fighting cells

  It is intuitive, easy, accurate and practical, and not lacking in fashion and geek atmosphere. This is the way this book presents you with “immune” knowledge. It describes the immune mechanism of the human body, various components of the immune system, various cells and important proteins (antibodies, MHC, cytokines, etc.), various microorganisms related to humans (including probiotics and various pathogens), and multi-party interactions, introducing various health issues such as self-healing, inflammation, epidemics, antibacterial, antiviral, parasites, allergies, vaccines, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc., to help you live a healthy life A more relaxed, peaceful and confident modern life.
【About the Author】

  Philipp Dettmer is an information designer and a lifelong self-educator in the post-industrial era. Since 2013, he has founded and hosted the online knowledge program “Kurzgesagt—In a Nutschell” (Kurzgesagt—In a Nutschell), which now has Nearly 20 million subscribers, with a total playback volume of over 2 billion times.
  Li Chaoqun has a master’s degree in Applied Translation from the University of Leeds, and a bachelor’s degree from Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He used to be an English teacher, a magazine editor, and is now a freelance translator. “wait.
【Reader Evaluation】

  Listening to Reading Every Night in the Rain 2022-11-11
  This popular science book explains the operation principle and process of the immune system in a rigorous and detailed manner with rich illustrations and texts. It is rich in content and highly interesting. adult friends.
  Mo Xiaoao 2022-11-18
  The whole process is anthropomorphic, and there is always a feeling of cuteness. The illustrations in the book are also highly saturated cartoons, so that I, a coward, finally dare to look at the inside of the human body; but this does not affect it at all The professionalism of this book means that it is a very systematic and professional medical book with very small granularity. I have always believed that the immune system is the lowest logic of the human body. If you want to thoroughly understand your own “meat mountain”, you must first start with the immune system. In addition, this is also a book worth cherishing (it is very beautiful), and it should be placed in the most accessible position in the bookcase, so that after getting the medical examination report every year, you can look at a bunch of unfamiliar professionals. Terminology, look for logic from this book.