Eight things cancer cells are most afraid of you

  In terms of the external causes of cancer, we can effectively prevent cancer by establishing a healthy lifestyle. Cancer cells are most afraid of you doing eight things!
  A fear of you every day, drink
  plenty of water can prevent bladder cancer. This is because if you drink more water, you will have more urine, and the concentration of carcinogens in the urine will not be too high; if you drink less water every day, the urine in the bladder will decrease, and carcinogens will be in the urine. The concentration in the solution is higher, which will cause irritation to the bladder mucosa.
  Second, fear you maintain a good mood
  adverse emotional reactions, depression and cancer are closely related, strong sense of frustration, hopelessness and helplessness. Some people think that “depression catalyzes tumors.” We need to communicate with others more, to release and relieve stress in the process of communicating with others, and many entangled things can be helped and released by communicating with others.
  Three fears you promptly quit
  tobacco and cancer is to open the door to push hands, smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day, several times higher risk of cancer than non-smokers, and women more than men, the risk of cancer. Quit smoking in time, it’s never too late!
  Four afraid you like to walk
  in recent years, there is a popular word called “lazy cancer” is a metaphor person lazy to hopeless. In fact, being too lazy may really get cancer, which has a lot to do with being too lazy to exercise.
  Experts say that what has been proven is that if you exercise for more than 30 minutes a day, the risk of cancer can be effectively reduced.
  Five afraid you light taste
  of gastric cancer and poor eating habits are closely related, in particular, too much salt to stomach a lot of damage.
  Six afraid you love the sun
  in moderate sunlight activity, help prevent colon cancer and breast cancer and other cancers. It is usually outdoors or open the windows to bask in the sun, usually 10 to 20 minutes.
  I’m afraid you keep in shape
  When people get fat, they not only lower their appearance, but also become a stumbling block to their health. Researchers found that body mass index is significantly correlated with 17 cancers including uterine cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney cancer, and gallbladder cancer.
  Eight afraid of you pay attention to regular medical examinations
  Experts point out that, for their own health, early examination, early diagnosis and early treatment. For most cancers, routine anti-cancer physical examinations are generally available for people over 50 years of age.
  Maintain a good and healthy lifestyle and make cancer “fear” us.