Invisible trap

  Recently, a copy machine has been added to the family, and it has been operating well without any problems.
  At the end of the year, I traveled in the gloomy and humid rainy season and returned to Singapore two weeks later.
  When I restarted the photocopier, what surprised me and puzzled me was that the copied documents were actually vague and hazy, like the kind of dreams I had when I couldn’t sleep peacefully.
  Arrange for a mechanic to come home to make repairs.
  He used a screwdriver skillfully to unscrew the cover of the machine, and looked around, left and right, up and down, and inside and outside. Every part was carefully checked. The strange thing is that everything Everything is intact, however, the copied documents are always vague. At this time, sweat beads slowly came out of his broad forehead, he wiped the sweat beads off, and murmured: “Trouble, really troublesome, I have never encountered such a situation before!” Carefully re-examined Once again, hey, there is indeed no problem. The internal parts have everything that should be, and the ones that shouldn’t be broken are not broken.
  He looked at me helplessly, and I looked back at him helplessly.
  As a last resort, he dialed the phone to the head office to “seek help.” The other party taught him some repair tips on the phone. He put down the phone and followed suit. However, the photocopier just refused to obey, proud and extremely tenacious. Earth repeatedly challenged his skills and patience with the same problems.
  He dialed the phone again and again to ask for advice, tried and tried again, and tried three times and four times, and the photocopies were still blurred as before.
  Sweat dripped down his white cheeks, and he was impatient and discouraged, and said frequently, “Tricky, really tricky!” When
  GuiLiu was out of skill, his mobile phone rang and the head office issued new instructions. He nodded as he listened, and as soon as he took up the thread, he said to me anxiously: “Paper! Give me a wad of brand new copy paper!”
  He replaced the original copy in the copy machine with this new white paper. Strangely, as soon as the paper was replaced, the defects were immediately eliminated, and every word in the copied document was as clear as it was written in the above good ink.
  The relieved mechanic explained to me with a dazed look:
  ”December is the rainy season, the weather is humid, the paper is left outside, the inside gets damp, and the handwriting is naturally blurred when it is copied.”
  I took the pile of “internal dampness” but on the surface it looked more than the sun. Dry paper, mixed feelings in my heart.
  There was a big problem in copying documents. The fault was not in the main unit but in the accessories. No one thought of this. However, it is this blind spot that everyone has that makes us be held accountable when something goes wrong. Often unconsciously hurt Zhongliang and let the culprit get away with it! In fact, those who commit crimes often seem innocent. Judging people by their appearance, that appearance is an invisible trap.