Hancock may live with his lover quickly

The “scum” is here! Last week, the former British Secretary of Health Matt Hancock had a “kiss kiss” with female assistant Gina Coladangelo in his office by monitoring equipment. Both of them left under pressure. What is shocking is that only 3 days after the scandal broke out, the protagonists of the extramarital affairs are believed to have begun living together.

The British “Sun” recently revealed on the 29th that Hancock seemed to be prepared for the “Eastern Window Incident”: as early as the night before the extramarital affairs became known to the world, he made it clear to his wife Martha, who had been married for 15 years, that he would “leave her alone.” Go”, he allegedly woke up their 8-year-old child that night to announce the news. His friend recently revealed that Hancock will start a “legal relationship” with Gina. On the other hand, the British media also captured footage of Gina moving: a few hours before the scandal was exposed, a reporter discovered that she was moving several large bags of luggage into the car. British media speculated that the two have now begun to live together.

This extramarital affair obviously caused great harm to the original couple of the two. According to reports, the original wife, Martha, had 3 children for Hancock. He was also infected with the new crown last year. She always believed that their marriage was “stable and happy” until the “hot kiss” video was exposed. Nothing is known about the husband’s extramarital affairs. However, Martha showed amazing tolerance and low-key for her husband’s infidelity and unfeeling, and was praised by the media as a “really graceful woman.” In contrast, on the day Gina left home, her husband, Oliver Tres, dressed casually and unshavenly helped his wife load the car, looking depressed. According to the “London Evening Standard”, Tres is the founder of the British fashion brand “Oliver Bonas”. He has shown his affection in public many times and was caught off guard by this change.

The British “Daily Mail” also conducted a “deep dig” on Gina’s social media account and found that her “Pinqu” account left more than 90 highly suggestive words, such as “The longer the wait, the hot The sweeter the kiss” “The heart stops beating intermittently, so that I can experience the feeling of being alive, how ironic” The media speculates that these hypocritical words are related to their love affair, and judging from the date of publication of the words, she and Hancock may have been in a affair for more than a year. According to The Sun, Hancock and Gina are actually quite related: The Hancock and his wife have known Gina as early as in college, and Martha and Gina are still friends on Facebook, and Hancock and Gina are still friends. The Tres couple can often be seen at parties held at home.

This extramarital affairs scandal angered British public opinion. In the Suffolk constituency where Hancock is located, many Conservatives said that he would never be supported in the next election. Some people criticized that Hancock ended his 15-year marriage in just a few days, and his behavior can be described as “heartless and extremely selfish.” Others compare him to another “well-known scumbag” in the British government, former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who also hurriedly ended his 28-year marriage after his extramarital affairs were exposed.