Interesting people are generous

  Life is not bad, it’s just that I
  ”get it from now on, and it’s not a pity.” Interesting people often have a genuine and natural heart, and their interest comes from the heart.
  Ouyang Xiu is an interesting person. As an outstanding politician and literary leader in the Song Dynasty, he was extremely approachable and humorous. Ouyang Xiu doesn’t like empty thoughts. The scholars around him often talk about empty things. He often warns with a serious face: “Doing practical things is the most useful to the world.” An interesting person will be cheerful and optimistic, and will not care too much about honors and losses. , To be simple and simple, methodological and moral, also benevolent and generous.
  Ouyang Xiu always downplays himself with sincerity and builds good bonds. He had a very good relationship with Jiang Linji, but he never thought that Jiang Linji, who had always been “not conscious of profit” in his later years, tried his best to discredit Ouyang Xiu in his book “Jiayou Magazine” in order to promote himself. . In this regard, the poet Mei Yaochen was indignant, thinking that Jiang Linji was arrogant. But Ouyang Xiu didn’t mind, and only wrote two lines of poems: “I have read the book before, and I can speak to others about everything.” He dealt with it calmly with a generous and magnanimous mind. Jiang Lin, a member of the Xing Department of the official to Shangshu, died of illness. Ouyang Xiu, who was a member of the political affairs (deputy prime minister), paid his condolences to him. He also wrote an epitaph for him and put the coffin on him. After seeing it, people couldn’t help being deeply moved.
  One day in the 1980s, some young people wanted to sing karaoke after a meeting, so they invited Ji Xianlin to go with them. Ji Xianlin smiled and said: “I sing a life.” Everyone was puzzled, so he told a story: Once upon a time, there was a person who loved singing, but no one liked to listen to it. That day, he took a passerby and gave a piece of ocean to the other person to listen to him singing. After just singing a few words, passers-by returned Dayang to him, saying: “You might as well kill me, kill me, and I won’t listen.” After speaking, Ji Xianlin laughed at himself and said: “I sing for this life. Level.” Everyone couldn’t help laughing.
  Interesting Ji Xianlin is extremely kind and tolerant. During his tenure as the vice president of Peking University, Ji Xianlin’s family lived on the first floor of the Langrunyuan dormitory. Some people could knock on the door at any time to get in, which really delayed his work and life. Seeing this, the school posted a note at the door of his dormitory, which read: “In order to ensure Ji Lao’s life and health, we hope that visitors should not visit for more than 15 minutes.” However, all those who visit his house do not. It takes more than an hour, and he is often responsive.
  Ji Xianlin’s essays are very popular among readers. Some booksellers use his generosity to publish his books privately. After the books are published, they don’t pay the manuscript fee, and they print them again and again. His assistant Li Yujie was very angry about this and asked for help to investigate and defend his rights. Someone went to his house to find out the situation, but Li Yujie was talking angrily, while Ji Xianlin was silent on the side, as if it had nothing to do with him. Ji Xianlin is also very kind to cats. When watching “News Network” every day, a few cats sleep on him. “News News” was over. Sometimes the cats were still sleeping comfortably on him. He had to keep sitting quietly, sometimes with his legs numb and arms numb, and he didn’t want to wake up the cats’ dreams.
  Interesting people have a natural heart, open and upright, kind and generous, plain and rich, indifferent and lofty. The poem said: “True interest comes out of nature, full of bloom like spring temperature.” Interesting people are like the full and natural spring breeze, which is bright and charming in people’s hearts.