Britney: The Purgatory Life of American Sweetheart

  Mr. Liang Xiaosheng wrote in his book “My Fate and Me”: “People have’three fate’: one is given by their parents and given by their native family, called’fate’; the other is determined by their own life experience. It’s called’real life’; the third is given by culture, called’self-cultivation of life’. The sum of people is obviously closely related to these three lives. ”
  Do you believe in fate? Many people will say firmly: “Don’t believe it!” However, in fact, the most common thing people talk about is “fate”, and “female destiny” is more likely to be a conversational resource. This topic is like a sharp knife, and it makes people sober in pain in an instant. In the Indian movie “Wrestling!” In “Dad”, the super-burning words of my father are still in my ears: “If you win tomorrow, the victory will not only belong to you, but also to millions of girls like you. All are considered inferior to boys and can only be married to each other in life. The girl who teaches her son.”
Out of control black memory: grabbing children, shaved heads, smashing car windows

  ”Who is Britney?” said a “Zero Queen” when asked about this name. Regarding this, we can only regret to say that she has been out of breath for a long time. Even under the spreading law of “bad news is news”, her dog-blood plot of struggling for personal freedom still failed to make a lot of waves. People’s attention to her is no longer at the level of celebrity traffic. It’s just a sorrow about the misfortune of a tragic woman in the world.
  In August of this year, Britney’s father Jamie Spears submitted a document to the Los Angeles Superior Court expressing his intention to resign his daughter’s guardianship. Britney Spears fans cheered. This is the first small victory for Britney Spears since she was supervised by her father in 2008. But when will you resign? My father’s statement is vague, and we may have to wait until the next hearing to conclude this “victory”.
  Why did Spears, 40, become an adult woman who needs to be “managed”? This starts with the “out of control” game 13 years ago. In 2007, just 5 months after giving birth to her youngest son, Britney started a divorce tug of war with her husband and a battle for the children. In both wars, she was defeated. So there was a “black memory” in her life: after several failed attempts to visit her son, she rushed into a barber shop and used a men’s hair clipper to shave off one of her long hair. After that, she ran to a frequent tattoo shop and told the boss that she had shaved her head because she didn’t want anyone to touch her head again.
  Dedicated to the fight for the capture of children, she took her two sons back to her residence during the visit and locked them in the bathroom together with herself. The firefighters called by the ex-husband prepared to break in, and photographers from all walks of life waited to capture her ugly state with “long guns and short cannons”. She rushed out of the house with a long umbrella, smashed it against the reporter’s window glass. This scene made the headlines and was also locked as an ironclad evidence of her “mental disorder”.
  Britney was denied access to her son and was admitted to a hospital in California. In 2008, without informing Britney Spears, the father applied to the Los Angeles court to become the administrator of his daughter, on the grounds that the 26-year-old daughter had dementia-related diseases and must be fully managed.
Not all parents love children

  In 2019, some media photographed Britney Spears who went out of the street: She wrapped her clothes around her face to avoid the camera, and held a bag high on one arm. It was discovered that in the age of a smart phone, the former superstar was actually holding a flip Motorola phone.
  During the 13-year “management” of Britney’s father, the plot was incredibly bloody. According to Britney’s complaint, all the properties under her name—real estate, work income, etc.—are under the control of her father. This means that her father has a monopoly of her 60 million net worth, and she can get an annual “management” salary of $130,000. The salary of the lawyers who “sponsored side by side” with his father soared from US$140,000 a year to US$460,000.
  At the age of 26, she was “ruined” by divorce and son-taking farce. Her father took charge of Britney’s career “restart” plan and arranged for her to take over a two-year non-stop fixed commercial performance project in Las Vegas. She must appear at her father’s work meeting at 10 o’clock in the morning on time every day. The task is to listen to the arrangements and has no right to speak. Even with a fever of 40 degrees, she still has to complete the casino concert.
  The “supervised” Britney has no personal freedom. She has no right to drive, publish social content, have no right to consume, or even have the right to have a child. Britney was forced to take it with her under the direction of her father. The birth control ring. A 24-hour security guard is stationed next to her, which means that she doesn’t even have a private space to change clothes and take a bath, and there is also a so-called nurse holding pills on time every day and supervising her to take them. Sometimes the dose will be doubled, for example, she is “disobedient” again.
  My father’s response to all these accusations is: All this is out of love.
  It is undeniable that after her father “managed” her, Britney’s career showed signs of coming back to life: In 2008, she won three MTV awards and published the documentary “Britney Spears: Recording 6 Years”, telling herself about herself. The journey of returning to the music scene. Later, she also served as a judge for several popular variety shows. Father said: “If she hadn’t had me, her career would have completely collapsed!”
  In 2019, Britney announced the cancellation of the Las Vegas concert because her father was seriously ill, but her father was photographed by the media driving alone a few days later. The insider said that the reason for canceling the concert was because Britney refused to take the medicine and angered his father. In reports on Britney’s native family, it’s hard to find a photo of her with her father when she was a child. A father who was severely absent when his daughter was growing up would supervise everything in the name of love and extreme ways after his daughter became famous. According to media reports, her father took away 3 million U.S. dollars in the first year of her supervision and bought a 2 million U.S. dollar mansion for Britney’s brother.
  Is this for love or for money? Some netizens wrote: Britney’s story made me understand that not all parents in this world love children.
Rescue Britney

  People can’t help but wonder: in a modern civilized society with such advanced information, why is there still a medieval confinement of life? Why doesn’t Britney resist? Why not ask for help? Her fans realized early on that her social account was not under her control. So some fans left a message saying that if you need help, wear yellow clothes next time. Sure enough, Britney was really wearing a yellow dress on Twitter a few days later. On another occasion, Britney said that her favorite movie was “Frozen”, and then said the irrelevant “sleeping time is 11:30”. Fans immediately went to find the time point in the movie and found that it was Princess Aisha who had tied her hands.
  Because her father deprived her of the right to hire a lawyer, Britney could only secretly meet with her lawyer sister, and in a “random encounter”, the lawyer sister handed her a phone that could not be monitored to communicate with the lawyer. During the filming of the comeback documentary “Britney Spears: Recording Six Years,” she wrote a handwritten letter to the photographer, who secretly took photos before Britney’s surveillance security personnel tore up the letter. However, due to the contract and confidentiality agreement, he can only disclose the contents of the letter after the confidentiality period expires this year. Seeing this distress letter from a former superstar, people finally understand that Britney’s freedom that has been imprisoned for many years is all performed under the threat of the name of a child, which almost tears off the last one in her life. The roots can breathe blood vessels.

  This year, the “New York Times” aired a documentary “Framed Britney Spears”. Madonna chanted on social media: “Give this woman’s life back to her!” Palis Hilton stood up and said: “I will keep chanting’Save Britney’ until she is free.” Miley Say Luss sang “Rescue Britney Spears” out loud at the concert. On the other hand, the discussion about whether the “administrator system” for patients with dementia is reasonable and whether the legal mechanism has been abused has also aroused heated debate in the United States. Florida Democratic Congressman Charlie Christ said that the state will quickly advance bipartisan legislation, urging legislators to pass reforms to help those who have been abused, so that people can gain more rights and greater transparency.
Entered scam: women can save lives by marriage

  Higashino Keigo once said: “There are two things in the world that you cannot look directly at, one is the sun, and the other is human nature.” The coldness and cruelty that can’t even be reconciled by blood is extremely despicable. When people look forward to Britney breaking through 13 years of imprisonment and regaining freedom, cheering for her announcement on social media that she has got the first iPad in her life, people seem to be participating in a charity focusing on vulnerable groups. Activities, and she has long forgotten that she, who is so miserable that she is now heartbreaking, was so beautiful that she was fascinating.

Britney Spears, an American female singer, film and television actor, and songwriter born in 1981, was nominated for the 42nd Grammy Awards for “Best Newcomer Award” and “Best Female Pop Singer” in 1999 for her first album. .

In 2006, Britney lost her freedom for a while, and she would show depressed emotions when she was alone.

The girl Britney became the darling of God because of her sweet appearance.

  There are three iconic figures in American pop culture-Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears. They lead the music and fashion trends of the 1980s, 1990s and the new century. In 1999, Britney took her album “Baby One More Time” to take the world by storm, sold more than 30 million copies, and won the No. 1 music chart in 15 countries. Because of its sweet appearance, Britney was named “Xiao Tiantian.” She was once the darling of God, and her slightly curly blond hair has made girls all over the world follow suit. Some people say that she has turned from an American sweetheart to Hollywood mud, a negative teaching material for women’s destiny. However, while people lamenting her misfortune and complaining about her loss of control, have they ever explored the turning point of her fate? What made her life tragedy? Should a woman be born with a sense of helplessness and be at ease?
  The American media began to reflect, acknowledging that Britney’s tragedy was actually the complicity of the entire American society and the media, and that Britney was only rebelling in her own way. But what is it that determines the ultimate fate of a woman? People also look forward to Britney’s interpretation with bravery and sobriety.
  Although his father had already said he was looking for a new guardian for Britney Spears, Britney seemed to have her own choice. Britney took a fancy to Ms. Judy, who usually handles doctor appointments and treatments for her. And Jason, who has served as Britney’s accountant for many years, will be more capable than her father to manage her finances, so that this still-worthy woman will only have $2,000 a month in living expenses.
  This summer, Britney wrote on social media: “I am taking time to learn to be a normal person.”