Gambler asks for buddha

   Not only did the gambler lose all his possessions, but his wife and children also left him. Except for the only rope on his waist, there was nothing left. But he still didn’t give up, and continued to bet, trying to get back what he lost.
   There are a few jingle, which is exactly the portrayal of the gambler: tie a rope to the waist, and lose every day. I wanted to hang my neck, but I was afraid I would win tomorrow.
   Gamblers have this mentality, so they will not repent unless they end up in desperation.
   The gambler who loses everything has no place to stay. He had to go to the temple and huddled together to sleep with the Buddha.
   When he arrived at the temple, he suddenly thought: I have been so unlucky during this period of anger and luck, why not ask the Bodhisattva to bless me and let me have good luck from now on? So, he knelt in front of the Bodhisattva, crying with tears: “Pray for the Bodhisattva to show mercy, bless my poor man, and let me win once!” As he said, crying, he fell asleep at the feet of the Bodhisattva unknowingly.
   He dreamed that the Bodhisattva said: “You don’t usually burn incense and hold Buddha’s feet temporarily. How can there be someone like you!” The
   gambler said quickly: “As long as you bless me to win money once, I am willing to clean your head and body every day. Bird droppings!”
   said the Bodhisattva: “You can do it with integrity, and I bless you to win tomorrow.” The
   gambler woke up from his sleep and found that it was bright. Thinking of the promise of the Bodhisattva in his dream, he immediately cleaned the bird droppings on his head and body for the Bodhisattva. He believed the words of the gods and went to borrow money to place a bet. Sure enough, I won this time. After winning the money, he started to eat, drink, and gamble again, forgetting everything he had promised to the Bodhisattva.
   The Bodhisattva gave him a dream again, accused him of lacking integrity, and determined to withdraw his compassion.
   Sure enough, he bet again and lost. The gambler came to the temple again to ask the Bodhisattva for help, saying: “Please bless me again, I will buy you a robe if I win.” The
   Bodhisattva entrusted him with a dream again, but this time there is a condition: first fulfill the promise, then bless He wins.
   The gambler suffers from being empty-handed, leaving only a borrowing book, unable to fulfill his promise of a robe. After thinking about it for a long time, he felt that the Bodhisattva was just a wooden fetal clay sculpture. So he opened the account book and sewed a robe with the account book paper for the bodhisattva to put on.
   At night, the Bodhisattva asked him to dream of: “The robe fits well, but you made me carry the bill for you.”