I am a “lonely” internet celebrity agent

  In the past, the most relaxing moment of my day was when I came home from work overtime, threw off my shoes and sighed on the sofa for a long time, as if home alone was the quietest place. Now, as an agent of a certain “Beauty Makeup V”, I can finally stay at home every day.
The world is finally quiet

  When I left my job, I was a little bit reluctant, but it was more of a sigh of relief: I no longer need to report endlessly to my work like a noisy supermarket speaker.
  It’s so cool to have nothing to do with a light body. Social is a fairy life in the eyes of former colleagues without having to be with others. But half a year later, facing a lot of free time, people will inevitably become bored.
  At this moment, a netizen in Changsha asked me if I was interested in acting as an agent for her. She is a well-known “beauty influencer” on the Internet, and needs someone to help with the live broadcast of the brand. Anyway, idleness is also idleness, so I agreed.
The fears behind the hustle and bustle

  I am good at using words to communicate, and my verbal skills are average. After becoming a broker, this defect becomes not worth mentioning. It seems to be a tacit understanding in the industry. No one can call when I can type and communicate. I once suspected that most of the people in this hustle and bustle of the industry chain (including the talkative brand publicists) have social phobias.
  This job has given me the life I long for: the need to communicate with the world, the freedom to speak without speaking, the freedom to work wherever I want to work. After more than a year, I have met with the boss of the Internet celebrity no more than five times, and have never met with 99% of customers, but this does not affect everyone’s cooperation. Often at one o’clock in the morning, I still wrestle with trivial issues such as the sorting of products in the video and whether the number of seconds for the brand logo is enough. Usually, as long as I type fast enough and clearly organized, I basically end the “battle” in a victory stance. . The bed, the sofa, and even the toilet can be my working place. Anyway, a mobile phone can connect all the projects, free and effortless, and everyone is satisfied. This is the joy of work that I have never had before as Party B. .
  Occasionally there are times when it’s not going well, such as live broadcasts to merchants. Although I have charged a pit fee in advance, I always check whether the number of goods sold is enough for the merchant to make money after the broadcast. If you can’t, you will feel sorry for the customer, so you have to think about it to make up for it. If it’s in the office, I can only go to the bathroom and worry about it, but when I work at home, I can leave my phone aside and calm down for a while, go to bed, or go to the balcony to blow a hair. No matter how bad, the next morning, I took my puppy out for a walk. After a lap, I was inspired and energetic. When I came back to work, I felt that I was still the Queen of the brokerage industry.
Freedom to sleep in

  Speaking of income, last year I got more than 400,000 shares, which is not as good as the executives of big factories, but the victory is to make a comfortable profit. The total working time per day does not exceed two hours, and the remaining time is to write fairy tales, cook, and be in a daze. Do whatever you want. If there are no accidents, I usually wake up until half past nine and start the day with a glass of warm water. Don’t tell me that the plan for a day lies in the morning. If you don’t even have the freedom to sleep in, what’s the meaning of being alone?
  When I was in my early twenties, I liked the excitement and rushing to the wine bureau. The feasting world was full of ambition and blood. Later, I gradually realized that if the time of life is not my own, the victory of life is just an illusion. Mr. Yang Jiang said in “A Hundred Years Old Testimonials” that the world is its own and has nothing to do with others. I will be 30 years old next year. I hope that I will still be my own for most of my life in the future.