Barber’s hair

  The hair of the master barber has five colors in the morning and six colors in the afternoon.
  The hairdresser’s hair was curly in the morning, but he pulled it straight in the afternoon.
  The barber’s hair is very long and very long, but he intends to cut them short and cut them to an inch…
  Can’t stand it, can’t stand it, really can’t stand it!
  The hairdressers’ hairs are planning to escape: from the cracks in the door, from the windows-look carefully, there are many cracks in the hairdresser’s room, which can’t help the thin hair. Flee one by one, keep silent, quietly, the hairdresser is asleep, the night is thick, and no one will notice the “fleeing” hair.
  It’s a success, it’s a success! The master barber’s hair escaped the room smoothly, and took advantage of the night wind to fly to a far place, which was also unfamiliar and fresh.
  The hairs were free, excited, but also cautious. They were whispering and whispering when discussing issues.
  The hairs saw flowers in the fields that they had never seen before, white, blue, purple, yellow, green, orange…the most common red flowers are not just a kind of red. , But can be divided into countless species: scarlet, vermilion, water red, pink, orange red, crimson…
  In addition to flowers, there are also grass, leaves, and crop leaves of different colors; the soil also has many colors, and the mountains in the distance It is changing blue; many birds have more colorful feathers, and a miraculous colorful rainbow appeared in front of a waterfall!
  This is a colorful, beautiful and magical world. Even the master painter can’t paint so many colors. It changes every moment. You will be amazed when you look at it, and you will be pleasantly surprised when you look at it again.
  The master barber’s hair could not help but understand that the master barber was not torturing them in the past, the color he dyed was not enough and not beautiful enough. So they said: “We should forgive the master barber, maybe he is just imitating nature.”
  Next, the haircut masters found a blacksmith who was beating against a piece of iron in the forge. The beating was fierce and hard, one or two strokes… countless times, the sparks that emerged were even more difficult to count. The thrilling sound sounded like thunder. The round iron block was beaten into a square iron block, and the square iron block was beaten into a thin machete. It was also quenched in water, and then placed on a whetstone to grind it away. Soul… The
  hairs were sweating coldly, and went back to a corner to whisper. It seems that the master barber was not torturing them in the past. He permed his hair and straightened his hair. He didn’t know how to love his hair. Well, at least it shows how strong and flexible his hair is. So they said: “We should forgive the master hairdresser, maybe he is just advertising with his own hair.” The
  hairdressers of the master hairdresser walked around and saw many things that they hadn’t seen in the past, and wanted to understand many things that had been confused in the past. The truth. They were originally blown away by the wind, but then they leaned together tightly and tied them into a knot, which looked like a heart. One day, they came to a green vegetable field and saw a man cutting leeks with a sickle made by a blacksmith. They were already very brave, and walked hand in hand to ask the man why he hurt the leeks. The man laughed and told them: “I cut one stubble and another stubble will grow. The more the leek is cut, the deliciousness on people’s plates will not end.” The hairdresser’s hair touched them. When I let go of my hand, I couldn’t help but laugh: “Hahaha, it’s like a master barber cutting your hair. Even if you cut it to an inch, you shouldn’t be afraid!”
  So the hairs said, “We forgive the master barber, now. Let’s set off and go home! When the master barber grows hair again, the leeks will be the elders too!”