Encounter the brilliant sun in winter

  Sleeping is the most troublesome thing in my high school life. Every morning, after we galloped out of the dormitory, the dormitory aunt would take her pen and notebook to check the hygiene of each dormitory one by one, but the pass would be recorded and posted on the school’s official website for the whole school.
  Among them, an aunt was particularly harsh. We did not fold the quilts neatly or there was a ball of paper on the table, she would record all of them, and after we returned to the dormitory at night, she made a special trip to order us to clean up carefully. I feel resentful about this, because the daily study is already intense enough and the time spent in the dormitory is very small. It is necessary to keep the dormitory tidy, but there is no need to be so demanding.
  I think this aunt is deliberately embarrassing us, so I don’t like her. Sometimes when I met aunts walking together in school, I would greet other aunts I knew, but never greet her.
  The cold and heat rushed like water, the roulette of the four seasons turned to the windy winter, the cold suddenly became rampant, and it aimed at the campus like a thousand arrows. Unfortunately, I was hit and plunged into the abyss of coughing and runny nose. I didn’t see any improvement after taking the medicine from the school and hospital. I was drowsy and drowsy all day long. Finally in a certain morning, I was so uncomfortable that I didn’t want to get up, so I asked my roommate for help, and went to sleep in the dormitory.
  After a while, I was sleeping soundly and was awakened by a loud yell. I looked at the door, and it was the harsh aunt, who stood at the door anxiously urging me to get up, repeatedly telling me that I was late. When I was awakened, I was extremely unhappy, and she kept urging loudly, so I became more impatient, and said angrily: “I have a cold.”
  Upon hearing this, the aunt stopped urging and said again. : “Then I will call your class teacher and ask for a leave for you.”
  ”I asked my roommate to ask for a leave for me.” At that time, I just wanted my aunt to leave quickly and continue to sleep.
  ”Well, then I won’t call, so you have a good night’s sleep.” After
  speaking, I heard the footsteps of the aunt leaving, and I let out a long sigh of relief, turned over and continued to sleep, my heart hated her again. one cent.
  At about ten o’clock, I finally woke up from my sleep. My throat was still sore, as if a dull knife was repeatedly cutting my throat. The non-sharp blade was rubbing and tearing, and the pain spread to my whole body. As soon as I sat up, I felt the door of the dormitory opened, and a bitter cold wind slammed into my quilt and pajamas. Then, the harsh aunt appeared in my field of vision. What’s wrong with her, I am a little impatient. The physical discomfort and inner boredom almost made me swear, but reason kept me from doing so.
  Fortunately, reason didn’t let me do this. Seeing that I was sitting up, the aunt turned on the light and closed the bedroom door. She walked up to me, handed me a lunch box, and said, “I made some porridge, thinking that if you didn’t eat breakfast, I would give you some porridge. If you are not feeling well, drink some porridge instead of spicy food. ”
  I was stunned for a long time before I recovered and thanked my aunt. I thought she didn’t like me the same way I didn’t like her, but I never thought that she would care about me like this, and even made a special trip to give me porridge. I feel warm for her concern, and I am ashamed of my own discomfort.
  After my aunt left, I opened the lunch box. It was a bowl of pumpkin and millet porridge. I kept going up with steaming heat, and lightly pounced on my face. The hot temperature came on me. The pumpkin has merged with the millet, and only the bright yellow pumpkin stars are still floating, like the brilliant sun in the winter, dispelling the cold and haze.
  The impression left by one person to another can be changed instantly, perhaps because of a word, or perhaps because of a bowl of pumpkin and millet porridge. Those warm beauty are like spring days when a hundred flowers blossom, full of vitality, allowing me to re-recognize a person more comprehensively. And that winter day, it became warm because of a bowl of pumpkin and millet porridge