I get sleepy as soon as I study, is that you?

  Do you have such confusion? “Buying books is like a mountain falling down, reading is like a thread”, the speed of reading can’t keep up with the enthusiasm of buying books. Knowing the importance of reading, he picked up a book, sleepy struck without reading a few pages, and lost his mind in a daze while reading.
  British writer Maugham proposed that reading should be a kind of enjoyment. If we are troubled by not being able to read the book and want to have a more enjoyable reading experience, we need to do the following:
  reshape our reading concept and let go of the thought baggage of “I want to finish it” and “reading must be harvested” . Subjectively, read reading as a way to relax in your free time, a way to understand scientific knowledge or the author’s point of view, rather than a new task for yourself after work and study.
  When a book can’t be read halfway through, don’t worry about it. In fact, giving up a book does not mean that you can no longer read it in the future. Maybe you still have a chance to finish reading this book in the future. It’s just that when the time comes, you can only tell by yourself and your own reading experience.
  Reading with thinking The relationship between the author and the reader is like a pitcher and a catcher. The author expresses his thoughts and opinions in the book in words. As readers, we need to take the initiative to find out what the author wants to explain, what the reason he gave, and whether this reason is true and reasonable. Only when the expression is accepted and used rationally can the value of the book be brought into play.
  In other words, we need to ask ourselves questions in reading, actively seek answers, and then think and judge. When our brain starts to work, sleepiness will naturally go away.
  Choose books that interest you. All methods are to help us better enjoy the fun of reading, but only if we are interested. Reading is a happy thing, not for others, but for oneself. Therefore, when choosing a book, you should start with your own interests, turn reading into something you want to do, and then go from the shallower to the deeper, step by step.
  Sharing the reading experience and what can be said is what truly belongs to us. Sharing experience with others after reading will double the sense of accomplishment and happiness. The process of sharing is not only the second dissemination of knowledge, but also a good way to make memory stronger. At the same time, in the communication and discussion with others, the interest in reading will be stimulated again and become the motivation for us to be willing to read.
  Develop the habit of reading. Reading depends on persistence. Making reading a way of life requires long-term persistence and accumulation. If you set a period of reading time every day, even if you only read 10 minutes, the accumulation of time is an amazing number.
  After we hold on for a period of time, the brain begins to adapt to reading, enjoy the process, and the habit of absorbing knowledge is slowly established, and then reading will not be so boring and repulsive. Therefore, we can read slowly when we first begin to read, and slowly, we will like to read.
  Of course, there are some books as long as you turn to the first page, and you will continue to read them with pleasure, such as the following books.