I wish you a lot of contentment

  At the airport, I overheard the final farewell conversation between a father and daughter. Hearing the announcement on the radio that his daughter’s plane was about to take off, the father stood at the door and said to his daughter: “I love you and wish you a lot of contentment.” The
  daughter said, “Dad, we have lived together long enough, I All you need is your love. Dad, I also sincerely wish you a lot of contentment.” The
  father and daughter hugged and kissed goodbye, and the daughter left.
  The father walked towards the window where I was sitting. He stood there, and I could see that he wanted to cry, and needed to cry. I try not to invade his privacy, but he welcomes me to participate, because he asked me: “Did you know that you will say goodbye to someone forever, but still want to say goodbye?”
  ”Yes, I have had this Experience.” I replied.
  When I said this, I remembered everything my father had done for me, and remembered my love and gratitude for him. Realizing that his time is running out, I take the trouble to face him and tell him over and over again how important he is to me. So, I know how a person feels in this situation.
  ”Excuse me for asking, why is it a goodbye?” I asked.
  ”I’m too old, she lives too far. My future is facing challenges, and the reality is that the next time she comes back will be to attend my funeral.” He said.
  ”When you said goodbye, I heard you say,’I wish you a lot of content and happiness’. Can I ask what that means?” I asked again.
  He began to smile. “This is my family’s wish from generation to generation. My parents used to say this to everyone.” He paused and looked up, as if trying to remember the details, and smiled even more happily.
  ”When we said,’I wish you happiness and contentment’, we wish each other’s lives are full of good things to support them.” He continued, then turned to me, as if reciting a text, and shared the following :
  ”Wish you have enough happiness and keep you optimistic; I wish you enough rain and can appreciate the bright sunshine; I wish you enough happiness to make you refreshed; I wish you enough pain, Let the smallest happiness in life appear greater; wish you enough gains to satisfy your dreams come true; wish you enough losses to cherish all your gains; wish you enough’hello’ to make you Take the last “goodbye”.”
  After saying this, he couldn’t help sobbing and left in a hurry.
  Friends, I wish you a lot of contentment.