Compatible smells are not necessarily soul mates

After time removes the disguise of “mental FMCG”, the two souls expose the concept difference……

On screen at the end of February, three New York teenagers rearrange their scent for “A Rainy Day in New York”; A pair of teenagers in Tama Kawa, Tokyo, who once shared the same scent, eventually broke up in love like a bouquet of Flowers.

In February full of love, “Bouquet of Love” begins with “encounter old love”, with a flashback way, will “love” is how to disappear between two people in the process of vivid display, let people have a sad, kind-hearted net friends will even date couples to put forward a kind reminder — do not recommend couples to watch.

It’s hard to say whether it’s recommended for couples, but it’s good for movie fans. After all, such a beautiful early spring, see a brisk, with a silk melancholy emotional story, let a person cherish the beauty of spring.

Looking back, the gossipy question of how “love” sticks to two people is inevitable. Silk and Mai, like the same cartoonist, love the same books, laugh at the same people, the crowd in the eye, as if directly each other’s soul mates.

But the creators tell everyone from the beginning: two nearly identical corners, even in a house, even if they have been together for four years, will inevitably collapse. And if that’s not a soul mate, what lasts? In the movie, Mai, who has cut off his curly hair and goes social, is about to break up, saying, “Many couples end up with different feelings, but they can continue to live together. Why can’t we do that? Let’s get married together.”

However, despite its beautiful pictures, comfortable pace and pleasant mood, the film got me thinking: Do soul mates break up? Or rather, they are “like” soulmates.

With its material wealth and cultural diversity, the modern world is a natural testing ground for the long tail, and any niche interest has its own set of enthusiasts. Therefore, the overlap of hobbies, such as reading the same comics, listening to the same bands, enjoying the same games and even having the same cat after living together… It brings people together so quickly that it is a reason to like them, but it is too weak to call them soul mates.

Close relations between the two people meet, the incident of for oshii keep nothing but praise highly, for a brighter street young killings of anticipation, to miss the bazaar comedy surprise, and a live-action version of the shawshank redemption, “the evil female curtilage JiBian” disdain, in essence, the soul of them at the time was not out of the trap of consumerism, just in the era of the entertainment, Among many cultural FMCG products, I bought those relatively niche things: white canvas shoes, cultural and creative canvas bags… In addition, this kind of similarity is built in the campus era when both parties have not really entered the society.

In the film, the driving force for their “difference” is their entry into the world (the workplace), which is crystallized by a bookstore scene in which the boys pick up the success books they once despised. Before the term “Internet celebrity” was used in bookstores, there was a joke that said, “People who are looking for a date should go to a bookstore. Because the different sections of the bookstore have classified people, like literature on the first floor, like history on the second floor, there is no need to read the teaching area, because other people have children!” As silk with their favorite book to wheat, impressively see him holding a chance of life – for abandon copper stink, seems to be some “norms” of literary youth, like the queen of napoleon iii ouye ni when see less of classical painting, don’t face to the other side of that kind of “natural posture”. When Silk still has the dream of literary youth, and Mai has begun to catch up because of the iron fist of capitalism, the two fall apart, just because they are not “soul mates” in nature.

After time removes the disguise of “mental FMCG”, the conceptual differences between the two souls are exposed, which is the inevitable reason for the final separation of the two people in this story.

Nothing to do with “soul mates”, at most once “smells alike”.