Father’s bookcase

  Father left us in his sleep, and the bookcase that has accompanied him for many years stands faithfully in the room, guarding his peace.
  My father liked books and regarded books as his confidant during his lifetime. Father likes to be neat. He carefully categorizes all kinds of books and arranges them neatly. Each book stands upright. Even if the pages are yellowed and the age is old, it stands in the bookcase like a nobleman, accompanied him from his youth, Middle age to the last twilight years.
  The bookcase contains the Chinese and foreign masterpieces that my father has bought since his work, the reference books, work notes and stationery needed at work, as well as the diary that keeps track of life for many years. I picked up a book at random and opened the title page. It contains the handwriting of my father Long Feifengwu, recording the time and place of purchase. Some times are so remote and unfamiliar to me. I look at it page by page, as if following those printings. The body walked into different time and space, and I couldn’t help but imagine the scene of my father’s youthful vigor and steady manhood when I was buying a book.
  My father is a construction engineer with a prudent personality and extremely rigorous work. He has always adhered to the concept of “the smallest difference is a thousand miles away”, and he always puts strict work on our education. Father thinks that besides teaching supplementary books, reading novels is a waste of time and affects learning. So when I was young, I couldn’t go near his bookcase and read novels blatantly.
  However, I, who loves to read books, took advantage of the time difference and took advantage of the time of returning home half an hour before my parents got off work every day after school, and secretly took the novel that I admired for a long time from the shelf to read. The four masterpieces in my father’s collection are printed in traditional Chinese characters. I can’t understand many of the characters in the novel. I also read a lot of the content and dialogue in the novel. Enrichment for me. Now that I am middle-aged, I once again hold up this old book that exudes the breath of time, “Dream of Red Mansions”, “Water Margin”, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “Come on the Flower in the Evening”… I seem to have a childish face leaning against the bookcase. Myself, wandering in the sea of ​​books with a little knowledge.
  When I was young, the comic book was filled with an entire floor of the bookcase. This is the most fashionable toy of our generation in childhood. I excitedly called my daughter and niece over and told them the funny stories about reading comics in childhood. In elementary school, in order to let my brother and I understand the difficulty of making money, my father sent us back to our hometown on the street of the small town during the summer vacation. We set up a book stand in front of our home on every wei day (three days and one wei in the small town). , Comic book for one penny or two cents. After a polder day, there are a few dime coins in each of us. We can freely control the change, so everyone did it without complaint.
  My daughter and niece also followed me into the time and space of memories. When they looked through their father’s work notes, the father’s meticulous work notes stifled their daughter and niece. They couldn’t help but sigh at the font and seriousness of the father’s writing. The drawings and lines drawn by the father were clearly listed. The concise, thin pen fonts are vigorous and powerful, and the clean strokes show the meticulousness and concentration of the owner.
  Father’s bookcase is full of his youth, full of my growth, and extending the future of my daughter and niece. We grew up in different times, and we are so similar, even one.
  When my father leaves us and stops in front of his bookcase, I can still feel his concentration and seriousness, and feel the distance of time and the closeness of my heart.
  As one writer put it, “Your birth and your parents’ march towards death exist at the same time; your youth, and your own aging and withering, exist at the same time; your aging and withering. , And the wild and blooming flowers of your future children exist at the same time. Your present, your past, and your future exist at the same time.” This passage requires time and life to slowly understand !
  In the course of life for decades, each of the teenagers, youths, and middle-aged people has an inseparable prolonged meaning with their parents and children! Just like my father’s bookcase, he spent time slowly accumulating his life’s sustenance, happiness and abundance, and it also left me full of time and space for growth!