Financial matters

1971 was the first year of my military service and the first year of my 15 years of life. I earned 6 yuan RMB and 72 yuan RMB per month. Having been able to earn money for 15 years, I will naturally enjoy the pleasure of spending the money I earned. I squandered all the annual salary of 72 yuan in the first year extravagantly, so I did not manage my money. My first financial management was on May 21, 1972.

In 1972, my monthly salary soared to 7 yuan and my annual salary was 84 yuan. I decided to manage my finances by lending money to the national bank, which is called deposit. At that time, I was maintaining fighter planes at Xiangtang, Jiangxi Airport in Jiangxi Province. The base of our troops was Ding Fang. On May 21 of the same year, I saved up nearly a month and a half of my income and deposited it into Ding Fang Savings Bank and got a current passbook. The cover of the passbook bears a red seal on Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, which reads: “We should be modest, cautious, guard against arrogance, guard against rashness and serve the people wholeheartedly …” The Destiny of Two Chinas “.

The back cover was also occupied by Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, which said: “To make our country rich and strong, it will take decades of hard work, including the implementation of the policy of strict economy and opposition to waste, which is to build our country through thrift and hard work.” The Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung on the back cover did not indicate the source as on the front cover, but it was printed and signed by Chairman Mao. The full name of the savings office on the passbook is “Ding Fang Branch of Nanchang County Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China”. The staff members who handled the loan formalities on behalf of the bank are called “Li Shangen” and “Jin Weirong”. This is the information I got from Seal (emblem) they left on the passbook.

I still treasure this passbook up to now, although the shortcoming of the United States and China is that my favorite Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung “educational system should be shortened and education should be reformed” did not appear on the front or back cover of this passbook. I once asked a senior collector to evaluate the value of my passbook. He said that even if the account name of “Zheng Yuanjie” was deducted from the passbook, the value of the passbook today would still exceed my annual income in 1972. At present, the balance of deposit in this passbook is 18 cents. After only 38 years, the value of my passbook has doubled 500 times from 0.18 yuan. This shows that collection is indeed the best way to invest.

This passbook I have collected records the number and amount of financial deposits and withdrawals between May 1972 and December 1973. The largest deposit was made by 13 yuan, and the transaction time was December 18, 1972. The smallest deposit was made in 4 yuan on September 28, 1972. The largest withdrawal was from 15 yuan on January 1, 1973, which was probably a surprise spending during the Chinese New Year. The minimum withdrawal was made by 1 yuan on September 14, 1972. Going to the bank to make all the trouble just to get 1 yuan’s money seems really out of the question today.

In the past, due to the narrow investment channels, there were probably not many Chinese citizens who had not dealt with banks. In the past, many of our bank staff were unable to find out when handling deposit business for depositors that depositors lent money to banks, so their attitude was not good enough. In July 1995, a Hong Kong newspaper paid me HK$ 500 for my work after it was published. I have always believed that foreign currencies cannot be spent by country bumpkins who are not real money. I deposited them in a bank and left without checking the certificates of deposit. Then I hid in the suburbs to write with my family. Three days later, when we returned to our house in the city, our neighbors said to me, it was amazing. A man and a woman knocked on your door for three nights in a row, annoying all the neighbors in the whole building and asking them what they were doing, they didn’t say anything. That night, indeed as expected they knocked at the door again. I hid my kitchen knife behind my back and opened the door to ask who you were and what you were doing. The woman said she was from a bank. I do look familiar. The man said he was the woman’s boyfriend. The woman said that when she left work a few days ago, she found out that my Hong Kong dollar certificate of deposit had been written by her in an extra digit. 500 became 5,000! She could not bear the loss, so she went to her house under her boyfriend’s escort to ask for the deposit certificate according to the address left by the depositor on the deposit certificate. I found the certificate of deposit and found it was true. I promised her to go to the bank the next day to change, she was shed tears of gratitude, but I was very disgusted with her way of looking for someone according to the address left by the depositor on the deposit receipt, especially the non-bank men who still carry non-bank staff and do not know whether they have criminal records. The depositor’s address is the same as the deposit amount, which is a secret and bank staff should not disclose it at will. After they left, Su Wenyang, a reporter from the Beijing Evening News, called. I told him about it by the way. I didn’t expect Su Wenyang to be so excited when a pie fell from the sky. I had to lend him the wrong certificate of deposit and even ask for 2,000 yuan. Su Wenyang told me recently that an old man complained to their newspaper that the bank had written down the old man’s certificate of deposit by a single digit. The old man came home and found it. As a result, the bank refused to accept it and said in principle that the bank’s rule was that all certificates of deposit should prevail. Su Wenyang tried to use my deposit receipt as a hostage to force the savings office under the jurisdiction of the same bank to correct itself. Remembering the teardrop that the female bank employee showed me just now, I have always advocated courageous and decisive behavior. After some indecision and indecision, I did not agree. Su Wenyang beat his chest and stamped his feet over the phone, lambasting me as a coward and facing the fact that the old man, who was living on a meager pension today with soaring prices, was robbed of a single digit by the bank but From ruin. A few days later, Su Wenyang said in his column “Watching the Tide” in the Beijing Evening News that my bank actually violated the bank’s regulations on all certificates of deposit after filling in one more digit. Unfortunately, this kind of public opinion that does not name names cannot have any educational effect on the bank. I felt guilty long after this. Who wants women and the elderly to be protected?

When it comes to financial management, it seems that the relationship between people and wealth has to be mentioned. I often see in the media that some of our officials invest hundreds of millions of dollars at every turn, resulting in total losses. One sentence “even if the tuition is paid” is irrelevant. If he earned the money himself, would he take it to “pay the tuition”?

Philosopher Schopenhauer said: “If there is a sum of money that enables people to live independently and comfortably without work, it is a great bargain … Only those with such a good fate can be said to be born free, to be masters of their own time and power, to proudly say to themselves every morning:’ This day is mine’, and to obey Voltaire’s words:’ Life is as short as ephemera, how worthless it is to flatter those despicable scoundrels with a short life!” ”

According to Schopenhauer’s point of view, in order to obtain freedom, one should first earn enough money to deposit in a bank, obtain a Financial freedom, and then use a bankbook to ensure that each day belongs to one’s own. This wishful thinking is good, but in today’s rapidly changing housing prices, I do not know how difficult the implementation coefficient is.

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In newspapers and magazines, I have seen the lofty literati making a clank oath of “I treat money like dirt” in the face of the market economy frenzy, which often makes me feel ashamed. In fact, the reason why I haggle over every ounce about royalties and payment is to proudly say “this day is mine” one day early in the morning. Also in order not to “flatter those despicable scoundrels” with ephemeral life one day earlier.

I hope my bankbook with Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung printed on it can stand out and auction a good price in the future. Anyway, I am a creditor of Nanchang Xiangtang Airport Ding Fang Savings Bank, which is far away from thousands of inside. Although I only lent them 18 cents, this loan was 38 years.

I have been writing for 32 years and received some payment. They have made me have Financial freedom. I have a sense of achievement but no happiness. After the Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008, I became the largest contributor of Chinese writers to earthquake-stricken areas. On December 5, 2008, when I received the “China Charity Model Award” trophy from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, I was happy. From this I understand a truth, there is only one way to get happiness: to help others.

My experience is: top-level financial management is to use the money you earn to engage in charity.