of ​​”Area 51″ in the new pattern of international relations, with a wider area, more blurred boundaries, and a more ambiguous orientation.