Deodorant is the best aphrodisiac

  My wife Yang Li and I met through the introduction of relatives. Because she is slightly fat, I didn’t hold out much hope for the blind date. But unexpectedly, when I approached her for the first time, I smelled a body odor emanating from her body: slightly spicy and slightly sweet. This body odor made my blood rush upwards, and my body seemed to be galloping like a thousand horses. I couldn’t help asking softly in her ear, did she wear perfume that could seduce the opposite sex? “I used to have this taste.” Yang Li lowered her head and said shyly.
  After that, I fell in love with her “body fragrance”. And in the relationship, I found that Yang Li not only has a taste that makes me passionate, but also has a gentle and considerate personality. I quickly developed a different kind of emotion for her.
  Soon, I married Yang Li. During the honeymoon, I became more and more obsessed with her body odor. Especially when Yang Lijiao panted and acted coquettishly in my arms every time after our lingering, her body odor became stronger and stronger, which made me so excited that I always wanted to review it again, and Yang Li also tried to satisfy my “greed”. Therefore, every time afterwards, Yang Li would always point my nose and say: “You are simply a gluttonous cat!” We spent a period of time like glue. But to my surprise, after the birth of my daughter, Yang Li’s impulsive and fascinated body odor was diluted by the sweet and greasy milk fragrance. This made me a little overwhelmed. When I was in love, I no longer had the original momentum and “ruthless” energy, and I was always perfunctory. One night, Yang Li cried and said sadly, “You don’t love me anymore!” I was both funny and annoyed, and yelled at her, “What are you thinking?” Then, I hugged her tightly and told her , I really miss her slightly sweet and slightly spicy body smell before, but now I don’t know why, the smell on her body has become a sweet and milky smell…
  Yang Li listened to me quietly, opened her eyes wide and said, “So that’s the case!” She immediately got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a bath. I laughed and pulled her back, feeling loving and impulsive: Yes, it is undeniable that at the beginning, Yang Li’s body odor was one of the important reasons why I fell in love with her, but after more than a year of marriage life , I gradually realized that she is a good wife who is considerate and caring for me, not to mention, she gave birth to a lovely little daughter for me… Thinking of this, I suddenly had an inexplicable, With strong affection, I couldn’t help whispering in her ear: “Did you wear that kind of perfume that can seduce me?” Yang Li shook in my arms, she raised her face, and I saw that there seemed to be something in her eye socket. Tears were coming, and I thought she must have remembered what I said to her when we first hugged. Before I continued, Yang Li gave me a deep kiss. This night, she and I regained the long-lost, incisive happiness.   In fact
, the man in the case is obsessed with his wife’s body odor is the experience of most couples.
There is a scientific basis for “sexual fragrance” to be a catalyst for lust. This kind of smell is divided into two categories: one is male fragrance mainly containing male hormones; the other is female fragrance mainly containing estrogen. These two sexual fragrance substances are mainly hidden in the secretions of the sexual organs, perineum, armpits, sweat glands and urine of the human body.
  Usually, the emission of this sexual fragrance is extremely weak. However, because the couple are in a state of extreme excitement during the love process, they will emit a strong sexual fragrance to each other, which will stimulate the sexual desire of the two and further enhance their sexual happiness. It’s just that since human evolution, instead of mainly relying on “sex fragrance” to attract the opposite sex to mate during the estrus period like animals, it mainly relies on emotion and love to make love. Men are more likely to develop body odor if they do not pay attention to personal hygiene because they produce more body odor-causing oil than women.
  Body odor changes with the amount of body perspiration, daily activities, emotions and seasons. The most effective way to get rid of body odor is to develop good personal hygiene habits, wash regularly, change underwear frequently, and brush your teeth immediately after eating pungent foods such as onions, leeks, mustard, and garlic. Couples should take a bath seriously before making out, spray a light perfume, it is best to chew a few pieces of fragrant and pleasant chewing gum, so as to get rid of the peculiar smell and obtain greater happiness. In addition, don’t think that perfume and toilet water are only for women. In fact, after men cleanse, using deodorant with antiperspirant effect is also an effective means of eliminating peculiar smell.