Hand in hand to approach kindness

  Sneak into the night with the wind, moisten things silently
  February 10, 2021, near a shopping mall in Wuhan. A little boy said to a tramp sitting on the ground: “Grandpa, happy new year!” The tramp showed an incredible expression on his face, staring at the little boy in a daze, and gradually a kind smile filled his face. Then, the homeless man hurriedly flipped out a red envelope from his bag, then rummaged in the bowl, took out the largest denomination money in it, and stuffed it into the red envelope. This was the lucky money he gave to the child. The child took the red envelope and looked at her mother for inquiries, not knowing whether to accept the red envelope or not. When his mother signaled that he could accept it, the child happily took the red envelope. A brighter smile appeared on the homeless man’s face. Next, the child’s mother wrapped a larger red envelope and asked the child to give it to the homeless man. The eye circles of the homeless man suddenly became red.
  Accepting red envelopes from the elderly is equality and respect, and giving back to the elderly is respect and kindness. Good Chinese mothers teach their children in this way, and the children will definitely respect the disadvantaged when they grow up. Innocent children, kind-hearted tramps, and wise mothers painted pictures of warm and happy New Year.
  I want to give this young mother a compliment, she knows how to sow in spring. The spring rain is cool, and the spring breeze brings warmth. She took no time to sow the seeds of respect and kindness in the children’s young hearts. I have reason to believe that this kind of seed will take root, sprout, bloom, and bear fruit in the heart of the child. Bacon once said: “Sowing behavior, harvest habit; sowing habit, harvest character; sow character, harvest destiny.” Cultivating good habits will benefit children for life.
  The world will become more and more beautiful if the heart of the people is good, passed on from generation to generation, completed merits, and rewarded with more blessings. I can imagine that this young mother must look soft and beautiful, because kindness allows her to practice both inside and out, and she must be smiling like sunshine and beautiful like a flower.
  There is a famous saying: “Character is more important than knowledge.” In the book “Children’s Moral Wisdom”, Professor Robert of Harvard University in the United States discussed the issue of cultivating children’s personality at different stages, so that children have moral wisdom. Once, he drove his 9-year-old daughter to the hospital. The child was disobedient and played with some tools in the carriage. As a result, he made a deep cut in his hand and needed to go to the hospital for bandaging. He was very annoyed that his daughter did not listen to the advice of his parents and caused a disaster. It was still raining that morning, and he drove so fast that the water on the road was splashed on the sidewalk. The intersection had changed to a red light, and he didn’t notice, so he continued to drive forward. Suddenly the daughter said to him: “Dad, if we are not careful, we will encounter greater trouble. Originally, we wanted to get rid of the trouble, not to make more trouble.” He was very surprised. The child used respect for others. His tone was very cleverly pointed out his problem. The child’s words cleared his mind. Coors believes that some children think not only of themselves, but of others when they are in a difficult situation. It shows that this child has a certain sense of morality-kindness. All kind-conscious children are able to think about others, and are very clever in how to get along with others and how to regulate their behavior.
  I like the host Wang Xiaoya, she is not like other hosts to toss the contestants. Wang Xiaoya can’t wait to let all answerers pass the test and win prizes, especially if someone answers the first question incorrectly, she will gently ask: “Are you sure?” At this time, the wise will quickly correct the answer. In fact, she has never violated the rules, but her expression is always so empathetic, anxious and gratifying. This simple and kind-hearted natural revelation is just like sunshine, faint and fragranceless, but it can make a person’s mood suddenly bright.
  Even if a person does not have money, he can give others seven things-Yan Shi: smile to do things; Yin Shi: say more words of encouragement, praise and comfort; heart: open heart and sincerely treat others; eye: give others a kind eye; : Help others with action; seat: modest and courteous; Dushi: tolerant heart. This is a plain and beautiful text, I keep it in my heart and reflect on it from time to time.
  Kindness is not so far away. Sometimes it is just a small effort. It can be trivial things, such as praising a baby, thanking the taxi master, reminding diners that they have enough food, and not staying close to others when queuing. In this way, maybe we may not feel anything, but for others, it is like a green shade under the scorching sun, a clear spring in the desert, and a little bit of stars in the dark night, bringing us hope and moving us, and this hope and Moved will be passed and extended infinitely, never ending.