Drama king, it’s late

  The American drama “Yellowstone” starring Kevin Costner and producer Taylor Sheridan, unknowingly came to the fourth season. The play was born in 2018, and many movie fans once said that after watching the first season, they were completely fascinated by its cold style and large format. Others describe “Yellowstone” as the true version of “Western World” and the “Godfather” of the 21st century. It seems that although the audience has many comments and opinions on “Yellowstone”, at least one thing is certain. It is the hardest American drama in recent years, and there is no one.
  On Douban, the first three seasons of “Yellowstone” all got a high score of 9.2, with tens of thousands of comments every season, and there are many viewers who are obsessed with it. In November this year, “Yellowstone” finally launched its fourth season. This time, after only two episodes of the show were released, “Yellowstone” scored 9.8 points on Douban, and the five-star praise accounted for 91%. It can be said that the strongest American drama of the year was finally born, and it is still a familiar formula. Familiar taste.
  The story of “Yellowstone” mainly revolves around the Dutton family that sits on the largest ranch in the United States. All conflicts arise because of the land. The Dutton family continues to fight with various forces in order to preserve the land. In the latest season, the show focused on a dispute caused by livestock entering the Indian reservation, and with an unfortunate accidental casualty and a contradiction involving multiple parties, the wild modern American West was presented to the audience. But under the impact of the times and in the progress of civilization, we will also think that the Dutton family will eventually be eliminated and become a distant story.
Narcos: Mexico Season 3 (Narcos: Mexico Season 3)

  Premiere: 2021.11.5 (United States)
  Episode: 10
  Douban Rating: 8.9
  This time, this series based on the story of a real drug lord came to an end. From the first season that started in 2018 to the end of the third season of this year, in three years, “Drug Lord” as a series produced by Netflix has amazed countless fans. This kind of theme, texture, and production level are impeccable, and it is a veritable drama. Someone even said: “If the representative book of magic realism is “A Hundred Years of Solitude”, then the Narcotics series can be said to be the representative of the magic realism TV series.”
  The entire shooting process of “Drug Lords” is full of dangers. Such as the crew is threatened, the staff are killed. And the ending of the third season of “Drug Lords: Mexico” is even more unsatisfactory: this story does not have a happy ending. In fact, it has no ending at all, but it is precisely the creator’s choice-unfortunately, drugs The phenomenon of trading continues without end.
“Succession Season 3”

  Premiere: 2021.10.17 (United States)
  Episode: 9
  Douban Rating: 9.4
  In today’s increasingly fierce competition, the slow-hot “War of Inheritance” can still be out of the circle, on the one hand because of HBO production, on the other hand because of it It’s about the fight for the “throne”, known as the modern version of “Game of Thrones”, and it’s the kind of bloodless one.
  Father Logan, the founder of the world’s fifth largest media group, spread his hands, and the press, entertainment, and tourism can all cause turmoil. However, his father’s abdication is imminent when he is over eighty years old, and the current situation is forcing him to choose between his four children and professional managers. All of his children are as slippery as snakes, but they will never be able to break away from the curse: their father is not only the object of their prowess and favor, but also the object of always thinking about replacing them with ruthless hands. This black humorous drama explores conflicts similar to ancient Greek drama. Is the one that survives the successor?