Happy marriage, appreciate each other

   Psychologist Barvary Nix said: “Marriage is a book, the first chapter is written in poems, and the rest are plain prose.” The wind, flowers, and snowy months that I had longed for before marriage have all turned into real life. Soy sauce vinegar tea, in the day to day getting along, you want to make your marriage happy forever, you can’t do without mutual appreciation.
   Dahua is a housewife. She hasn’t become a yellow face woman since she has been married for ten years. The face is still so moist and radiant, which is inseparable from Dahua’s husband.
   When I first got married, Dahua didn’t know anything. When cooking, there was either too much salt or the vegetable paste; even if it was a cold tomato, the tomato was cut very thickly; it was hard to make dumplings, and the skin was rolled again. Thick and big.
   In the face of all this bad things, Dahua’s husband still praised him constantly. If the taste is not good, he will praise the appearance, and if the appearance is not good, he will praise the nutrition. If you really can’t find something to praise, he will say that he likes to eat. This dish. Dahua, who originally felt very ashamed, saw her husband not only not angry at her clumsiness, but also applauded herself, so happy that her eyes narrowed into a seam.
   Since then, Dahua’s enthusiasm has increased. She bought a variety of recipes, practiced and pondered. In the continuous study, Dahua’s cooking skills have gradually become superb.
   Psychologist Rollo May said: “The essence of love is actually a kind of attention.” In daily life, everyone is eager to be noticed and appreciated. All the efforts of the other party should not be taken for granted and should be paid attention to; all the achievements of the other party should not be regarded as plain and flat, but should be appreciated. Even if the food you cook is awful, I will applaud your hard work; even if your floor is not clean, I will applaud you for your hard work in this family.
   In fact, a happy marriage does not lie in how vigorous the love is, but an inadvertent appreciation of each other, which can bring the two hearts closer together. Some marriages come to an end because they hold a magnifying glass to infinitely magnify each other’s shortcomings, while holding a telescope to infinitely reduce each other’s strengths.
  There is a song that sang well: “For the rest of my life, you will be the wind and snow, you will be the plain, you will be the poor, and you will be you.” Therefore, if you want to have a happy marriage, you must appreciate each other and walk hand in hand to the old age.