Boiled happiness

  When I was in junior high school, my father opened a small paper mill, which has been doing well for several years. Once my father went to another place to deliver papers, he encountered continuous rain and the papers were all wet. Lost a lot of money that time, and the small paper mill closed down. My mother got upset because of anxiety and couldn’t afford it.
  The family is in a state of embarrassment, and I feel sad when I step into the house every day. The mother lay on the bed and said weakly, “Hey, how can I live this life!” The father carefully handed the medicine boiled on the fire to his mother and said: “Stop it! Just like this medicine, just boil it down. When the aroma of the medicine is boiled out, you will be cured if you drink it.” The mother still sighed, “Hey, medicine is bitter. It doesn’t feel good to boil it!” The father said, “Boil it, let us also boil it out! “The mother looked at his father’s firm eyes and nodded hard.
  In the following days, my father was busy doing the aftermath of the factory’s loss, and he went to borrow money from a few good friends in the same industry, hoping to make a comeback. The mother temporarily does some manual work to earn money to subsidize the family. My sister and I went to a nearby factory to pick up waste products after school, so I could make some money. The family has a clear division of labor, and they try their best to do their own thing well.
  Life is embarrassing, and the dining table at home has also faded. Mother is someone who can do it. She opened a small vegetable garden and planted various vegetables. Coupled with the mother’s excellent cooking skills, we feel that every meal is delicious.
  From the parents’ point of view, people take food as their heaven, and eating is the foundation of life. Eating well is to treat yourself and life well, and it is also the most powerful way to fight against difficulties. It can give people great spiritual inspiration.
  Soon after, the neighbors’ comments came to our ears: “The old Wang’s lost the factory and the factory was closed, but my life is really not bad!” Hearing these comments, our family looked at each other and smiled. We are all doing our best to make the days that we are going through are tasteful. Boiled and happy, it is not a state of life. When people are down and down, they don’t complain, don’t sell miserably, don’t compromise, and don’t give up. It’s really a kind of commendable quality. Father and mother told us in words and deeds, don’t forget to live happily anytime.
  Boil is happy, because the process of boil is a test and temper for us. During those days, our family loved each other more closely. Moreover, boil also taught us a lot of wisdom in life. My father knew how to learn from failure, my mother knew how to enrich simple days, and my sister and I knew how to cherish.
  The happiness of boil lies in the light we expect is ahead. Simmering and boiling, I saw the clouds and mist dispersing, and seeing the ice disappear and snow; I boiled and boiled, and waited for the beautiful sunny day, and the spring blossoms. Staying is a night walk. When you walk through the long night and touch the first light of dawn, the excitement and joy are irreplaceable. People who have not experienced the process of suffering are not enough to talk about life.
  Boil is happy. Whether it is a family or an individual, the days passed by are a wealth. In the later life, I encountered many setbacks. Lost in love, frustrated at work…everything has been experienced. Sometimes it feels like the end is coming, and a person hides in the middle of the night crying bitterly. But after crying, I understood that the previous days need to pass. Boil is happy, live through the days you have to go through with a state of enjoyment. It is those days that you live through, forging an unusual you.